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Found 22 results

  1. How competitive are you when it comes to something you care about? It can be a game that you enjoy playing, trying to be the best in your class, pretty much anything competitive. Hmm I'd say I'm pretty competitive, but I'm not as hardcore about winning as much as some people I know. If I tried my best and put up a good fight but lost in the end, that's not too bad. I mainly hate losing at something when I know I could've won if I hadn't made some stupid mistake. So what about you guys?
  2. The object of this game is quite simple. Instead of everyone counting towards a common goal, everyone has their own separate counts. The poster with the highest count is winning! Have fun! Two simple rules: If you ninja someone, the person who got their count ninja'd goes back to zero! I'll pop in from time to time and randomly subtract and add to your counts!
  3. Hey there everyponybody as you all know i'm in charge of the yearbook, but this year principal Celestia asked me to also supervise another project.a short, 2 page Comic competition, what could be more exciting than that?stop right there! yes you, who was about to say you can't draw, the comic doesn't have to be hand-drawn, it can be edits, vectors, or stick figures, anything goes as long as it makes a cohesive story, and don't forget that it's a school project so no gory or explicit stuff, keep it safeand of course a competition needs a winner, and a winner needs a prize, while every participant will be getting a badge for it, one will be picked by our lovely library staff and be read live on Discord during one of their readings.the deadline is the end of september, good luck once you're done, simply post your comic as a comment here
  4. Edit: I have restarted the game on page 14! See rules below, and jump to the last page to add your voice to this fun tournament! Who is the best pony on these forums? Let's have a little tournament and see who wins! The rules are pretty simple: Add one (1) point to a pony you want to win. Subtract two (2) points from your least favorite pony from the list. Example: Pony 1: 5 Pony 2: 5 Pony 3: 5 Pony 4: 5 ------------- Pony 1: 6 (+1) Pony 2: 5 Pony 3: 3 (-2) Pony 4: 5 If a pony reaches zero (0) points, they are out, and cannot be brought back. No double-posting, and watch out for simul-posts (or ninjas)! Here's our starting list! Applejack: 50 Fluttershy: 50 Pinkie Pie: 50 Rainbow Dash: 50 Rarity: 50 Twilight Sparkle: 50 I'll start things off! Have fun, everypony! Applejack: 51 (+1) Fluttershy: 50 Pinkie Pie: 50 Rainbow Dash: 48 (-2) Rarity: 50 Twilight Sparkle: 50 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Round 1 - September, 2012 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Applejack is the winner, by a final score of 32-0 over Fluttershy. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Round 2 - IN PROGRESS! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Go to page 14 to play!
  5. "Man is a gaming animal. He must always be trying to get the better in something or other." -Charles Lamb Read more at HIRING A UGC IRON TEAM! REQUIREMENTS: At least 900 Hours on tf2 At least 30 Hours on the class to play Basic knowledge of map rollouts (Soldier/Demo/Sniper) Must land at least 1.5% of airshots (snipers, headshots count as 2 kills) Microphone THINGS YOU DON'T NEED: P2P status! Hats! Items! Competition Experience To pay! Contacts on my channel! League: UGC Iron Highlander NA Time Zone: PST You don't need a good computer! I use a macbook from 2008! Phone: +1(209)6142980
  6. Here's an art competetion. Make your favorite video game character into a mare or stallion and the best will be showed in a youtube video made by me, my youtube is ginger468. RULES: 1. Must be made by you, i know how to find out otherwise 2. No art unrealated to the competition 3. Submit one artwork only 4. and finnaly please n rule 34 If rules are broken your rule breaking art will be denied from the competition. Let the games begin! The comepition will end next tuesday and i'll message the winners if they won.
  7. Whenever I'm at a major tournament, or watching large sports events on TV or live stream, I really enjoy watching the athletes preparing for their run, or the start of the match. That tension in the air is, for me, one of the best ways to get in the mood, even if it's a tournament I'm merely watching. It gets me pumped to see people preparing, and when I'm doing my own warming up I still look around at everyone else while they run, lunge, fleche or spar. Does anyone else have the same feeling? How do you get into a fighting mood (or cheering mood, if you're watching) for a competition?
