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Found 24 results

  1. Hello, fellow citizens. It is I, Otty, back from the grave. I'm sure all of you are aware of a growing conflict... Today, Koukatsu violated the agreements found within the Treaty of The Feldian Order and created HIS OWN Chigens Appreciation Day, which goes against our original planned Chigens Appreciation Day. This is an act of war. Fellow members such as Artemis, Chigens, Makusu, Lightwing, Proton, Windhover, Star Gazer, and many more allied members have joined together to recreate the United MLPF Members of the Feldian Order. Join our cause! It's the right thing to do~!
  2. Hello, everyone! If you're all a part of my social circle, you should probably know that I had planned to do something special for Chigens. In the past, I've done a lot of things for Chigens, like make her an EP. But that doesn't repay her for all the kindness she has shown me these past two years. I wanted to make it personal and have this blog as a thank you to Chigens, and to show her I appreciate everything she has done for me. Dear, Chigens I know that in the beginning, you probably thought that I was a huge wimp. I was very shy, wasn't very popular on the forums or online, really. I had a small group of friends and that was it. I was very paranoid about identifying as a member of the fandom because of silly reasons, and you probably noticed that. I wanted to say thank you for being someone who was there for me. When I was still acting like an immature prick, you still stuck by my side, even when everyone else gave up on fixing my behaviour. You really stuck with me through everything, and I appreciate that. I learned a lot of things thanks to you. You taught me to be a better version of myself, and to have more confidence in my actions and myself as a person. Thanks, Chigens. You're my favourite chicken serpony. Love, Otty.~ PS. So yeah, I hope all your friendships are awesome and your future is kickass. Cheers! Anyways, I hope you all appreciate the fact that Chigens was the one who created KFC. Y'know, Kentucky Fried Chigens? Chigens is love. Chigens is life. Praise our snakey overlord horse.
  3. Hey everypony so as you can tell from the title this picture was requested from Chigens and Kay. I hope you like it! *Note the cutie mark, black diamonds in the eyes are not added because when your OC is a baby they don't have there cutie marks yet and as for the diamonds in the eyes I thought maybe when Chigen's OC was older then those diamonds would be there* Enjoy~!
  4. So yeah, I've been getting used to making wallpapers lately, and after recently seeing @@Jokuc's epic vector of @@Chigens and Kay's snake pony tulpa Kay, I've been inspired to do yet another one. So yeah, hope you guys like it!
  5. Hey everypony, I have something big to reveal. @Chigens and Kay does not like snakes the most as many of you would have thought. She actually has a thing for cats. Yes, that's right people. Her OC has therefore changed.
  6. I decided to draw a picture of Kaynah who belongs to Chigens and Kay. I really like this snake pony and thought it might be nice to draw a picture for Chigens and Kay. Hope you like it.
  7. I made this about what happened today. It involves Chigens's OC, so ya. Here is said rage comic. DRUMROLL, PLEASE! Dumdudumdumdumdumdum.... TADA! So, wadda ya think?
  8. Previous Drawing (circa 3 weeks ago): GUESS I got some explaining to do... This drawing has been in my sketchbook for like 3 weeks now and I JUST got around to finishing it. I have no idea why I lost my motivation to draw... I just found it though. I know this isn't that good. First, I don't like Rainbow Dash. Second, I rushed it so I can draw other things. Third, I just don't care right now... ANYWAY...comment, critique my many mistakes, or if you haven't seen my art before: Click the link in my signature. It should lead to all of my arts. FUN FACT: Clicking on the image expands it to ENORMOUS proportions. Have a good day.
  9. Yesterday's Rarity Drawing(because you all like her): Meet the Scootaloo: (Warning Large Image) Fix'd. Comment, Critique, Whatevs...Or go check out my other art if that interests you, click the link in my signature. ALTERNATIVELY if your name is Scootacool, go back two drawings I think. I dedicated that one to you. EDIT: I know I cant draw Perspective worth crap, I'm sorry.
  10. Check out my old stuff too...I mean...If that's okay...: I FINALLY MADE SOMETHING I DON'T HATE! Oh, it's Pinkie Pie by the way: The idea to draw this came from Dragonshy. I'm sure you all know him. Anyway Comment, Critique, Brohoof, AND go check out my older stuff please there is a link in my signature and a huge thread chain if you click that link up there ^^. Have a nice day.
