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Found 14 results

  1. Lyra Stuns Dash in Thriller Lyra entered Cloudsdale as the weakest contender in the league and left with an unforgettable 4-vote win. Fans of Rainbow Dash flocked to the sky from all over the forums—tailgating, drinking cider, swapping pictures of their favorite Pegasus and preparing to celebrate an easy victory before the Divisional round. None of them got to celebrate as a 6th-seeded background pony named Lyra Heartstrings pulled off the biggest upset of the competition. After jumping out to a quick lead on opening day, the best young flier in Equestria was poised for victory. But the eccentric mint-green unicorn, who squeaked into the playoffs via tiebreaker, suddenly surged forward and stayed one gallop ahead for most of the game. Rainbow Dash loses the game, but not her looks—or her spirit. Rainbow silenced any doubters who thought she couldn’t play from behind by fighting back and regaining the lead on Wednesday, but Lyra found a way through her defense once again and held on for a stunning win. Her victory sends reverberations across the EFC as she faces Applejack next week in a match nopony was predicting, sending Twilight Sparkle into a duel with Vinyl Scratch. “Oh my gosh,” Lyra gasped while resting on the bench. “I knew humans were out there! I knew it! And they…they voted for me…thank you so much. I’m going to research you even more now!!” Dash appeared shocked and said little in her post-game interview. When asked where she planned to go from here, the Pegasus replied, “I’m Rainbow Dash. All I’m gonna do is get better.” LYRA, 76-72 Trixie Faces the Music An EFC West marefight that raged all through the regular season was finally settled this week. Celebrity DJ Vinyl Scratch and “the Great and Powerful” Trixie fought each other all the way to the playoffs, and in the end, Vinyl was the more appreciated pony. “Trixie has nothing to say to you!” the blue mare said as she stormed off. “Obviously the most beautiful mare in Equestria, whose beauty was matched only by her bravery in vanquishing not one but two Ursa Majors, is not appreciated here!!” A puff of smoke burst around her, but rather than vanishing, she galloped out of Club Pon3 as it was dissipating. Trixie blows town once again, facing an uncertain future. Trixie’s personality, always a small factor in attractiveness, may have lent Vinyl an edge—and if so, that edge grew sharper as the game wore on. After four or five days, a tight contest went in Vinyl’s favor. The attractive DJ slowly but surely built a decisive lead to advance to the Divisional Round. ‘DJPon3’ finally vanquishes her rival—but can she drop a beat hard enough to stop Celestia’s number-one student? “Party at Sugarcube tonight!” Vinyl whooped. “You guys might wanna bring your earplugs.” But Scratch won’t have long to celebrate, as she faces a tough contest with Twilight Sparkle next. VINYL, 82-66 A ‘Fabulous’ Victory Rarity made ‘getting there the hard way’ look easy. It was almost a relief to have one wildcard game that wasn't a hoof-biter. After fighting her way to an unlikely playoff berth, Cloud Chaser found herself hopelessly overmatched against one of the most beautiful ponies in the PFC. The excellent defense that helped Rarity ward off a challenge from Octavia in the regular season was hardly needed here, as she galloped out to a huge lead and never slowed down. In a grinding wildcard week that saw upsets of two other Mane 6, the Element of Generosity never broke a sweat. “I was disappointed that a mare of my fabulosity was relegated to the, *ahem*, ‘wild’ card,” Rarity remarked in her dressing room afterwards, “But a lady does what she must. Photographers? I am ready for my close-up! Now, now. Not that close...” Cloud Chaser’s wobbly 6th-round playoff berth ended with a crash. “It is what it is,” Chaser said while being consoled by her sister Flitter. “I didn’t bring my A-game today. Rarity did. I just have to go back to weather patrol and be ready for the next opportunity. And something tells me it’s gonna rain over at Carousel Boutique tomorrow.” RARITY, 109-39 Octavia’s Winning Performance It was a good week to be a unicorn, but an even better week to be a background pony. For much of this game, the party pony and the classy cellist fought the tightest battle of the wildcard. Pinkie Pie and Octavia tied each other and exchanged one or two-vote leads too many times to count. But in the final days, it was Octavia who surged ahead in the 2013 Most Attractive Pony Tournament. The only cello player in Ponyville performs a celebratory solo after her hotly contested win. “I am honored to have come out victorious today,” the musician said graciously. “Pinkie Pie is a vivacious mare and a worthy opponent, who greatly disrupted my performance at the Gala a few years ago. I suppose a small part of me did not forget that.” “Lose? I didn’t really lose, silly,” Pinkie giggled with a smile that was just a little too wide. “I won 62 friends! YAY! Can you imagine if all of them came over for a party? And all of them brought cupcakes? That would be 62 cupcakes! Or if all of them baked a TRAY of cupcakes?!?! That would be like eleven-teen gazillion cupcakes!!! Ohmygosh I can’t wait anymore…PARTYYYY!” Down but never out, Pinkie Pie smiles for the camera. The pink mare promptly grabbed our reporting team and spirited us away to Sugarcube Corner, for what was assuredly one of the biggest parties in Ponyville history. OCTAVIA, 86-62 Look back on Alfonzo's tourney here! And check out the Divisional results here... The Conference Championships here... And the Magic Bowl here!
