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Found 38 results

  1. Ive been wondering if their are any "brony guardians" who play either Destiny 1 or D2 I have em both on the X1 and have been really wanting to do the Nightfall strike and the Leviathan raid. I know there is Lfg but ehhh I prefer the latter. If anyone here does play I'd love to team up with any of you. Just curious to ask is all.
  2. So there's this free-to-play game called "Warframe", which is a co-op third person shooter. This game allows you to make groups called "Clans", which is almost like having a Steam Group. The latest update of Warframe introduces "Dojos", where clan members can hang out and do whatever they want in the game, and they can also contribute to building more rooms inside their dojo. Anyway, here's my suggestion. With Feld0's permission, I'd like to request that I (or Feld0) make a Warframe clan for this forum. I think this would be a good idea since this is another way the forum, and more generally, a small sample of the brony community, can interact and connect with each other. So what do you guys think?
  3. Hi, Are you an active World of Tanks player? Are you intrested in joining a clan? Well look no further! ERAD is a social MLP clan looking for some new members, we currently offer platooning but we are looking to do Strongholds and maybe even Clan Wars! We have our own TeamSpeak chat room and no tier requirements! Also, if you have never played Tanks, but are interested and want to learn more, PM me and I will tell you all about it! If you'd like to join, all you have to do is post your World of Tanks user name below and I will send you the link to the site to apply!
  4. I know this is probably a weird place to put this, but we really want to kick this clan off. It's a Call of Duty clan on Xbox One. We want to make it a mostly-serious clan, so if you're decent at COD, private message me. Again, I know it's a random thing for this particular site, but we need anybody and everybody we can get that is good.
  5. Hey everypony! Just wanted to announce, I had a great idea to start a Call Of Duty Elite clan/group, for Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2. Anypony is free to join, just have an Xbox 360, and Xbox Live. I thought that all the ponies out there that are lookin' for other ponies to play with/group up with on Black Ops 2, so anyone lemme' know whatcha' guise think, and if yall' are up for it. Any day, any time! Hope to see at least some of yall' on Black Ops 2!
  6. Im trying to see if there are any bronies or pegasisters playing Blade and Soul on the NA Taywong server. If there are I would be willing to make a clan so we can talk ponies while in game.
  7. Just wondering, are there any MLP Ps3 brony clans that need someone to join or at least play for fun and all of that good stuff? I hereby want to join one.
  8. Anypony out there playing Warframe? I got it ages ago but didn't think much of it but Digital Extremes have certainly improved it in the last year or so. I heartily recommend people play it. Anyhoo, Me and some other bronies have started a clan on Xbox One, Clan Fett of Mandalore. We're looking for active members who want to enjoy a laugh in a friendly environment and help a small clan grow. If anypony is interested, don't hesitate to message Rolo Tomasi.
  9. Hello everypony! This thread is for CoD Bronies and Pegisisters to come play some call of duty, I hope to make a Clan and have fun! Please use this thread for Ps3 only, and not XBOX. I hope to get some good games in!
  10. i am the leader of the saints i am direct to inform you all that we are going viral but we need more people in our clan on call of duty we have 35 members and 50 vips. only join if u are brave we are not a good clan but we aren't a bad clan join us and be famous but not wealthy. if u have the pony guts to join please see zacattack1928 on ps3 and please only join if ur good or hav a microphone. we will put you through tests and 1v1s and some questions if u join u must not call me zac call me boss ò-óOBEY¿?OBEYò-ó -saints
  11. I started a clan on MtGO so if you want to join message blakice54 on MtGO.
  12. I saw one recruitment topic, why not? We're not particularly a clan dedicated to the MLP universe, but there are four of us holding our place in Platinum Division, and recently finished second with just two players of four in the clan, and it'd be nice to play with some people who share something in common. We might be moving up a division after finishing second, or maybe not. It takes ages to load properly. Clan Name: VIRE Clan Roster: 4 Brony count: 2 Preferred Game Mode: Mix/Mosh Pit Clan Level: 12 1/2
  13. I have joined a Gta Sa Police clan. We need people to join. This is the website
  14. Hello everyone me and my friend are starting of a DayZ Standalone Bandit Clan for Bronies only :3. Q. How can I join? A. Add me (-BOC- Stg Derpy) and I will test you in Dayz to see if you are good enough to join Q. What age's do you have to be? A. 13-18 Q. If I just joined Dayz Standalone Can I Join? A. Yes, We will also teach you how to play tactical. So here are something's that we will do to random players 1. Kill On Sight 2. Kidnap And Execute 3. Arrest Them And Let Them Die Of Hunger/Dehydration
  15. Hello friends, I am currently recruiting for a clan centered solely on having fun in games. No serious competitiveness, no trash-talking or garbage, no obsession with stats. Want in on this? Here's the specifics: Must display clan tag "PONY" in games that support clan tags. Must display MLP-themed emblem in games that support custom-made emblems or badges. It doesn't have to be fancy, it doesn't have to be flashy. It doesn't even have to be anything, really. Simple text will do just fine. Mics/headsets are OPTIONAL, but recommended(I don't have one). Arguments must be kept private. Must have fun. I, the clanmaster, am located on Xbox 360 at gamertag "Savi0r of Earth". If you would like to join please send me a friend request and we can get started. I play Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, Minecraft, and Halo: Reach. If asked I will also play Halo 4, Resident Evil 5, Farcry 3, and Call of Duty: World at War. That's all I have, so that's all I can play. Xbox Live: Savi0r of Earth. I hope to see many of you online!