  11. I'm sure most of you missed yesterday's drawing, It's Rainbow Dash with a Rocket Launcher: Anyway this one is for SwordfishTrombone. I'm getting more adventurous I guess. I did this one with zero references. NOTE: I DO NOT hate Rarity. I drew her like this because I thought it would be awesome and she is the best pony anyway. Comment, Critique, Or go check out my other art ^Link up there and the Link in my Signature has over 30 drawings in it. Go See Thanks for support. Have a Nice Day.
  12. Last Drawings, Monday I believe: Anyway, I posted this really early today for some reason. Comment, Critique, Brohoof, Or if you haven't seen my drawings I recommend that you click that thread link near the top ^. It leads to all my previous drawings. Have a nice day.
  13. Yesterday's Huge Art Dump (All of my art to date>): Anyway here is today's drawing. I tried some new stuff with this one. I guess it's ok. What do you think? Comment, Critique, Brohoof, ^Or go check out my old stuff if you haven't already ^ .
  14. Most recent drawing: Images in spoilers. I started doing traditional art again so as to not torture you guys with my horrid tablet drawings. I will do them in the future when I have at least attained some decent level of skill with it. Anyway, I hope you liked these. I did them to make up for lost daily drawings because I had a busy weeked. Comment, Critique, Brohoof, Or go back and check my other drawings. *Click that link near the top*
  15. Drawing I did Yesterday of Zecora: Comment, Critique, Brohoof, Whatever. Also, you should check out my older drawings if you haven't already. ^(Link up there)^ EDIT, REALLY LATE, EDIT:
  16. My best art to date (Yesterday): I don't know what to say about this one, do you? Aside from the fact that she is pretty skinny... Comment, Critique, Brohoof, Or go check out my old drawing if you haven't already. *^Links^* LATE EDIT AGAIN:
  17. Yesterday's Apple Bloom: Someone said Buff Pony so I said Challenge Accepted. Not much to say I guess. I usually never draw for or on Friday's... Anyway, comment, critique (Because I know you want to), brohoof, then go check my older drawings if you haven't...that is why they are there...*up^Links^up*
  18. Yesterday's Traditional Art (Colgate): Well...Today I recieved my Bamboo Pen and Tablet. it's pretty cool. I just decided to give all the features a try so I drew Applebloom without and guidelines or anything...It's kinda' harder then I thought it would be. Not sure if this is good or not. Blah...anyway, comment, critique, whatever. I'll try and draw something tomorrow...not sure who.
  19. Drew Rose Yesterday: I drew Colgate for a certain person...I hope you enjoy it. *Glare* ^DISREGARD^ There was so much blue in this drawing my eyes still hurt...OH and if you're wondering how she is holding things with her hooves here is why: I think this drawing is average...How about you? Comment, Critique, Brohoof, Or go check out my older drawings. *(^Links up there^)* EDITUUU:
  20. Still like this drawing better: Someone said Zecora, so I said why not. Don't mind her huge head, ok? Not one of my best drawings...too many distractions makes me lose my concentration...Anyway, comment, critique, brohoof, or go look at those other drawings I made, K?
  21. My last drawing: In honor of the new episode. Closer: Sorry this took so long, ponies distracting me and work and whatnot. Anyway feel free to comment, critique, brohoof, or check out that huge drawing link chain if you want.
  22. Yesterday's Drawing: Spoiler'd because there's like 4 images I guess. I didn't really like this one. Probably because I've never drawn Discord before but eh...I put 3 characters in today because I don't draw on Friday. Anyway, comment, critique, brohoof, or check out my other drawings if you already haven't.
  23. Yesterday's Drawing: As per request of Electrobolt, here is Bonbon. Closer: I really liked this one. I wrote a story about it in my head but, it seems waaaayy too long to write out here... Anyway, hope you liked it. As usual comment, critique, brohoof, or even check out my other drawings if you haven't already! ...I'm totally buying a scanner over the weekend... PS: Extra brohoof to whoever can guess where I got that Rapier type sword from.
  24. Yesterday's Very Entertaining Thread: Anyway, today's drawing is Celestia about to send Silver Arrows OC to the moon. Don't take it personally Silver. Spoilered on account of size I guess. I really liked this one. I curse Celestia's sensually skinny legs.... Anyway, Comment, Critique, Brohoof, or even check out my old threads if you haven't already! BonBon is already in the queue for tomorrow so don't ask.