  2. Hey everypony so I'm working out a new character she's very new so I don't have a ton of info but what I can say is that she's going to be Cloudchaser and Flitter's little sister. I know she looks really similar but I felt like just swapping the colors for Flitter. I for some reason can't come up with a name for her and me and my friend can agree that her cutie mark has to do with flying of some sort. If you guys could help me out that would be great cause I'm going to be using her in the RP that I'm currently in.
  3. Hello everypony. Me and Cloud Chaser are open for questions. Ask away!
  4. Gather around children for another blinding from Nicole. The last of the "series" of Cloud Chaser/Flitter wallpapers. I was thinking of ideas for my next wallpaper. And as I was searching through millions of megabytes of vectors I have downloaded, I found this vector that I downloaded back in May, and I said "Fuck yes, this is perfect." I actually said it and my father lectured me. lol Anyway here it is. Resolution: 1920x1080px Vector by: For everyone to use.
  5. Hello, everypony. And welcome to my new fanfic, Hearthfire Ember. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. Good day everypony! Befor I start this fan-fic, I would like to announce to all the people out their who sent me their OC for my last fan-fic. Unfortunately, the fan-fic file on my desktop was deleted somehow. Im sorry. Im Hearthfire Flitter, and I hope you enjoy. Thanks. And also, im pretty sure that Cloud Chaser is Flitter's sister. *PLEASE READ* I am aware that there are various mistakes In here, but as time goes on I got better and better at writing fanfics. This is an old fan fiction that I hope you will enjoy. The Hearthfire Ember (Genre: Fantasy, Humor) Chapter 1 Legend has it that one day, the gates to Hearthfire and all of its horrors, will one day, be forced open due to the forces of the clashing, raging gods that lived above and beyond both Equestria, and the lands of Hearthfire. Of which the grand gods shall smite upon the world in blame of thy world and battle for it. Especially, the Lands of Hearthfire. Only one may stop these Enraged gods. Only may he or she have help from four friends. Once their souls have been purified of anger and hate, will everypony have peace. Until then, thy gods shall fill the world of hate, and thy souls will be enraged. To escaped is to surpass God vein's vine. into the halls of the Hearthfire facility, of all horrors in possibility Flitter flew through the sky, always looking at her surroundings. It was a beautiful day. You could see the delight in Flitter's eyes. But when Flitter looked one way, she noticed a big, purple, glowing orb. Flitter rubbed her eyes as if she were hallucinating. She turned the other way. "I need to go to sleep." Flitter came outside the next day. The sun was still shining bright. Flitter went the exact same way she had went, observing all the wildlife and nature. She came back around toward the orb. This time, it had grown bigger. Flitter became confused. She did not think she was hallucinating anymore. Flitter observed the orb closely and noting little tiny particles floating around inside the orb. "Maybe I should ask somepony about this..." Flitter hurried to Twilight's treehouse. "Twilight" Flitter breathed heavily. Flitter took a deep breath. "I was just flying through the air, when suddenly a big purple orb came out the corner of my eye." "Really?" Twilight asked. "Ooooh yeah." Flitter replied. "I'll see what I can find." Twilight said. Flitter flew by the orb the next day. It became bigger over the night. Flitter flew back to Twilight's treehouse. "Got anything yet?" Flitter asked. "Yes." Twilight said. "The Lands of Hearthfire. It says that the orb is caused by two great gods enraged into a battle for Equestria and The Land Of Hearthfire. The Orb will open the gates to Hearthfire and it also says that only five ponies can go in. "Well, the orb is about 5/10 away from the size of one foot." Flitter said. " "well the orb needs to be only seven inches. Which means only one day before it happens!" Twilight exclaimed. Flitter went to bed while Twilight did more research. In the morn, they wondered about what the princess' would do about this event. Suddenly, Princess Celestia broke through Twilight's roof. "There is a door you know." Twilight said. "Flitter, You and 4 others must enter the gates to Hearthfire. Flitter, you must go because every other pony backed out." Princess Celestia said. "I dont know..." Flitter replied. "You must go! we need you Flitter. Oh yeah btw there are only 5 ponies left in Ponyville so yeah." Princess Celestia explained. Princess Celestia, regardless of what the 5 said, picked them up and dragged them to the orb. The other four included: Cloud Chaser, Sassaflash, Twilight, and Lyra. The orb sucked them in and the orb shut before it could pull in Princess Celestia. Chapter 2 One by one, the four ponies fell into The Lands Of Hearthfire. The Lands of Hearthfire have a light red shade, and had low hills and barely any grass. Few trees weren't bare. After about two hours later, all five of the ponies woke up after passing out due to the hypnotising swirl of time-space continuum. Flitter