  16. Hello all! Destiny is approaching is quickly (as an, it comes out TOMORROW!!!) so me and my friend Scott are looking for some people to play with for our Destiny Clan, Valiant Guardians. To join, you must follow the following criteria: Console: PS4 Age: 15+ Mic: Yes (if not on PS4, use skype) Must be mature and respectful. We don't care about getting the next kill or getting a quickscope. We care about each other and we look after one another and leave no one behind. To apply to join, sign into your PSN ID via and apply to join here: To add me as a friend, my PSN is colonelih8gumby Warning: Some people currently in the clan might not be too fond of hardcore bronies. If you like to quote the show or spout memes, you can't join. That counts as being immature and disrespectful. Hope to see you guys out on the frontier.
  17. Bronies I come with a message of grave importance. The Realm of Xbox-Live has become a warground, instead of Fighting for Peace and Harmony, people fight only for Glory and Bragging rights. I call upon you, Loyal Bronies of Equestria, To take up arms and fight back against the Tide of War and Chaos. This Also includes other Brony Gamer Groups they know not of the truth, they fight only for fun, we must be the ones to sacrifice everything, for we shall Unite all under one banner. If you are willing to Fight the Good fight, Please add my Gamertag, to build up a Reputation, we shall start on Black Ops 2 and we shall move on to others, such as Halo, Battlefield, and World of Tanks, also Minecraft, but even if you do play other games, please still feel free to join. GamerTag: BRONY KNIGHT Now Join The Death Korps, for a Brighter future. ~ I Live To Die. And I Die So they May Live Free ~
  18. Greetings! So, I've just recently (well, today, actually) ran into this latest Ghost Recon game, it is cover based, tactical, squad based, online third person shooter - and it looks just terrific. And note, that's coming from someone who generally dislikes shooters and action games of any kind. It is very much cooperation and group based - I wondered if anyone here plays it or would be interested in starting to play it and perhaps play together or form a MLP (yay) clan (that's all done ingame) eventually. Oh, and the best part, it is very high-quality game and yet free-to-play and as far as I can see, you don't really have to pay anything at all, if you are ok with not getting everything on the first day (and most of the cash-shop can be bought with in-game currency or is mostly for looks only). Well, that's about it. You can google it or click here. Cheers. PS: Warning in advance - I play stuff for fun, not statistics or leaderboards and I also generally am pretty bad.
  19. So as you may have guessed, I've started a pony clan for Defiance. (Well on XBox 360 North America server at least.) Clan name is "EUP Guard" Anyone is welcome as long as they love ponies and aren't a jerk of course My Gamertag is Andaasonsan. Send me a message for an invite.
