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Found 54 results

  1. I've noticed a lot of threads being made solely to show off new merchandise, so from now on, if you want to show off something you you just bought, please post it here instead of making a new thread. This also includes any merchandise you recived as gift. Here's what I just bought today. These are the only new toys my Walmart has right now. I'm planning on going to Target and Toys R Us some time this week to see what they have.
  2. Post pictures of your pony merch. It doesn't matter if it's official or fan-made, clothing or toys. Show us what you've got! Here's my current collection.
  3. Finished: Open Development, with at least some hours of gameplay and stable: RPGs: Ashes of Equestria: Harmony Eclipsed: Ponyvania: SNES game hacks:I will not provide any links to patched or unpatched ROM. You have to find and search yourself. Filly Fantasy VI: Super Pony All Stars Closed Development My Little Pony: The Game Status Unknown: Smaller games are listed here: Demos: Equestrian Tales Finished: RPG: MLP RPG1 - The Elements of Harmony MLP RPG2: Cutie Mark Crusader Warriors Flash Player: Ejected from the list (likely to age and/or quality reasons) - Game warnings/Games to avoid: War of Harmony IV MLP RPGMaker game, also avail in Chinese and Russian. Reasons for removing from the lists: Gore & brutality, descriptions of how fillies were beaten, pony homicides incl. shown on screen with blood, and a description from something so much worse I will not share it here with anyone but staff. Apples, Apples Everwhere! & FlutterIsland 1/2 Reasons for removing from the lists: Close to the previous one, meant as a "horror game", this game features pony dieing brutally randomly on screen or finding very bloody remnants of these. Template: Ratings explained & template: Edit: After a short research, the age rating of the US seems to be rather...different than Germany's and I am not sure I will stick to them.
  4. I organized my CD collection today, which is over 600. They are in boxes in my shed, as is usual for my collections. I had some thoughts about it. It is mostly Euro style heavy metal, with just a few other things. I like special editions and imports. Usually, the Japanese prints have bonus tracks. So there are a lot of CDs where I have multiple copies of the same album. I might have a US, Japanese, Korean, or Russian copy. I think Iron Maiden is the biggest part of my collection, with over 50 CDs. I have an album from Dragon Lord that I ordered from Germany. I was scouring the internet for a couple years looking for that album, and found it in the inventory of some store in Germany. There is a band called Aethra which does not have a label. But they self published an album and made 300 copies. I got a personalized autographed copy. That's my proudest CD. I have every Gwar album. Last year I got a back stage pass to see them. I got all their autographs. I like going to concerts and getting autographs. Most of my collection comes from Napalm Records or Nuclear Blast. They have special box sets and LPs. I'm a sucker for special edition stuff. Why do bands make live albums? Some of the live albums I have are pretty good, but for the most part I'd rather listen to the studio version. Maybe some day I will lay everything out and take pictures. That's about all the rambling I have for now.
  5. Doesn't need to have anything to do with ponies... My largest collection are my baseball cards: Around 10,000 since I stopped counting My Pony Collection: 0, still havn't gotten my hands on a pony item.
  6. Hello everypony! Id'e like to make a thread for ponies to post videos of their rooms! (<---redundant and pointless comment) So, please, do a room tour and post it here! I feel like it would make us closer Here ya go! its gettin real personal up in here!!Here you go!
  7. Here is OST Collection: In-Game Themes for Mario Party 2 on the Organ. Enjoy. Special Thanks to my patron, (Ultimate Fan) Juke Denton, for supporting me on Patreon. Join him here:
  8. Here is OST Collection: Lands (Boards) for Mario Party 2 on the Organ. Enjoy. Special Thanks to my patron, (Ultimate Fan) Juke Denton, for supporting me on Patreon. Join him here:
  9. This thread is a mix of a personal channel list collection for me to stop by as well as some recommendations for the community. I was actually quite hard looking for some until I found some non-music and non-sick-brutal channels, as youtube didn't show me the ones I was interested in for quite some while. Meanwhile, this is way better, also because of likes etc. I did there, so I am mostly getting videos recommended I do like to watch. But the start was pretty clunky. Feel free to post some other channels. Requirements for these in general: Friendly videos, non-brutal/splatter/sadistic, somewhat similar to the show I guess. AgrolChannel: ForgaLorga: I personally feel ForgaLorga and AggrolChannel might be very similar with each other, doing mostly MLP animations (not sure if ForgaLorga does so himself or only collects some) without much dialogues. Flufflepuff: - A popularity by himself about a very flurry, cute albeit not smart earth pony. I haven't really watched the following ones much, but they look promising: StormXF3: ^ Doing some videos with ponies put in RL videos to tell a story. AlStiff: MintyRoot: Single videos: - Basically a show-level (or above) episode. Have to see other Flaming Rich videos yet.
