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Found 13 results

  1. Hello. In this place, I will put musics which are related to Erebys, my comic. Often, songs will be in a anime / Disney style. But sometimes, I'll try some differents things . In any case, they will be immersive and intense. I mean, I will do my best for it So, the first is about Luna : Ost - Repentance : I hope you'll enjoy it. The girl is French and she is a begginer. She is very motivated to increase her singing. Her channel :
  2. Merry Christmas everyone! Here's my 2016 Christmas Quickie! It's a remix of Merdith Andrew's "He Has Come!".
  3. Ladies and Gentlemen...the time has come. Prepare for an immersive frightful experience...I present to you...Nowhere To Run, Nowhere to Hide. You find yourself in a forest being confronted by evils... Critique is wanted!
  4. Hello everypony and welcome to my musical musings! This blog will be a place where I post what I am currently working on, be it compositions, piano covers, maybe vocal covers, and whatever I can get out of reaper. I am not a experienced writer so part of my hope for this blog is to receive feedback and tips on my works. For my first post I'll be simply showing an eight bar phrase that I composed. Feedback is welcome. Woek.mp3Woek.pdf
  5. Hey everyone, welcome to my music thread! Here I will be compiling all of my original written and recorded music. I would love to hear what you all think, and I hope you enjoy! Music list: Fanfare for the Modern Man:
  6. Logo made by Shadowlux100: [uPDATE - August 17, 2014] My Little Pony - The Musical! has released a brand new original song! Though the song didn't make the actual musical, the team thought we should upload it anyways! Check it out, and keep following this forum and the Youtube Channel for more songs, artwork, and many other things! Hello everypony! Allow me to introduce myself. My name is James Stryska, a music and theater student since the fourth grade. I've been studying music theory as well as theater my entire life. I play the saxophone as well as sing and act in local community musicals. I'm sure you have many questions by just seeing the banner on top, but please read the entire forum, your question might be answered already. Q. What is My Little Pony - The Musical? A. My Little Pony - The Musical is a non-profit project currently being worked on. Our goal for this project is to have a full length musical based off Hasbro's hit cartoon, "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic." Q. What do you mean by musical? Will there be songs? How long will it be? A. Yes, the plan is to have 20 brand new original songs featured in the musical. We plan to have this musical to be at least 2 hours long, just like an actual full length musical that you would find on Broadway (or Bridleway for that manner). Q. What happens when you finish writing the musical? A. Then we start recording and begin animating! Q. Okay, I'm interested. But what is the musical about? A. Ever wondered how far true love can take someone? Love can make people do crazy things, but how far is too far? Follow the mane six as they try and rescue their friend from making the biggest mistake of their life. Q. How can I help? A. I am now on the search for visual artists and graphic designers to help attract more people. Also, I am in need of a community manager or two. Q. What's the difference between a visual artist and a graphic designer? A. To put it simple, a visual artist will be the ones providing the original artwork, while a graphic designer will design and create anything that doesn't involve with actual drawing/painting. For example, a visual artist supplies us with something like this: While a graphic designer supplies us with something like this: Q. What about vector artists? A. I will be needing those too! It'd be a great help if you could also graphic design, but if not then that's okay! Q. If I provide the art, am I allowed to upload it to my own personal blog/channel? A. It all depends on what the picture is and what it will be used for. For most, probably not. I would like for a lot of the art to be strictly for this project. But credit will be given where it's due. Q. Will I be getting paid for any of this? A. Since this is a non-profit project, none of us will be making any money. This is simply a fun project that we had wanted to do. I'm sorry! Q. How many artists/graphic designers do you need? A. The more the merrier! Q. What's the job of the community manager? A. The community manager is like public relations, but does a little more. The community managers will help me keep everything inline as far as community wise. They will keep everyone updated on the musical, as well as advertise and answer any questions when I don't have the time too. Q. Can anyone apply? Or do I need to be a certain age... etc.? What are the requirements? A. There is no age requirement but you need to be as dedicated to this project as I am. I've put over a year into this project so far and I'm not backing down anytime soon. I'm not saying give up your life toward this musical, but we need to know you're serious about this project as we are. Q. Sign me up! Where do I apply? A. I have no application, but you will have to go through an interview with me. All I ask is that you link me to some of your past works. I also need a way to contact you (Skype works best for me.). Q. I'm no artist, but I can sing! Where can I audition? A. I'm currently not holding auditions for the musical. Subscribe to the Youtube channel so you know when I will be! Q. Can I help out in anyway besides art or graphic designing? A. Sure thing! Send me a Skype request and we'll talk! Q. I don't want to be apart of this, but I do want to stay up to date with the progress, how can I? A. The best way to stay updated is to subscribe to the official Youtube channel. There, I will be posting update videos as well as leaks of songs, scenes, concept art, and even more! Youtube: This project has gone a long way from just an idea to now this! Ever since I was a little boy my dream was to help write and be apart of a musical, and now because of this my dream might come true! I've gone through a lot of hiccups in the road, but it's okay, cause I know in the end I'll still be smiling as I watch the musical I helped come up with. So help me fulfill that dream, and help be apart of one of the first ever fan made musicals! Thank you, and have a great day! - TMM My Little Pony - The Musical! Website: (Under construction) My Little Pony - The Musical! Youtube: My Skype: themusicman1105 My Email: -- My Little Pony - The Musical! by James Stryska is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License. Characters and titles from “My Little Pony” franchise © Hasbro, Inc. 1982-2014 are all properly and legally owned by Hasbro Studios and DHX Media. This project is strictly non-profit and has no connection toward Hasbro Studios or DHX Media in any way.