  8. Today I begin a series of challenges, which I call... The Interpretation Creation Challenge (Now I'm not sure if this idea is already a thing. Knowing my luck, it probably is. For now I'll just assume it isn't and continue.) What is this challenge about? Everyone sees things differently. I see things one way while someone else will see it some other way. It's all about perspective and the way we interpret things. This challenge puts this idea to the test. What's the setup? I'm going to give you a list of personality traits, talents, and other various things. What you need to do is craft an OC around these. Why? This is a bit of an experiment to see what various outcomes can come from a single source of information. This tests the creativity and diversity among those who enter. And it's just fun! How do I enter? 1. Read the provided traits/prompts. 2. Create an OC. 3. Comment here with your creation, including: The OC's Name The OC's Cutie Mark + Description A Picture(Optional) Additional Info/Backstory(Optional) What are the rules? 1. You have to use the prompts from the list. You can't just submit a random unrelated OC. 2. You can't use an already existing OC. You need to start from scratch. 3. You can add additional traits if you want. 4: A picture isn't required(though it is preferred). Also, if using a picture, it doesn't need to be "show quality". Make it in whatever style you like(paper drawing, computer sketch, vector, etc.). If you don't include a picture, describe what the OC looks like. 5. Your submission can be as simple or complex as you desire. 6. Have fun! In each challenge there are 5 winners and 5 honorable mentions(or less depending on how many people participate). There are no actual prizes, other than...well, winning. This is just a fun little challenge for people to test their creativity. -------------------- NOW, IT IS TIME FOR THE CHALLENGE! Here is what you have to work with: Traits Funny Silly Clumsy Awkward Geeky Talents Being Random Entertaining Analyzing Theorizing Age 19 Gender Male -------------------- Take these and create a new character! Colors, mane style, height, weight, race, cutie mark, etc. are all up to you. As for your time limit, you have until: January 26th. That gives you two weeks to do your thing. I will post the winners a day or two later. I'm excited to see what you can come up with! Good Luck! Current Competitors Dulset Tarn ... ...
  9. Anyone else here play on Yu-Gi-Oh Pro? I'm bored of playing people who aren't great or that wipe me over. Just looking for some friendly fun
  10. Competition has officially ended! Winners will be revealed shortly. Winners! Hello Everypony! ^^ Jonke is here with a competition! Since we are getting closer to Minecraft's release date, i will hold a competition for all members on this forum who doesn't have experienced the awesome game created by Markus "Notch" Persson and his company Mojang. What is the competition about? Well since i want everyone everypony to have a chance, i'm going with the old fashion way.. Take 3 random ponies from the list ^^. The competition will end at 16th november and the lucky winners will receive a PM from me how to redeem your gift code. How do i enter? Everypony that wants to enter the competition, just need to reply to this thread and i will update the list. Competition rules: You cannot enter if you already have a copy of Minecraft, i can't check if you have it or not but i hope you try to be honest . Fluttershy and i wish you all good luck!=) Current participants list: - ProjectRKA - ShoeShy - DJ-P0n-3 - Fluttershy (Nico) - Finesthour - Pinkamena Diane Pie - Viscra Maelstrom - Linguz - Ice
