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Found 9 results

  1. As a 5 - 10 year old, What were you guys scared of? Monsters lurking beneath your bed? maybe you've seen a scary movie that haunts you to this day. were you scared of the monsters in your closet? As a child, I was scared of turning on my TV and seeing static appear on the screen, as a kid, I watched "the ring" which was a bad Idea and I was scared of a monster climbing out of the screen and grabbing me. Haha, Lets look back at those moments and laugh! What was your biggest fear as a kid?
  2. I always hated that idea, that Spike is a slave to Twilight, so these kind of vids always make me happy. Do you agree with what Joshy says here?
  3. Ok, the User above is your newborn child and you need to name him/her. There is no one above me, so I can't name anyone.
  4. Well? Here are some of mine; which are quite embarrassing, I'm only 15, so give me a break. I still sleep near all of my stuffed animals, so that they don't feel left out....don't judge. I still sleep with stuffed animals. I think being under a blanket will actually protect me from monsters...that's a lie. I still don't trust my closet. >.> I overreact over silly things. I still play with toys.... I sleep with a Pinkie Pie nightlight...forgot about that. >.> That's all I can think of as of right now; how about you all?
  5. I have been waiting for this game quite a long time and it will be out soon, sadly not many people seem to know or talk about it. What do you people think about it?
  6. There are a couple of mother ponies in the brony community, but in this thread; we will be looking at two of them. One from the show; one from a recent fan animation: Mrs. Cake and Button's Mom. Now, Mrs. Cake is rather underrated. but has a great design, and a nice pony overall. Button's Mom, on the other hand, has recently gained a lot of popularity, and with her great design, and character; it's honestly not that surprising. Anyway, in this thread, we will see which of the two is more popular among these forums. Vote above, and post reasons below if you want to put more detail behind the reasoning behind your choice. As usual with my character polls, pictures of each character will be posted below to help you decide. Mrs. Cake Button's Mom My Choice: This one was really close for me. As much as I enjoyed Button's Mom in Button's Adventures, I think I'm going to go with Mrs. Cake here. I love mother-type characters, and Mrs. Cake has such a nice design. Plus, she is simply adorable especially with how she is a little bit chubby. It makes her seem like a soft and nice pony, and adds a lot to her character. Plus, she is such a loving pony, and like I said; very nice.
  7. Which one of mane six be the best mother to adopt you as a child? Say you a Human child of about 5 or 6. You are lost and scared. Somehow teleported into Equestria. Which one of the mane six the best mother to adopt you? Remember you're a child, so you might just be terrified of the Ponies when seeing them, thinking they might try to kill you. You may even run away from them, then trip and fall and cry in pain thinking it's the end for you. I'd think maybe Applejack. I upon seeing a crying and a terrified little alien. She would approach you slowly and may say in the softest voice you could possibly imagine "Don't be scared, sugarcube. I won't hurt you." You become a little less afraid of her and reach your hand out to her, which she gently takes hold of. And if you're a more trustful person opening your arms out to her, which she will respond by giving you a hug. Both would begin a mother like friendship. Heck, being raised by Ponies may mean you'll might end up falling in love with one day when you're older.
  8. Well, I was watching a movie called, "Amber Alert", and it got me far would you go for an abducted child? Here's the first scenario: You see the amber alert that describes the car that kidnapped the child and you manage to find that car driving...would you follow it or just call the police and let them handle it? Here's the second scenario: What if the car went to a house and the kidnapper went inside with the child, would you stalk the house or sit in a car and wait outside? Third scenario: The kidnapper goes to the store and leaves the child behind...would you go inside the house? What if you went inside and found loaded guns, would you leave or keep looking? Final Scenario: While in the house, you hear that he has returned along with the sound of gun shots...what now? Personally...I have little to no idea, I just want to know how you all would react? So, pretty much, play it safe or attempt to rescue a kidnapped child?
  9. The beauty of nature when Rarity and a Sigilyph decide to get it on (winky face ). Took me about 3 seconds using the magic of