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Found 7 results

  1. I made a video talking about my thoughts on clop. *Note: I don't clop-shame in this video incase anypony gets the wrong idea.
  2. So I was busy on DeviantART and came across this artwork. What's your take on it? Do you think it gives the fandom a bad name, or is it just an exception that you will ignore? Do you hate the person who made it, or do you respect the person who made it for their art decision? Or do you get a pleasure feeling from viewing it? I need your help because we need people to view us properly and understand us right. We don't want an anti-brony Donald Trump type person, ya know what I mean? So please give me your input and let's discuss this.
  3. Before you tell me what it is or that I don't want to know, my question is more of what counts as clopping rather then what it is. When someone says that they clop, we automatically think of a pony straight out the show, without any changes at all. However, I quickly learn that this fandom creates many different versions of ponies, in many different styles. This image made by a example of what I'm talking about. Most people would imagination type 1 or 2 when told about clopping, however, the person talking about it could referring to type 4 or 5, the types that are mostly human. This could be why the fandom hates clopping, but most admit to it: because we are thinking about two different categories. With this information, what types would you consider clopping, and which would you consider not clopping? Keep in mind that This chart only gives five types when there are many different types, including different versions of the same type, like human-like face on horse-like body (type 4) vs. horse-like face on human-like body. With this in mind, I personally think that type 1 and 2 are clop, 4 and 5 aren't, and 3 is the gray area.
  4. Like I dunno, I just wanna hear your opinions Mine is yes it is wrong, but so is fapping to any other cartoon for kids
  5. Have you ever been caught "in the act" by your family? I've only gotten caught by my parents. No one else. But, what about you? And there is no judging by the way.
  6. Well when i became a brony i saw lots of clopping art and pony re34 art. Now i used to also be a furry too and i saw the same thing. Someone asked me why to so many people like making porn out of cartoons and kids’ stuff like that. i had something i had shown them about the reason why but i lost this. What i did find was this from Ph.D. Research psychologist Jesse Bering the author of the book Perv: The Sexual Deviant in All of Us. by age 17 males erotic profiles are pretty much fix, like it or not nobody knows why some people are more prone to developing unusual patterns of attraction than others. But whether it's a penchant for pokeman,feet,underwear,ponies or etc.. The best available evidence suggests that some people- mostly males- have a genetic predisposition for being "sexually imprinted during development". So , at some point during sexual development people who like clopping art imprinted on that. (from the Creative Loafing paper tampa).
  7. So the other day someone started a thread on cloppers and apparently I didn't know this but someone who I will not name has said in the thread that cloppers are not bronies. I wasn't aware that we had an election to vote for someone who would decide once and for all who is and isn't a brony, I mean come on guys why didn't any of you tell me this? I went to the store and bought with money out of my own pocket cyanide to go into the punch for our big party and nobody will even tell me who our fearless leader is. Just what kind of cult errr I mean fandom is this? Okay cheap sarcasm aside it is okay to not be into clopping or grimdark or even to despite it but saying someone isn't a brony because they do like these things is pointless, stupid, divisive and makes us look like a cult. I keep hearing how cloppers should keep it to themselves which would make a bit more sense if most cloppers weren't already doing just that. If anything anti cloppers are making a much bigger deal out of clopping than even most cloppers are. Which is especially annoying considering that rule 34 applies to pretty much every fandom yet the fans that enjoy that aspect of it aren't scapegoated like cloppers are. There are some fannon things I don't particularly like either, a week or so ago I read this fanfic that I really wish I could unread called Rainbow Dash Get's an Abortion which I found when doing a google search for something (I don't remember what) Rainbow Dash related. At first I thought it was going to be some political propaganda piece but it was a lot worse than that. Despite my completely disgust at that fic though a reaction I knew I would have though I will admit the fic was a lot worse than I originally thought I got over it and moved on.