  10. My $10 pony lot from shopgoodwill came in today and I was able to see who all I got! On top of that, I also visited my local antique store yesterday and got a pleasant surprise.First up, here are my G1s:L to R: Confetti, CF Snuzzle, Masquerade, PowderConfetti and Snuzzle are in great condition, especially Snuzzle since she has 0 marks and her colors are pretty bright! I think Snuzzle's tail might have been cut, but if it was it was a pretty clean cut so it's barely noticeable. Masquerade is sadly missing her tail but I'm sure can get her a new one, and aside from a few marks, she's otherwise in pretty good condition with no scratches on her eyes that I can see. Powder is pretty much bait quality but I don't have her yet so I don't mind.L to R: Shaggy, Medley EraserWhen I visited the local antique store yesterday, I found a few $5 bags of ponies. Mostly G3 McDonalds ponies, but this one bag had a baby Shaggy and an awesome Medley eraser that I couldn't pass up! Shaggy's only real big flaw is some rubbed blush on one cheek but that's easily fixable. The eraser is discolored but otherwise nice, and it was so neat, I've never found one in all of my pony collecting days so I couldn't leave these behind. Plus Shaggy is precious.Next we have the G3s and G3.5:L to R: G3.5 McDonald's Cheerilee, Tea Lily, Royalette, Tumbletop, random crown accessory.Cheerilee and Tumbletop are in great condition with no real flaws. Tea Lily is absolutely adorable, and aside from her hair being a little on the frizzy side, she's in great condition. Royalette has some ingrained dirt and marker stains and her hair's kinda frizzy as well, but she's still cute.L to R: McDonald's 2008 Minty, 2005 Daisyjo, 2008 Cheerilee, 2008 Scootaloo, 2005 Star Swirl Bottom pic, L to R: 2005 Butterscotch, 2008 Toola-RoolaThey're all in fair condition with a few scratches here and there and some have frizz. The bottom two I got in the same bag with Shaggy and the Medley eraser.Next we have the G4s:L to R: Pinkie Pie (Rainbow Power), 2014 Rainbow Dash (Bagged Brushable), Apple BloomThey are all in really great condition aside from Pinkie whose tail is probably the frizziest I've ever seen, oh my goodness. It's kind of ironic that her mane, with all that tinsel, is perfectly fine, but her tail isn't.McDonald's G4sL to R: 2011 Applejack, 2014 Princess Celestia, 2014 Fluttershy, 2014 Pinkie Pie, 2012 ApplejackThey're all in okay condition; all of them have frizzy hair and some scratches/rubs. 2012 Keychain Applejack is missing her little clip. Blind BagsBack row, L to R: Wave 9 Peachy Sweet, Wave 9 (?) Applejack, Wave 7 Lily Valley, Wave 8 Golden Harvest, Wave 8 Pinkie Pie, Wave 12 Pinkie Pie, Wave 9 Shoeshine, Zecora (Spa Pony Set) Middle Row, L to R: Wave 7 Fluttershy, Wave 9 Tropical Storm, Wave 7 Apple Stars, Wave 10 Junebug, Wave 8 Rarity, Wave 8 Lemon Hearts, Dr. Whooves (Rainbow Pony Favorite Set) Front Row, L to R: Wave 8 Mosely Orange, Wave 14 Twilight Sky, Wave 8 Royal RiffThese are all pretty nice! A few of them have rubs but otherwise are great. I was super happy to get the four male ponies <3
  11. Here is the Super Mario Bros. 2 OST Collection (1st Movement) on the Organ. (Alternate title: Super Mario Bros. 2: Medley #1. Arranged for Organ)
  12. Here is the Super Mario Bros. OST Collection (1st Movement) on the Organ. (Alternate title: Super Mario Bros. Medley #1. Arranged for Organ)
  13. Here is the Super Mario Bros. OST Collection (2nd Movement) on the Organ. (Alternate title: Super Mario Bros. Medley #2. Arranged for Organ)
  14. I got a nice lot of ponies on shopgoodwill this morning for a pretty good price and I can hardly wait for them to get here! It looks to have a good amount of blind bag ponies, as well as an Apple Bloom, Pinkie Pie, and a few others (including two G1 ponies that have been on my wishlist for a long time). Will definitely post pics when they get here and I can sort out who's who!
  15. So just as the it said above, what is your recent Funko related purchase? And feel free to lists what you have own so far if you like. Also it can be any brand that is sold within the funko company what I have so far is Venom Spiderman 2099 Tomago go-go Dr. whooves all the teen titan go Iron spiderman deadpool moopez My recent one are cogsworth the movie version.
  16. Looking for a site online to sell my MLP Funko Collection to save up for a down payment for a house when I soon ask my Special Somepony to marry me . I'd prefer NOT to sell on eBay as they charge fees for listing items and I'm not paying to list them with uncertainty that it would sell or not. Also my mom informed me that the likelihood of the figures selling or the value of the set may go up once the MLP Film is released next year, So I was also wondering if that may be the case as well.