  11. Hello fellas ! :3 I made a post on the TF2 Official Thread, but it's not really active there and just a few people actually paid attention to it, and it kinda disappointed me because it's something I'd really love to see happen. The project I had in mind was basically to play TF2 with some bronies just to have fun and enjoy the game. But pubs quickly get boring for me, so I didn't want to play anything : I wanted to play competitively with bronies ! Don't get me wrong, I don't wanna form a competitive team to play in a league or something, I don't have the time for that. In my opinion, the comp side of TF2 is really fun once you've tried it and much more enjoyable than just regular pubs where chaos reigns. I'll briefly introduce you to the two major competitive modes in TF2. First, 6v6 ! The 6v6 is the most popular competitive mode (in my opinion at least). Teams are made of : - 2 scouts : they mostly play on the flank. Often, there's an aggressive scout that supports the roamer and try to get picks and a passive scout, who will rather stay with the combo (pocket + medic) to protect them. - 2 soldiers : a pock et soldier who protects the medic and takes the ubercharges and a roaming soldier whose role is to get important picks (demoman or medic), force an ubercharge or distract the enemy team. - 1 demoman : the demoman is the damage dealer of the team : with his massive damage output, he allows the scouts to clean up the weak players and helps defending chokepoints. - 1 medic : essential, he's the healer of the team and usually stays with the pocket. It is of a crucial importance to not drop his ubercharge, as it could eventually lead to the loss of the round for the team. He forms what we call the combo with the pocket. Usually, scouts can offclass : they can switch to sniper, spy, pyro, heavy or engineer to make a decisive pick or defend their last point more efficiently. The roamer can also offclass. Obviously, it's not really recommended for the pocket, demo or medic to offclass (except if a player replaces him temporarily, but that's still risky in my opinion). Then, the second most popular competitive mode : Highlander ! (9v9) It's pretty simple here : each player plays one the nine classes available in the game : scout, soldier, pyro, demoman, heavy, engineer, sniper, medic and spy ! It's awesome to play it with friends and really funny. It would take a lot of space to define each class' role again, so maybe take a look at the wiki . It's full of informations about every class in each mode (including 6v6 !) and really well made ! Maybe now you're wondering : but hey, how in hell could we play 6vs6 or HL ? It's musn't be easy to set it up. Aahah, wrong buddy ! It's actually really simple. I haven't tried it out personnally yet, but I'm pretty sure it should work fine the way I imagined it. 1st step : TF2Center ! Maybe you've heard about TF2Lobby. TF2Center is like an upgrade of it. You can create in a few seconds your lobby, set up a password so only bronies aware of it can join and even better : you can get a free mumble server for your game ! What would it be without some communications ? Just make sure your mic is fine. The only thing that's missing is... a server. 2nd step : ! is a great tool to reserve a server for a specifig time. Just choose a server, reserve it for the time you'll play with your buddies and there, you got your server ready ! Just copy/paste the right settings in TF2Center and then... 3rd step : PLAY ! Once the server settings have been entered, youl should be able to test the server in TF2Center to see if it's working (duh !). Once it's done, we just need players to join ! That's some ambitious project right here, since I haven't seen that much people interested in comp, even just for fun, but that's something I really wanted to share with you to maybe see if you would actually be willing to give it a try ! If you have any questions regarding this, just add me on Steam or Skype (ID : manesix) and I'll try to answer you as best as I could ! Any suggestions are welcome ! Thanks for reading this whole thing if you did, that took some serious motivation and I'm proud of you. Good night everypony !
  12. The 2014 MLPF World Cup Groups have been set! Check them out here! I'll see you in June 12th when we start the World Cup!
  13. Hi, I am pleased to announce a Weekly Writer Competition On fimfiction. For more info go here : Requirements: •The story must be completed •The story must be between 2000 and 35000 words. •The story needs to be readable. Criteria: •Stories will be noted on Grammar (1-10) •Character description (1-5) •Storyline (1-20) •Mood (1-5) •Overall judges score (1-10) Note I am not the creator of the competition and questions should be directed toward the creator.