and all of the others were dazed, and dizzy for about 20 minutes after. The first thing they decided to do in this new area was to explore. There were few caves around. Barely any grass, but a lot of trees. The trees had a dark red shade to them. In any way of survival, there is always the step of exploring and figuring out your surroundings. Flitter searched the nearest cave for useful materials, or someplace to set up for the night. Sassaflash and Cloud Chaser went to the tallest hill they could find. Twilight and Lyra focused on gathering plants and materials like Wood, Lettuce, Cabbage etc.. It was a long day of work. Inside the cave, Flitter found a square shaped shelter, fit for all five to be able to squeeze in for the night. That night, they ate 1/5 of their cabbage, split between the five. In the morning, the day darkened. It was like after each day in the Lands of Hearthfire, the day grew darker. Flitter infered that it was just something that occured randomly and continued on with her work. However, Twilight noticed this and read more about these clashing gods. She read that the day darkens when time is running out. Twilight warned the others about this occurance. Twilight guessed because of logic, that this means that when the day gets to be as dark as midnight, then all hell breaks lose. The world becomes corrupted in the eyes of demons and spirits. That is, until the gods stop fighting. That night, the team explored more in Hearthfire. We're they found refuge, in the next area, was deep underground, runes carved on the wall and hyroglyphics scattered acrossed the wall. Chapter 3 Flitter and the others observed their surroundings in this cave very closely. They we're persistent to find something, anything. Cloud Chaser found a shovel on the floor half-way broken due to excavation. The floor was all stone, runes covered on the floor also. Except for one spot. Lyra was the only one to notice. She took the shovel, and dug into the dirt in the ground. It was obvious something was there. The ground was spotless of dirt except for that one spot. Lyra dug up the dirt, and found a treasure chest. The treasure chest contained five of each piece of armory and weaponry. A coincidence, maybe. Or just plane luck. These weren't the greedy type of armor like gold plated or anything. They were all studded leather. This wasn't the most efficient armor, but it works. Once everypony got their armor on, they were set. Lyra had found hope for these ponies. Lyra felt proud of herself as everypony congratulated her and thanked her. Suddenly, a loud click whistled throughout the room. The exit was blocked. No way out. Chapter 4 "Hey!" Flitter shouted. "Let us out! I am the dovahkiin! Fus Ro Dah!" Flitter blew down the exit. No this isnt really how it goes. its ok story reader. let me fix this for you to make the experience much better for you . FIXED: "Hey!" Flitter shouted. "Let us out!" A faint laugh filled out the room. "Ponies. Ponies from Equestria!" The random figure said. "I am God Vein. Your protecter didn't give me this land of Equestria. Blame it on God Sandstorm." God Vein teleported away without giving the ponies any time to speak. After all, they we're speechless anyway. Flitter's mouth hung open. It didn't close until the next day. "Well, everpony. Maybe there is some way to get out of here." Lyra acknowledged. "Your right, Lyra." Flitter trusted Lyra completely, and looked around once more. Across walls, on the floor, on the ceiling, on the exit. Nothing. They all gave up, except for Cloud Chaser and Flitter. Yes, even Lyra. Cloud Chaser looked closely at something she had found on the ground. It said in very tiny letters: Legend has it that one day, the gates to Hearthfire and all of its horrors, will one day, be forced open the two world that once lived in peace. due to the forces of the clashing, raging gods that lived above and beyond both Equestria, and the lands of Hearthfire. Of which the grand gods shall smite upon the world in blame of thy world and battle for it. Especially, the Lands of Hearthfire. Only one may stop these Enraged gods. Only may he or she have help from four friends. Once their souls have been purified of anger and hate, will everypony have peace. Until then, thy gods shall fill the world of hate, and thy souls will be enraged. To escaped is to surpass God vein's vine. into the halls of the Hearthfire facility, of all horrors in possibility Cloud Chaser showed the others. It was obviously a riddle. The team sat down for about two hours thinking about this riddle. Flitter found a lever on the wall, above it said "HINT." Flitter pulled the lever. A voice echoed throughout the room. "Vine. No more hints available." "Wait a minute, it was that simple?" Sassaflash said. There was a vine leading up the wall into a hallway on the wall. "Oh come on!" Lyra yelled. know." Chapter 5 The team peaked out the hole into the hallway. The guards were on duty. "Hey, you wanna party?" one said to the other. "Hooker time!" the other one replied. As they walked away, the guards yelled "Teach me how to duggy, teach me, teach me how to duggy!" Cloud Chaser laughed extremely hard at this. Im not gonna lie, I laughed too when I put this