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Found 9 results

  1. I know less people bother watching commercials nowadays, but for those that do, does it bother you that it seems like less focus is on the actual product? For example, Weinerschnitzel has a commercial with metrosexual guys on stage and faking German accents, in a weird pop star promo, and their hot dog mascot at the end. This takes up the majority of the commercial, while the image of their food is at the tail end, for a lesser amount of time. No bragging about the quality of their ingredients, or close up shots of their toppings and garnishes. Just...repeating the brand name in an unrelated way and dancing with the brand mascot For a good chunk of the commercial time. Does advertising like this bother anyone else?
  2. Since neither Discovery Family nor Hasbro is putting up the new ad on their respective video sites, I recorded it an uploaded it myself. Many apologies for the poor quality; I don't have any choice but to shoot off the TV screen. =/ Hopefully when everyone gets back to work on Monday they'll post the digital versions, but for now here's something to tide you over! EDIT: Here's a higher quality version someone else posted to YouTube, woo:
  3. cybershocker455

    Bronies in mattress commercial Take a look, the rest of the commercial actually really good (if a bit weird).
  4. Alongside others in an odd crossover(Ex: Leonardo from TMNT, the Minions from Despicable Me) I dunno who provides the voice of this character. I doubt it would be the original actor unless Target was able to convince her agent into recording lines.
  5. I wonder if it is economically possible for Hasbro to end the show once they feel that it will lose it's integrity instead of running it into the ground. Has this ever been done with a property as easily commercialized as My Little Pony? Well, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic experienced a miracle in the form of it being really good, perhaps it can maintain it and the series can wrap up character development and story lore arcs for everyone and end the show on it's own terms? I was also wondering if we can avoid unmarked spoilers in here, including premises for upcoming episodes. For example, if the Cutie Mark Crusaders get their cutie marks, I'd like it to be an utter surprise that I have no idea about even based on the synopsis or title of any episode, something that I only see when I see it happen in the show as I am watching it, not something that gets announced or leaked or anything.
  6. Does any of you remember J.G. Wentworth commercials. Preferably the "it's my money and I need it now" ones. I remember seeing them and thought they were funny and I think that they referenced the movie Network with the people sticking their heads out of the window and shouting. I also can't help but think that commercial and the quote can be used for future references. What do you think? Here's the commercial in case you haven't seen it or can't remember it:
  7. With the recurring theme of Rainbow Eyes and realization and the introduction of the MLP Rainbow Friends toy line when I first saw the commercial I thought maybe there was some sort of connection to the Realization Rainbows at first I brushed it off but as the Rainbows made more appearances I tried to piece the two seemingly things that had no connection other than Rainbows. I would Like to propose a new Theory, when the mystery of the box is inevitably solved at the end of the season the Mane 6 will reach a new state of power, becoming mre in tune with the elements and discarding the need for the necklaces which were given up in the season opener, as well taking on the appearance they have in the Rainbow Friends Line either all the time or when they need to use their powers. But this remains just theory, it could just be a marketing ploy by Hasbro as an excuse to sell new toys, but there have been things in the toy commercials that could be alluding to things that could happen in the future episodes of the show, I'll be using the Princess Twilight Figurine toy commercial as an example at the end Twilight says "Let's fly to my palace." But she has no such thing in the show, could it be the Old Castle of the Celestia and Luna will be given to Twilight, after all we did see the Mane 6 start a restoration project in Power Ponies. Perhaps both these commercials could be alluding to Twilight and friends reaching a new state of Power and her getting a castle to govern closer to home so she doesn't have to make a trip to Canterlot and back presumably every day and go about her daily routine while also getting into the usual shenanigans.
  8. Okay, so living in my area, seeing a commercial about agriculture isn't too far fetched... but when I see this at times... I wonder what humanity has come to. Yes I'm talking about the site for farmers looking for a date... There are others of this...yes it is for real. Usually my dad and I laugh and proceed that with crying after viewing these on the television. So, tell me how horrible this is
  9. Well not in character, but by voice~ I hope this isn't old news. I was watching a show on Hulu and saw this ad. Upon hearing the girl's voice I started thinking 'Is that Sweetie Belle?!' Perhaps it isn't her voice actor but you have to admit they sound mighty similar, yes?