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Found 4 results

  1. I know they supported family first I get it. But why do i like their chicken sandwhichs so much. Not to mention their waffle fries too. I know they are against gay marriage but still what should I do. I mean their food is a lil pricy,they are not open on sundays which I understand they want to give their workers sunday off since they are a christan company you have a right to freedom of religion. But still what should I do? Should I boycott them for their honest belifs? Should I not eat there because it is fast food. Or should I just forgive them and stop worrying about their politics and go to a place for its food and stop makeing this thing Bucking political. I feel a little odd posting this on here please i am just curious about this.
  3. Back in late July/early August, Chick-Fil-A president Dan Cathy admitted to the radio that he donated to charities and churcheswho are both against gay marriage and gay rights altogether. One of the most notorious charities was the Family Research Council, an anti-gay rights hate group who famously lobbied money to not condemn Uganda's bill to execute people just for being gay. This topic was heavily talked about here to the point where it was locked because it was becoming uncivil. Some of the protests include not allowing Chick-Fil-A restaurants to expand into campuses and cities where gay rights activities are in the forefront, one of them being Chicago. This piece of news occurred four days ago: Here's the link to the piece. And here's a much longer article courtesy of Yahoo. My reaction? This is actually supposedly a major step in the right direction. Contrary to what some people said, what Cathy said and did was very dangerous. If he were someone who was alone, unknown, and was speaking for himself, there may not be as much controversy. However, he demonstrated his anti-same sex marriage beliefs and "charity" donations as basically the entire core of the restaurant from the CEO/Owner to the employees. His words, therefore, were put into a much larger context. He and his company were justifiably criticized and blasted for not only their words, but for also donating money that customers paid to anti-gay right charities and hate groups. Therefore, the supposed harassment of CFA's employees — cooks, waiters, etc. — were one hundred percent Cathy's own fault because he put them in danger. Expressing an opinion doesn't mean guarantee freedom of financial and personal consequences. However, now that CFA supposedly won't donate any more money to anti-LGBT charities, will I eat at any of the restaurants? No. One is the fact that I want no association with someone who donated any money for the sake of "protecting traditional marriage," which is a major fallacy. There hasn't been one good reason why same sex marriage — NOT civil unions, as they're mostly recognized state-wide only; don't offer the same federal legal status protections, benefits, and recognitions as marriage in most states; and the words "civil union" psychologically translate into being part of "different, inferior" class status-wise to plenty of the LGBT and its activists — shouldn't be legalized and recognized throughout the U.S. Every argument against it has been poorly thought out or uses religion as a crutch. In the U.S., using religious as a reason to outlaw constitutional civil rights is against the law. The other reason is the fact that I have absolutely zero trust in Cathy and the higher-ups in Chick-Fil-A. Here's an article that describes this alleged new practice and an excerpt from the article: Basically, the funds they'll get is indirect. Not from WinShape, but to groups personally, who in turn donate to the anti-gay (marriage) groups like the Family Research Council. If they're going to donate and associate themselves that way, then that's still create a problem for simply one reason. Dan Cathy lied! According to meetings in Chicago, CFA claimed to quit donating to anti-gay marriage churches and charities. This practice, while legal, is conniving because he's donating via other means. Cathy's claim was a bold-face lie because the charities he associates with will still receive donations. It also doesn't help when Cathy denied giving these "concessions" so they can build a restaurant branch in Chicago, which is considered one of the more liberal cities in the U.S. The previous announcement earlier this week was a major step in the right direction. Unfortunately, Cathy gave the movement the other cold shoulder via attending the "charity" as well as making this statement. Not cool!
  4. Well today has been a extremely crazy day for me! Supposedly today was supposed to be Cow Appreciation Day @ Chick- Fil -A! I started working at Chick-Fil-A only about a month ago & I currently love it here compared to my last job Mcdonalds where I worked for about 2+ years. From the time I clocked in and clocked out we were SLAMMED no breaks whatsoever! Here are some pictures from my work! Did you go to Chick-Fil-A for Cow Appreciation Day? This was the "calm" part of the day! @ around 10am-1pm the whole entire lobby until outside the restaurant was full! People were taking pictures & everything xD!!