  14. NOMINATION STAGE FINISHED PLEASE DO NOT SUBMIT ANY NEW NOMINATIONS Well guys, it's been a full year. One year from today, we launched a competition to determine just who the best pony was.This contest lasted a long while, and ended in March, with Fluttershy being the victor. However, now, it is time for that title to once again be put up for grabs. Indeed, the Mayans years ago foresaw this event. An event so earth shaking it would end the world. And gentlemen and gentlewomen, this is it. The even to end all event, the pony competition to end all pony competitions. Indeed, are you, the spectator, prepared to chose the best pony as the world ends horribly, in... THE GREAT PONY-OFF 2012 GLOBAL APOCALYPSE EDITION Like last year's competition, it will be split into five stages, each stage consisting of a different task that each pony must undergo. So hopefully this big competition will be able to determine Trixie who is best pony. (Seriously, Fluttershy shouldn't win twice in a row. I mean come on guys) ~~~ Anyways, now it's time to work on Stage 2, where two ponies will square off against each other! Let's see which will prevail! Victor None yet! Who will it be? Participants 2. Apple Bloom 3. Applejack 4. Babs Seed 6. Big Macintosh 8. Cheerilee 9. Crackle 10. Daring Do 11. Derpy Hooves 14. Golden Harvest 15. Granny Smith 16. Fluttershy 17. King Sombra 18. Octavia 19. Photo Finish 20. Pipsqueak 22. Princess Cadence 23. Princess Celestia 24. Princess Luna 27. Queen Chrysalis 28. Rainbow Dash 29. Raindrops 30. Rarity 31. Rarity's Sofa 32. Roseluck 33. Scootaloo 34. Shining Armor 36. Soarin' 37. Spike 39. Sweetie Belle 41. Twilight Sparkle 42. Vinyl Scratch Eliminated Contestants 1. The Great and Powerful Trixie (She will always be a winner in my heart) 5. Berry Punch 7. Bloomburg 13. Discord 12. Diamond Tiara 21. Pinkie Pie 25. Pound Cake 26. Pumpkin Cake 35. Silver Spoon 38. Spitfire 40. Time Turner ~~~ So there we go! Everything you need to know about the competition! Let's have a nice clean game this year, and... (I know the picture isn't jaw-dropping-ly awesome, but it's not in the budget to afford those kinds of pictures.)
  15. I teased Poniverse, our new "supercommunity" that will unite and integrate MLP Forums,, and our various other pony fan projects, when I announced that MLP Forums will be attending BronyCon. In fact, we will be attending BronyCon as Poniverse. But Poniverse can't get out there and face the world without a logo. So we're reaching out to you, the community, to create one for us! The winning logo will become an integral part of Poniverse's identity, and will be used on the Poniverse websites, our BronyCon booth and panel, future apparel and merch, and everywhere else we need a logo. How to enter Attach your logo to an email and send it to The deadline is 11:59 PM PDT on May 19, 2013. This contest is open to everyone: you do not need to be a member of MLP Forums/Poniverse to enter. If you know anyone who's artistically minded and might be interested in winning some cash, share this post with them! Rules SVG, AI, or EPS files are preferred. High-resolution PSD, PNG, or other image-type files will be accepted as well. We will request the source file(s) for the winning logo, so please don't throw them out! There is no limit to how many logos you can enter. However, you can only win one prize. In your email, include the names of all fonts used. If you downloaded any of them from the Internet, include links to where you found them as well.Of course, you're welcome to forgo a font and create your own letters, too. Do not use any official My Little Pony assets. That means, no canon ponies/characters/locations/etc.; however, you're more than welcome to use generic pony silhouettes that aren't recognizable as any of Hasbro's characters. Do not post your submission on this thread. Only submit your designs via the email provided. Any and all posts that contain your logo submission will be removed. Prizes 1st Place: $100, everlasting glory, and your design becomes Poniverse's identity! 2nd Place: $50 and everlasting glory. 3rd Place: $25 and everlasting glory. The lucky three will have their logos showcased on MLP Forums and announced to our mailing list (~10,000 people!) with links to your deviantART account, Twitter profile, or anywhere you want. Prizes will be paid out via PayPal in Canadian Dollars (they can be converted to your local currency if you're outside of Canada). Get creating! I look forward to seeing what you all come up with.
  16. It's no secret that online play is a major component of multiplayer games these days (and later days) but try to think back to the times when your friends would come over to just hang out and, eventually (or maybe immediately ), you break out the playstation/nintendo/xbox and start playing some games. Maybe some Madden or Super Smash Bros. Maybe some Street Fighter or Mario Party. Maybe some Tales of Symphonia or Dokapon Kingdom. You're surrounded by laughter, trash talk, and camaraderie; and you enjoy the time until it comes time for it to end. Online play is fine and all, but it's just doesn't have that same feel to it. I want to know, what were/are some of your favorite local multiplayer games to break out when you have a friend, or friends, over?
  17. This is my victory of the week - I can't say much, but I managed to win a remix contest that was hosted a few weeks ago. It was fun to make, the original artist is a neat guy, and now I have one more thing that I can cross off of my musician's bucket list. All in all, it's been a good week.