in here. The team dropped down into the hall and followed the sign to the Hearthfire Facility. The team entered the Facility, and got access to a bunch of cool weapons. One named "Hearthfire Debilitator." It was a kitana. Flitter picked this up. "Oooh... This one is... the Hearthfire Death Wish." Sassaflash said to her self as she picked this dagger up. Cloud Chaser looked at the "Roaster." A bow with a fire effect to it. Lyra picked up "Departicalizer." A weapon capable of departicalizing anything with a 50% chance. Twilight weld the "I dont even know." a furious sword. All of a sudden, a Blue teleporter with green particles floating around it appeared. The team debated on whether they should step inside, and winded up going in. Inside was God Vein waiting for them. God vein laughed in their face. Vein held him arm up in the air, and teleported their beloved god in his hand. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah! he laughed. "Petty little ponies. atleast I know you aren't a pussy like your cats hahahah! but seriously. Lyra used the departicalizer and won. the end. NOPE! FIXED: Lyra used the departicalizer, and failed. It has a 10 minute cooldown. Flitter went at Vein, and got knocked away instantly. "Is this a challenge?" Vein laughed. "Yes?" Sassaflash replied. Sassaflash started to converse with him. Distracted, not paying attention, shot in the eye with a burning arrow. Vein Screamed. "You little..." Vein said. Cloud Chaser shot another arrow at his eye. "Kid, please." Cloud Chaser said. Ffffffuuuu! Vein screamed. Lyra had the departicalizer recharged, and instantly vaporized Vein. "You got no wood, Vein." Flitter laughed. you know xD. The portal to Equestria opened. The world was restored to peace and harmony. When the killer of the god is killed, the god killed first returns. So everything turned back to normal. "There is an ember of hatred in that place." Flitter said. Hope you enjoyed, Everypony! Flitter Flyer signing off. Cya next time!
  6. So, I got pretty bored, and decided to create a wallpaper with pegasi. Originally I was going to include all the pegasi in the show, (well, the ones that are iconic), but then I got impatient. : Anyway, here it is, feel free to use it if you want. The dimensions are 1366x768.
  7. "Awkward sibling hug." "PAT. PAT." I drew this out of sheer boredom and because I thought it'd be funny. Kinda inconsistent with my art style, but that's pretty inconsistent already, so who cares, youknowutimsayin'. I'm actually happy with how this turned out this time. Also, I guess that means my head canon is that they're twins. EDIT: I took a better picture and replaced the old one. The new one is brighter and I fixed CC's cutie mark. What Citrus was listening to when he drew this abomination.
  8. Just finished drawing this. Took me almost 5 hours It's a picture of Rainbow Dash trolled by Raindrops and Cloudchaser. DeviantArt link: Criticism is very appreciated!
  9. So yes, this is my second vector. I used less nodes and followed a few tips from a friend. I'm not sure whether you see it the way it looks like on my screen, which is a transparent white background. If you see a black background, the edges will look pixelated. I put a fairly high amount of effort in it, so I hope there aren't that many mistakes. Also, a part of her legs and tail were covered in the original scene, so drawing them freehand was very challenging for a beginner like me. That's why her hind leg may look a bit weird.
  10. I put these in for the thingy. I'm really proud of both of them. I had 30 minutes for each one. They are Cloud Chaser and Donny Swineclops.
  11. So, I've been meanin' to make somethin' for Cloud Chaser due to her amazin' skill, but my creativity has been at an all time low as of recent. Thanks to Speedy, who's new Vinyl banner gave me a drive to make stuff, I got back into signature making. After a little bit of browsing for backgrounds, vectors and good text to use, this was the end result. My best work thus far... which is surprising for me because I can't come up with stuff like this. Anyway, criticism is wanted.
  12. As much as I'd like to call this thread useless I think it deserves it's very own thread. I've been putting around one and a half hour's work into this and I am amazed. I've also given my avatar a little "Upgrade" as well if you haven't noticed. Without further ado, I present to you my latest creation!
  13. Hello Everypony, I've been working with many signatures and avatars I thought I'd head over into making some wallpapers for the community. These are the wallpapers I've created, I'll try to keep this page updated with new and fresh wallpapers every week! Rainbow Dash Fluttershy Applejack Twilight Sparkle Rarity Pinkie Pie Cutie Mark Crusaders Princess Celestia Princess Luna Princess Candace Vinyl Scratch Octavia Bon Bon Lyra Discord Nightmare Moon Queen Chrysalis Shining Armor Spitfire Trixie Feel free to use the wallpapers as long as you give me credit but don't claim them as yours. If I get enough replies, views and brohoofs on this thread I will create a tutorial on how to do it and it'll encourage me into making more. Anypony got any questions?
  14. And yet she is still freakin' awesome