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Found 3 results

  1. After deciding on which to "buy" for Comrade-Dimitri-Hammer with bits, I've decided to go with both the golden sickle with his initials on it and the Christmas Spirit (a holiday seasoned vodka). It's cool with the bits and all, I still have some. Happy Early Hearths Warming Eve, Dimitri. You cherry bomb, you.
  2. @, Ok, my fanfic is fixed... This is to my Comrade, Dimitri. I wrote this short story based on one of his status updates, me being extremely bored. Having it be my first fanfic, I am very proud of myself! Although this story is kinda cheezy, most of you may find it somewhat entertaining. Just let me know what you guys think! Mare's and Gentlecolts, I give you... The Knife and the Two Red Horses To this day shall we preach of Dimitri’s legendary oath of protecting his wife from foolish ponies such as the cruel Big Macintosh.
  3. Happy birthday, Comrade-Dimitri-Hammer! An American birthday song... Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday, dear Comrade! Happy birthday to you! (A different, less known one) This is your birthday song, it isn't very long, And now its done. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Пу́сть бегу́т неуклю́же Пешехо́ды по лу́жам, А вода́ — по асфа́льту реко́й. И нея́сно прохо́жим В э́тот де́нь непого́жий, Почему́ я́ весёлый тако́й. Припе́в: Я́ игра́ю на гармо́шке У прохо́жих на виду́ … К сожале́нью, де́нь рожде́нья То́лько ра́з в году́. Прилети́т вдру́г волше́бник В голубо́м вертолёте И беспла́тно пока́жет кино́. С днём рожде́нья поздра́вит И, наве́рно, оста́вит Мне́ в пода́рок пятьсо́т «эскимо́».