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Found 12 results

  1. Hello!! I will show you my work! Some are commissions and others are drawings of my Oc: Sunset Rock. I hope you like them and if you have any questions you can send a message.
  2. I was bored, so I decided, "Hmm, what would a giraffe look like in my pony style?" So I drew it! And if it doesn't belong in this section, please move it to the correct one. I wasn't sure whether it belonged here or Non-Pony Art. Comments and feedback appreciated!
  3. I got bored and drew fluttershy, you go. yea i know the colors are too dark but i dont have any brighter tones, please reply, scale from 1/10 and if you like check out my deviantart page, links in my sig. *her eyes are so sloppy i cant stand it *
  4. Here is another drawing of my OC, Sugar Note I like this sketch but the coloring wasn't very good D: I'm still learning how to color digitally but I think I'm doing fine for a beginner ^.^ Feedback would be great! Brohoof! /)
  5. Okay, so this is the first time I've attempted to colorize a drawing I've done. It's kind of sketchy and a little sloppy in some spots. Chrysalis' mane and tail kinda run into one another... not visually pleasing. Aj's body is a bit... twist I suppose. (And yes I took a little creative license and gave AJ some Battle-Hoof-- boot... things... seemed neat at the time) Of course and tips, comments, critiques, and compliments are welcome. Thanks for taking a look-see!
  6. So here`s my drawings ^^.I been drawing for a week now and each picture takes about 1-4 hours to finish, plz say what u think /Greetings Vinyl Ps.the cave thingy is ugly cuz i didn`t have any sketch there to go on....
  7. Hi guys I drew Rainbow Dash hehe honestly it took me forever to draw because I get reallyy lazy and so I waited for foreverrr to color lol but anyways, here she is! I hope you like it c:
  8. If any of you remember the paper drawing I made of anthropomorphic Rainbow Dash, I decided to re-make it on the Microsoft Paint and add some colors to it. So here we are, anthropomorphic Rainbow Dash with upgraded detail and some fancy shoes! I like shoes. So, feel free to leave your comments, questions & concerns below and i'll be sure to answer them. That is if you want to.
  9. I tried making it look like a vector pic in the background.
  10. Okay, this is one of the requests I was doing for Shankveld here, and I was wondering what you ponies out there might thing about it... so post it I have! ^^ Constructive criticism, any feedback really, would be deeply appreciated!
  11. Some I've made as I've been doing other ponies I'm working on a pony that looks like he has stars all over him it's really a cool looking pony but between working on him I've done these I hope you enjoy them!!
  12. Hello, I am Freckle and this is my first "more serious" sculpt ever (sadly it had to be a non-pony...). I made it from air-drying clay, which is really hard to use compared to other sculpting materials like Super Sculpey, and that is why my creation turned out to be a failure, or so I think. Anyhow, this is it: (Warning, perfectionists turn away now before it's to late) I guess I just wanted to share this, even though it is non-pony and it suck. P.S. Will anypony guess who this little doggy is?