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Found 9 results

  1. Sometime in the future (centuries from now, or next Tuesday), the human race comes into contact with a space-faring alien civilization. After the initial shock, an agreement for a cultural exchange is made, in which members from both societies have the opportunity to spend a period of time on the other's planet, in the effort to further understand the other, and to foster a spirit of friendship. If you choose to take part, you may either sign up to be transported (via space travel, wormhole, etc.) to the alien home world, where you are tasked with learning about their culture, and to provide a positive representation of Humanity. Alternativly, you may sign up to have one of the aliens to come and live in your home for the same purpose. Your job is to act as a guide in helping them understand human culture, history, and diversity. Should you wish to sign on, which would you choose, and how would it impact your life? For the purpose of this hypothetical scenario, feel free to presume and conditions or complications, such as the physiology, ideology, theology, etc. of the alien race. I have recently been thinking about such a situation a lot, so I thought I would share it here and see what you think.
  2. So I recently started a blog and haven't really decided on a theme just yet, what I would like to know from those who blog is what do you write about and do you have a theme, what is your inspiration Don't worry I wont steel anything aaaaand.... GO!
  3. Remember the civilization from Hearth's Warming Eve that came before Equestria? What do you think happened to it?
  4. anyone else SUPER EXCITED for this? from what i'm seeing, the graphics are AMAZING, a huge step up in visual quality, the scenes are colorful and beautiful and the colors are sharp, the coastlines aren't really quite awkward like in previous civ games and the road and land improvement transitions are much cleaner and less awkward than their civ 5 counterparts from what i've read, firaxis is aiming to eliminate the sort of "meta" problem that civ 5 had with certain social policies and wonders standing out from the rest, and now city buildings are kept in districts, which i believe are actually tile improvements
  5. Assuming some bronies and pegasisters created a new country in another world, here are the questions about this civilization of theirs: What will be their type of government? What will their technology be like? (modern/archaic/updated/anachronistic) Will they be nomadic/sedentary/semi-nomadic? What will their typical relations with other countries? (hostile/friendly/cautious/hyper-cautious) (If they desire to emulate a historical period, e.g. Victorian = steampunks, what will it be? Modern/Updated/Medieval) What would be their sports, and common entertainment (no nation could survive by watching TV alone, nor could it by only speaking about ponies; everyone there needs some form of other interests, e.g. racing, petanque, baseball, music!)? What would be their favorite music genre? How much of their citizenry will be literate? What economic system would they practice? What kind of ideology would they follow? (e.g. conservative/liberal/dictatorship/moderate/extremist)
  6. I actually had a fair bit of fun playing Civ IV (Even though I suck hard at it) and Civ V is only £5 atm but Because I am severely limiting myself on steam purchases (I am getting a Wii U) I won't be able to buy the expansions, and from what I have heard Civ V is pretty ass without them. So could any Civ V players confirm if they are right or not? Should I just skip V and wait for Beyond Earth?
  7. For example, the Bronies can be like Mongols/Huns, while 4chan can be the Roman Empire. Now, tell me any fanbase (from Star Wars to Twi-hards), and try to identify what historical culture they may best reflect.
  8. I'm bored, and want to play some Civ 5. But I hate trying to match-make in-game, as i always get kicked, find a match that was already in progress before, or no one joins. Not sure about how big to make the game/maps, but figured playing with some fellow bronies might be fun. I don't own gods and kings though, if that causes a problem. Also, anypony know if the pony mods work online? If they do, we should use them.