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Found 7 results

  1. So, basically, my family doesn't yet know that I am a Brony. I plan on telling them at some point, but not yet. Anyways, me and my brother were just talking about the various movies that the Beatles made, and I accidentally said "Magical Mystery Cure" instead of "Magical Mystery Tour". Luckily, he didn't notice at all. Anyone else have a similar experience?
  2. If you're a closet brony, that is. How do you keep your brony status hidden from the outside world? I'm not officially a closet brony, but I don't shout it to the world and I'm trying to make most of my family forget. In other words, I'm in the doorway. I usually have any and all MLP-related site tabs in a different browser window so I can click away if I hear someone coming. I keep my volume down and/or headphones in at all costs, and if I here the slightest noise the episode is usually paused, the laptop closed, the headphones off, and the book open for the next fifteen minutes. ...Okay, that last bit was an exaggeration. But I still try to be very careful. My pony merchandise (if I ever get any) would be hidden away in my junk drawer, which nopony ever opens. And I try to keep excuses at the ready, but I'm not good at coming up with them other than "Oh, I'm just looking at gifts for my little sister" or "Mom, my sister wants to watch My Little Pony on Netflix, is that okay?" And those aren't always bought. What about you? How do you keep that closet door shut?
  3. I've heard plenty of this show's fans talk about being "in the closet", "in the brony closet", or what have you with regards to the fondness of this show. I have also heard plenty of people say that it is insensitive and unkind to use these terms, as it makes light of the struggles faced by the LGBT+ community, for whom the term was coined. I personally am still a bit unsure on the matter, so I would like to hear from the queer bronies on this issue, as we are of course the ones most well-equipped to discuss it. Since this is my thread, I suppose we'll start with my opinion. I was raised in an environment that taught me to be disgusted by my sexuality. It took me a long time to accept my feelings, and once I accepted them I still took a long time to come out, and to a lot of people in my family I still haven't. I have overtly homophobic relatives, and even the supportive ones could use improvement (my mother, for example, initially cried and tried to talk me out of it when I came out). Despite what I've faced as a bisexual, I still cannot find it in me to be upset by bronies using the same terms I use. I've felt like I had to hide my love of My Little Pony as well, and in certain circles I am even more afraid of receiving ridicule and hatred for my fandom than for my sexuality. I cannot in good conscience bar the terms from anyone who feels they identify with them, because I don't believe anyone should be made to feel like they have to hide who they are or what they love, even if it is as simple as a television show.
  4. I realized that in public situations, many bronies want to keep it to themselves and tell no one. Nonetheless, there are cases where they cannot keep it entirely a secret. That brings me to my question: Have you had any experience with closet bronies in real life? I'm not asking about if you are a closet brony. I'm wondering if you have ever met other bronies that are keeping it a secret. For me, I have just one experience. If you have read any of my posts in closet brony threads, you know what to expect, so you can just skip this. Anyways, I have a friend that I suspect is a closet brony. Although he pretends to be an anti-brony just like I do, he seems to know a lot about MLP. He can be sort of uneasy and fidgety when MLP is brought up, and he is slightly stereotypical of a brony. Of course, we both pretend to be anti-bronies since we think the other is an anti-brony, plus the fact that the rest of our friends do not like bronies. Other than that, I have no experiences with other closet bronies.
  5. Being open about such a controversial topic as Broniness always has some sort of physical consequence. Whether that consequence is positive or negative, life-changing or trivial, depends on a lot of factors. And it is so hard to judge the community's size, so it is even harder to judge how many of them are open or are in the closet. If you're here, that means you're at least somewhat open about it. But there seems to be so many extremes here. Some would their secrets to the grave, while others seem to live and breathe ponies. I'm not saying that one is better than the other, though. My question is exactly what that title up there says: if you are an open Brony, how has your life changed? If you're not open, explain why you aren't. I think that there are many perfectly valid reasons as to why one may open or closed; I just want to know. I know that many push for being open, claiming to be more confident and more awesome. When open, you become more available to other Bronies and could potentially have fun; I dunno. Not too many advocate for being closed, though. But a reason I can come up with for that is simple safety. When closed, you know where you stand, and no relationships have to change. As for me, I'm somewhat open, and I really haven't changed that much. I've brohoofed a couple people at school, but things always stopped there. No extended relationships, no rush of awesomeness. To me, the idea of being open was a bit misleading. But that's why I'm asking you. Your experiences can only help explain this elusive idea.
  6. Do you have any embarrasing moments? I have one, i was chillin on deviant art (kitsunefireball) and my brother (my parent technically) asked me what a brony was, i froze and said "uh...a fan of a show?" luckily he bought it and i didnt have to explain any further, thank god because he would think we all did bad crap, you know what im talking about
  7. Does anyone else think that Chuggaaconroy is a brony. Is there any other documented evidence besides stephenvlogs videos, I would really like to discover how much info we REALLY know about chuggaa being a Closet. For those who don't know Chuggaaconroy is a LPer on youtube he started LPing Earthbound on March 26, 2008 and just recently finished Pokemon Colosseum. Also, He may or may not participate in cat jousting.