  20. EQUESTRIA ROYAL GUARD JOINING THE CLAN IS NOT A REQUIREMENT, HOWEVER JOINING THE STEAM GROUP IS. (If this is a problem please let me know via Steam, Skype, PM, Comment here, etc.) I'm an avid player of the ARMA series as well as DayZ but I have yet to find a brony group who plays either of these games, so I'm inviting people to join a game group within the clan I'm in. Also as long as you have one of the games you can join, having all of them is not a requirement. If you plan to purchase one or more soon you can still join. It will include: ARMA 2/ARMA 2: OA ARMA 3 DayZ Mod (Any, i.e Epoch, Overwatch, Namalsk, Battle Royale and more) DayZ Standalone Any other mods for the aforementioned ARMA games If there is interest here, elsewhere, or within the clan I will make a Steam group for people to join but for now a message via Steam, joining our TeamSpeak Server, a PM here or if you're interested in the clan you can submit an application here. If you do be sure to mention CanadasElite sent you or at least where you saw this. We are a large and varied group, with members active all over the world, ranging from US/Canada to England, Germany, Australia, Russia and Afghanistan. We will all do our best to welcome new members and be inclusive, and with over 300 members, there are enough of us that you are almost certain to find someone you connect with. Most of our activity takes place on our Teamspeak server, and even if you don’t have a microphone you can hop on and use the built in text function of the service to talk with us. Poor behavior will result in a ban from the Steam group and EQRG, and if the person is not in the clan they will not be allowed to join. Steam: [EQRG] CanadasElite Skype: CanadasElite Steam Group: [shameless promoting intensifies]
  21. About The EQSC: The Equestria Space Command is a Friendly, non-competitive Halo Clan where Bronies and Pegasisters can get together and Play games such as: the Halo franchise, Destiny, Titanfall and many more. We Do NOT require our members to change their gamertags, Armour, Service tag or Emblem to join, neither do we check on your K/D Ratio or percentage for completed games. Join Requirements: You must own An Xbox 360/Xbox one Console with an Xbox live membership A copy of any of the said games above Must be A Brony or Pegasister Code Of Conduct All members and admins of the EQSC must follow these rules at all times! Bullying of users inside or outside the clan will not be tolerated. (Teasing or Trolling is an exception to this rule but there is a limit to it) Any drama that involves members inside or outside the EQSC will not be tolerated. This includes trying to make forum threads that are specifically designed to humiliate/embarrass/upset another member of the clan. Do not post NSFW content outside the NSFW forum. If you are part of another clan, do not advertise your clan on the EQSC website. We also do not have tolerance towards users advertising the EQSC on the websites of other clans. Respect the words of the Admins. Their decisions are final and have every right to change their decision. We also have some rules for signing up to the clan. Please answer all questions honestly. The community won't trample you if you're different. If you are a member of another clan, please consult with a member or admin of your clan so that they are aware of your membership with the EQSC. Non-Bronies will not be accepted due to the fact that the EQSC is a gaming community for members of the Brony fandom. (Please do not be offended if you are rejected by one of our admins for not being a brony. If you are and you accidentally said 'No' when you meant 'Yes', just submit the form again. If you are not a brony but can get along with bronies well, please state that, we may make an exception for you.) Anti-Bronies are prohibited from joining the clan for the safety and welfare of the EQSC community. (NOTE: We do not hate users who are not Bronies.) Users who break the Code of Conduct will be given a private message from the Admin concerned. This also comes with a point system for users that come with a consequence. The Equestrian Academy The Equestria Academy was founded by DaScottishBrony in February 2014 as a community for Bronies and RWBY fans alike. The idea originally came from the high amount of RWBY fans within ally clan Equestria Space Command (A Halo clan for Bronies owned by TSRookie195). A number of existing EQSC members joined the Equestria Academy to help the community get off the ground. Code of Conduct To keep the Equestria Academy experience a pleasant one, we need rules and for our members to follow them. Here is the Equestria Academy Code of Conduct and Joining Requirements Join Requirements To join the Equestria Academy, you will be required to fill in the application form on the Recruitment page and you must pass the following criteria: An Online Gaming profile on Steam, Xbox Live and/or PlayStation Network You MUST be a Brony/Pegasister OR a fan of Rooster Teeth's RWBY. (We accept anyone who is a Brony, a fan of RWBY or both. We will not exclude members that only has one of our passions.) There are no specific games and platforms we support. Code of Conduct Members and Admins of the Equestria Academy are required to follow these rules at all times: Bullying and Trolling of other users inside and outside the clan will not be tolerated. Do not post NSFW content outside the NSFW Forum on the Equestria Academy Forums. Do not advertise the Equestria Academy on the websites of other clans and/or communities. If you belong to another community, do not advertise your clan/community on the Equestria Academy website. Respect the words of the Equestria Academy Admins. Their word is final and they reserve the right to change their decision at any time they desire. Rules for Applying to the Equestria Academy are on the Recruitment Form on our Recruitment Page. EQSC Clan Page The Equestrian Academy Page
  22. Hello my fellow bronies! I'm looking for some fellow Bronies, who are interested in playing some call of duty. I've recently created a cod ghost clan named: Discords Army, and we are looking to recruit Bronies of any and all skill levels! no K/D ratio requirements (though not opposed to having great players ;p ) Let's play!!
  23. I've started to play dota 2 and I want to improve my skills at the game. any tips or help would be appreciated. You can find me on steam as BenCreeper.
  24. I'm looking for some people who have call of duty ghost to join my clan and you don't have to have a headset but it would be good if you do an in not much of a typed so yeah its short, Gamer Tag: S0LID B0SS
  25. I Have created a CoD Ghosts Clan For any Brony that wants to join. Its for the PS4 I don't care how good your skills are (I Suck) The clan name is RainbowDashArmy My PsN name is Cody1Meadows Right now the only way I can figure out how to invite someone to my clan is to befriend them. You also need to have a COD account. This is my first clan so I may need a before I get the hang of it. just send me a message telling me your from the mlp fourm so I know. Thanks