  7. This is an acapella arrangement of the Mega Man 2 Wily Castle theme (I'm sure you've all heard it before). I do acapella harmonies like this all the time and share them with my friends. However, the main difference here is that I did nearly the entire thing while most of my arrangements last about 10 seconds. I sometimes make my own harmonies, but here I stuck with the song, except I also did each part an octave lower as well as in the correct octave. I do not think this is Smooth McGroove quality by any stretch of the imagination; The audio balance is terrible It's laughably obvious that I'm doing it in many segments I'm probably off beat My pathetic excuse for a beat is laughable But let's not trash my work just yet. You can all listen to it, and you can do all the trashing you want. But most importantly, please enjoy it; Wily Castle Acapella.wav
  8. My favourites are: 1.Hans Zimmer - he's just God of soundtracks:) 2.Two Steps From Hell (mainly Thomas Bergersen) - not that they made a lot of soundtracks, but just great music; 3.John Powell - his scores for the animated movies are very gorgeous and inspiring:) Then... 4.Jesper Kyd - I fell in love with her scores for the Assassin's Creed games; 5.Jeremy Soule - Elder Scrolls..very atmospheric stuffs; 6.Brian Tyler - has a really interesting and fresh ideas; 7.Craig Armstong, Harry Gregson-Williams, Alan Silvestri..and John Williams of course:) that's all I recalled yet.. It isn't like Top 7, just a list, because really hard to choose even some of them like the best composers:) Though..Zimmer with no doubt the best to my mind)) What about you?
  9. I've been making a lot of acapellas in my spare time lately. Some good, some utter crap. But this one turned out pretty good... for the most part. You may remember I released a Pokemon acapella not to long ago. You can find it here; I don't know if you guys find the top part adds to it or just sounds plain annoying. But it is what it is. But anyways, enjoy it, it's yours to keep. Harry Potter Theme 2 (Custom Chords).mp3
  10. Well hey guys. I'm a huge musician, and I've always been a pianist at heart. But sometimes, I like to compose. So here. It's going to be a musical number based on a roleplay that's recently finished: "A Tropical Odyssey". It's a bit turgid but the vocals make everything drag. I can't sing, so yeah. It's a work in progress and I was hoping you guys could give some constructive criticism on how to make it more tropical and playful. Thanks! For this song, what happens is that the alto singer (a small foal) goes into a cave and finds a ship. He brings it out with DJ for everypony to see. That's when the musical number starts. Here's the first verse lyrics: Being stranded on this island, Nowhere to run or hide. Not wanting to be near the sand, I went to the jungle with stride! While we were searching for a way back home, our lives were a misery to see! But e'en our sorry sight he went out to roam, and found us a ship to be free! Here's the link: I hope you enjoy!
  11. When I was younger, I was always a classical music listener. Everything I listened to was classical. Bach, Mozart, Chopin, Tchaikovsky, Beethoven, you name it! I didn't listen to anything else, partially because my parents made me listen to classical music only. As time went on though, people showed me other types of music, like hip hop, alternative rock, pop rock, and so forth. Although they were interesting to listen to, I never really liked it when I was a kid. When I began listening to ragtime, jazz, and traditional pop though, I slowly grew into it. In particular, when my friends began talking about all sorts of musicals they loved to listen to, from "South Pacific" to "Sound of Music" to "The Lion King", I was intrigued. What was so special about the musical? Why did my friends love it so much? Personally, I never really watched a musical at that point in my life, so I was completely clueless. Because of that, I did some research... I began to listen to a few musicals. I even performed in one. I listened to songs from South Pacific, Sound of Music, My Fair Lady, even the Disney musicals and Wicked just to get as much as I could. What I found was really interesting. Most of the songs were so catchy. Take "I'm in Love With a Wonderful Guy" for instance. Featured in Fallout 3, it was a waltz tune that showed a girl in love with this wonderful guy. Simple plot, simple melody, but catchy. Here's the song below. What was even more amazing was that the musical numbers touched a part of me. I could relate to the characters involved. Take for instance "You'll Never Walk Alone" from Carousel. Julie's husband kills himself and she's got nowhere to go. However, the other people give her the support she needed to move on. It's so touching that it became Liverpool FC's song. All of us need a sense of community when we're down. The song touchingly reflects on that truth. Here's the number. Start at 3:35. In defense of the musical, these composers were writing about their own struggles in their lives, but they veiled it with plots that reflected people living everyday life. The values and themes that were reflected in these musicals were faced by everyone who watched them. Seeing them played out in such a touching and catchy way was what touched me and many other viewers and made them huge successes in the music world.
  12. Here's a piece I was inspired to make after watching the episode "Luna Eclipsed" many times. How is it? I would like some feedback please.
  13. Hello everypony! For my third composition dedicated to MLP, I decided to actually take my time and put some effort into making a quality piece. This one is (somewhat obviously) dedicated to and inspired by Princess Celestia. What do you think?