  17. THE DAMAGE HAS BEEN DONE. I have now officially invested myself into the vast world of Equestria and all they hold. Yeah, probably. Anyway, the day has finally come to celebrate my very first anniversary of belonging to this wonderful fandom. It's been quite a journey with a few ups and downs, but nothing too noteworthy (yeah right. Read my blog ) But anyway, for those very, very few avid readers who actually spend their time to read my blog would know that it's my anniversary today. Exactly one year today, I snuck out of my home and (potentially) risked my life in order to buy an Applejack Plush. (Happiness with a price, I suppose) Ever since, I've been slowly gathering toys, watching the show, and wishing upon the BronyCon star in hopes that next year will be my arrival. Since my first few days, I've written over 300 pages of fanfiction dedicated to the show, bought over 200 dollars of merchandise, and watched approximately four weeks of MLP and fan-content. Has it been quite a ride? You bet. Is it far from done? You betcha'. What will make this feature special? As I always do, I'll tell you a story. A story of how I came to be who I am now. About a year and a week before today, I was a FNAFer. Cringe all you want, but that was who I was, and who I thought I was going to be for the next three years. I'd heard about the movie and thought my registration would live on until then. Unfortunately, it didn't. On August 24th, 2015, I and everyone else who had bought FNaF4, received a messaged from the developer, Scott Cawthon. To skip the boring details (I'll link it on the bottom), the message stated that the theorists, who I was, weren't doing a good enough job. He said that for some reason, we were all too slow and he was disappointed. After that, I was just stunned. Confused and unsure what to do, I left the fandom. I never looked at he or his games the same way again. For someone who's been met with failure in the past, he of all people should've known not to insult the fanbase. Now looking back, I know I probably took it a little harshly, but I didn't really care. It was OVER. I was depressed for a good month. I didn't have anything to think about, so I just resorted to contemplating alternative life-choices and surfing Youtube. Finally, it's four weeks before October, and I was starting to think about my birthday. I knew this was going to be my worst birthday yet; everything was terrible. While surfing Youtube, I managed to find a video titled, "Top Ten My Little Pony Facts" made by, who is now called, "Lemino". It was an old video and I knew very, very little about MLP. I only knew about G3 from when I was but a toddler. I watched it and after a while, my youtube suggestions started going crazy with MLP suggestions. I didn't watch them all, but I did make a choice. Being very interested in the mental developments of the Mind and how certain material can change the way a person thinks, I gave myself a promise (which I've broken). The promise was that I'd watch the series until I came across Derpy (or The Last Roundup episode). So, I combed Youtube and managed to find a full Season 1 back-to-back episode viewing. I was thrilled. I watched the entire season in a good two days; I found it shockingly good. After finishing The Last Roundup, I paused my player and looked around the room, thinking to myself if I really wanted to cross this bridge. I figured it'd be for research; thus, I continued until I ran short of episodes (my season compilation was missing everything after "Over A Barrel"). I grew frantic and finally found a site where I could download them all in a low 480p for quick transfer. After a good two weeks, I finished Season Three and grew tempted to buy merch. I've seen people around here calling it, "The Brony Craze", or "The Brony-itis". Whatever it was, I caught it really fast; I was unsure of what I wanted to do. It was a threshold that I knew was a one-way road. If I did indeed buy something, there would be no going back from where I was. At that same time I discovered the charm in Applejack; I dubbed her my favorite pony and was excited to see there was a plushie of her at one of the local shops. That's pretty much it. I joined the fandom out of a name of science and never left. I guess I got caught in the hype and didn't care to leave. I ended up buying that Applejack and finished watching the series. After that, I personally declared myself a brony. I told my parents a month later, both of which accepted it. I began writing my own additions to the series, and not long after, I joined a steam group and changed my profile pic to an Applejack. It took a lot to get out, but I think it was the right choice. If people judge, let them be; let them hate, but words will always be stronger than actions. So, now that I've told my story, how will I celebrate this epic achievement? Well, today I stopped by the library and noticed a copy of G3 MLP sitting on the shelves of the movie section. Let's just say I've got one helluva good night ahead of me. Oh, don't worry. You'll hear all about it on Tuesday (potentially Monday for time-zones) Well, that's all folks! I'll see you on the flip side! Links and an extra photo are down below. -RealityPublishing FNaF ANNOUNCEMENT LINK:
  18. Welcome to the LEGO discussion thread! Here you can share your experiences from your childhood, all the sets and themes that you used to (or still) love, and if you're an avid hobbyist, you can share some of the stuff that you're looking forward to. You can also share awesome pictures like this: So epic! For me, this franchise was the best thing to have ever happened to my childhood. It made my childhood livable and I still to this day embrace the nostalgia! It's been about three years since I've had a LEGO set but recently, I have decided to try to pursue this fascination of mine once more. Honestly, I would love to have several sets to keep on display in the future, even when I get married and have my own family. This thread is dedicated to anything LEGO!
  19. I find any reason to buy new mlp merch. And I love the artwork on a lot of these IDW comics. I want to see everyone's comic collection. Post your best, favorite, rarest comic you have! I just started collecting and love to see fellow comic book collectors. Regardless if you read them or keep them sealed. Here is my collection so far. My personal favorite because it's a straight mashup from Bill and Ted
  20. A collection of 4 games that might just have the weirdest stuff on the internet. There've been tons of Let's Play on this. I really can't explain what is it about but apparently, some people took their entire time just to make this disturbing yet interesting stuff.