  18. Good evening, everypony! I'm NekromantiaFox. I recently started working on the website that I own, but I'm missing a few important details. Those of you brilliant artists out there can definately help me out here. Competitions (3): *Site Banner All website have a banner and mine is no exception. However, I want something original and unique. My website is an all-animal and mythical creature roleplay site, so it would make sense for something to fit along those line. We have plenty of brony anf furry members, but I want this to look relatively professional. People than can do manips definately have an advantage ^ Banner should be long enough to fit fully to most computer screens. *Species My website also offers an array of unique and interesting species for it's members that can be based off of nearly any creature. I already have a few created, so you may create your own concept or you may message me for a list of pre-made species. *Other Site Assets This is a more complex sort of competition category because I will also be looking for someone willing to aid me with the site full-time. Not much has to be done, except for the occassional art piece or opinion. Rewards: *Site Banner - Winner Recieves ~ 5 free art pieces of whatever you desire ~ a featured place of credit on the website for everyone to see and behold ~ one free character design for any species *Species - Winner Recieves ~ 3 free art pieces of whatever you desire ~ a featured place of credit on the website for everyone to see and behold ~ two free character designs for any species *Other Site Assets - Winner recieves ~ a lifetime of free artwork of whatever you desire ~ a featured place of credit on the website for everyone to see an behold ~ an admin/mod status on the website alongside me ~ three free character designs of any species IMPORTANT: ~ artwork from the winning users thereby become property of the website, but proper credit WILL be given ~ if the winning user doesn't desire one of his/her rewards, he/she does not have to accept it Current Contestants: ~Harmonic Revelations ~Captain Hammer ~Crystal Dancer ~ ~ Anybody who enters the competition will recieve one free artwork piece OR one free character design if they so desire.
  19. Hey everypony I was just wondering, well if you don't mind... ~Fluttershy xD I'm just starting to get more subs on Youtube (185 and counting!) and i thought that i might need a professional looking background and thumbnail/profile pic. But i do not have the skills to create these (well to a professional standard anyway :3) so i have decided to host a bit of a competition on this forums since bronies are some of the most talented visual artists I know Anyway Let's cut to the chase: *The idea of the competition is to design a suitable Youtube background and profile pic for my channel *It can include ponies/pony elements and designs but not completely MLP based because my friends don't know i am a brony My Channel: The winner will be in the description of my videos and get shutouts on request not to often though I may be small but this could be the investment of a life time if i get big on Youtube hahaha Also In future if i get big, or possibly some commission (free money) if i do get a partnership Not a big prize but you know it would just be great to get a hand, if you um...don't mind... ~Fluttershy xD Thanks everypony, Quartza00
  20. Hey I want some feedback/ideas to one idea i just got. It's based on Tekkit, and I'm inspired of the Yogscast Tekkit series. The Idea is an competition. Where multiple teams fight each other.Where doing espionage and sabotage (ofc by some rules.) is allowed.All teams have the same goal, and the team that first finishes the goal wins! A setup I'm Imaging is like.. 4 Teams. Each team with like 2-4 people. One Goal (maybe have additional goals for bonus points that can give you advantages later on?). You start on a fresh map. and you get 30 min in the start to get settled(Where no killing or sabotage is allowed).Then it break lose. The different teams can now sneak into the other team's bases and steal ore/bars or maybe food (depends on how far into game they have come). Use Energy condensers and macerators. steal power (by using batteries) or steal machines. Those rules can be discussed pre-game. Then lets say the first team that builds a Teleporter (As an example. This can be anything from Cobblestone generators to advanced factories). And that's when the game stops. 2'nd,3'rd and 4'th would be decided by how many of the secoundary goals completed. *edit And Each team has a recording player that uploads this on their/his/her channel (optional) Now, I need feedback. is this anything you guys would like to participate in/watch?
  21. I've been thinking about this for a while, what would you think about some sort of PMV competition between members? Like maybe we each try use the same song and see who can make the best pmv out of it? Or maybe we just make any pmvs and see let us vote on which we feel is best? What do you think about that? And how many of you would like to take place in this if we try it? And maybe ultimately we try to get the best one up on Equestria Daily?