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Found 8 results

  1. Do any of you ponies use Chrome Extensions? Which ones? I have some basic ones like AdBlocker and a video downloader, and I also have a couple other mostly useless ones that I made using a tutorial. I'm trying to learn how to make them. Oh, and I also have Ponyhoof, which I love a lot!
  2. I use firefox since it's open source, tons of addons, tons of themes. Artemis: Restoring the post to an earlier, more detailed revision.
  3. Github: Download: Email: Transform your bookmark in a library of content! Use to organize your inspiration or favourite content using only the bookmark of your Google Chrome. Supported sites: Devian Plus Deviantart Derpibooru SoundBook Plus SoundCloud ® Youtube FanFic Bookin Fanfiction Nyah! Fanfiction FIM Fiction Privacy Policy By using this product, you agree that you'll allow storing files in your browser to save all of your progress. This extension does not possess advertising and no information or data will be collected during use. All softwares is powered by a Website API | This extension is not affiliated or endorsed Demo Images Extension folder in bookmark English is not my native language. Please, help me with warnings about english error for email. Thanks
  4. The google chrome web store would be a great place to put a sort of notification app for the My Little Pony forums
  5. So, every now and again for the past 3 or 4 years I had been searching for an EQ (sound equalizer) add-on for Chrome. Well, as luck would have it, I found one. Audio EQ It works amazing on YouTube I hope that many of you find this as beneficial as I have; I'm sure I wasn't alone in the search for an audio EQ for Chrome. Mods - I could see it fathomable that you might want to say this is "better suited for a blog" ... but, I don't think as many people would see it if it were. Thus, to give reason for making this a topic rather than blog: Folks - post your preferred EQ settings! ~ Miles
  6. my opinion...THEY ABSOLUTELY SUCK! Worst choice the school made ever, I would rather use an old MS-DOS system or even an old Commodore than this sad piece of computing, and Google has the guts to call chrome a (shutter) Operating System?!!! The ones we have, have no power, speed, storage or anything. Anyway, that's my opinion, I wanna here yours. So what are your thoughts of the Chromebooks and Chrome OS in general? I am curious to see your comments so you can elaborate as much as you want!
  7. The top of the drop down menu is always cut off when viewing the forums on Chrome on my iPad. Subsequently, my mail and notifications don't show up and are not clickable. I'm not sure if this is a forums issue, a Chrome issue, an iPad issue, or yet another clueless Apple user issue but I thought you would like to know. The forums title image doesn't show up either. It's not really a huge deal to me because I can view the site just fine in Safari, but Safari kind of sucks, that's all. Here's a screenshot
  8. I've noticed that until recently, there weren't alot of pony backgrounds for Google Chrome. It may not be many people's browser of choice, but it sure is mine. So, have some themes every-pony! RainbowDash: VinylScratch/DJ Pon-3: TwilightSparkle: Fluttershy: *I take no ownership for these themes at all, I'm just putting them out there for other people to use and enjoy! *