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Found 21 results

  1. I've been to a few conventions and read alot of guidelines online for convention rules and none of them seem to have consistent policies and enforcement. The guidelines are often fairly vague like no "offensive content" or "hate symbols". I can understand the rules about no real or realistic weapons, although I have still seen plenty of cosplayers walking around cons with fairly realistic looking prop guns. Also, how do you determine offensive content? Like I was thinking about putting together a cosplay of Schrodinger from Hellsing but I don't want to get kicked out of a con before I even walk in the door. Does this mean all realistic military uniforms are inappropriate? What about Tanya the Evil or Marvel's Hydra? Also, what determines appropriate sexual content. I've seen plenty of cosplayers in what amounts to lingerie, bikinis, and dominatrix gear, and this was still during daylight hours. Also, not to mention all the dealers selling barely obscured porn art. What do you think is appropriate and not appropriate for a convention, especially one open to all ages, and who determines that?
  2. So i became a full body organ donor today, wich basically means that when i die, they can use everything from my body to help other people and maybe even save some lives! And this got me thinking, how stands the fandom against organ donors? I heard some people say that they arn't donors, because they don't want people messing around with their organs. And another popular opinion seems to be that people don't want to 'just give it away'. So what about you? Are you pro/against donoring, and why?
  3. Heya. Just thought I should start a new thread. I am curious! What conventions have all of you attended? Pony, anime, comic, etc. And any convention stories to share? post them here, for a good laugh, fright, or cringe even! All in good fun! Conventions I have attended: Anime Central, Anime Midwest, Midwest Furfest, ColossalCon, Katsucon Upcoming Cons: ColossalCon Conventions I plan to go to: Whinny City Con, D23 Expo Conventions I want to attend: AnthroCon, Biggest Little Furcon, Bronycon Feel free to use the template below for a reply if any of you wish.
  4. Hello, I have a room booked for Thur-Sun and I can accommodate 1 other to split costs with. If any one is interested please let me know I'm not sure how long the spot will last. Room details are 1 king bed (I have a air mattress/bag that I can/will provide) and should be near the event.
  5. Hey y'all! I'm going to be cosplaying Stevonnie (from Steven Universe) at this year's Motor City Comic Con! I wanted to know if anyone was planning on going to this one as well, and if you possibly would want to hangout and chat! I'm now going by myself due to being ditched by the other person, and I'll only be there on Saturday!!
  6. Looking for Roommates for Whinny City Pony Con. Send me a message if you are doing the same. Looking to join a group or person with a hotel room. Willing to get a hotel room myself if I need to and add people if interested.
  7. Hi people while i'm new around here, and to USA in general i'm going on 3 week trip to USA and will stop at Whinny Con to meet with a friend from USA on general i try to keep my budget low (3 weeks is a long time) so we are looking into finding people to share a room with on the 1-3.4 we plan to book 2 nights for the con. if anyone is interested we expect it to be around 50~60 USD for the 2 nights (as in 50~60 total)
  8. Hi all, I was just wondering if anyone has been to BUCK (the British brony con)? If so what can I expect? I've never been to a brony con before. I've done MCM and other comic cons but I wasn't sure if it was kinda the same format. I'll be going on my own also as no one I know in person has any interest so would that make the experience any less enjoyable? Thanks in advance
  9. Technically this should be a topic, but I made it a blog instead. I personally have never been to any pony cons. I was originally planning to go to BronyCon this year but the con was placed at the worst possible time for me. I once went to a few local cons in search of ponies but found nothing except for one pony/AOT crossover poster. I plan to go to Pacific Pony Con, BABS Con and Brony Con, and MLP MSP next year to make up for this year. ​
  10. I was wondering if any one here is going to Rotl con this year (Running Of The Leaves)
  11. All right, the reason I was off the forums was because I was at Chicago Comic Con all day and let me tell you, IT WAS FREAKING AWESOME! I don't have that many pictures since my phone died halfway through, so I'll post what I had First, I got this show accurate Pinkie plush. It's so adorable! My only problem with it is that it doesn't have a mouth, making it awkward from the front. Still adorable regardless. I also got this awesome Pinkie shirt (funny seeing as what it says). It's actually my first shirt that only has Pinkie on it. Matt Smith was at this con but we didn't even try to go see him. The line was WAY too long. You can see him in this picture if you look hard enough though. Here's just a taste of what the con looked like. You can see an Ash and Misty cosplay in there. Now, I'm gonna talk about who I met. I did manage to meet Stan Lee, creator of Spiderman. I even gave him a fist bump. I also got to meet Jason David Frank, AKA, Tommy from the original Power Rangers. He pretty cool in real life. He's great in conversations and at one point, he even went over from his booth and got his picture taken with some Halo cosplayers. He made me want to watch the original Power Rangers, and I was never even into it growing up. I met and shook hands with Kevin Conroy, the voice of Batman in Batman: the animated series. Nothing too interesting there. The best conversation I did have was with Evan Peters, AKA, Quick Silver. He looked at my Pinkie plush and said, "Hey, it's one of those ponies." and tried to remember what her name was until I eventually told him. That's right, Evan Peters mentioned ponies! Finally, I met Jennifer Blake, an artist on the Mlp comics. We just talked about ponies, couldn't really talk about the comics since I don't read the comics. Other various stuff there was the amount of amazing cosplayers. There is the aforementioned Halo cosplaers, I saw a good Storm Trooper one. I saw a lot of Doctor cosplays and Tardis ones. There were also several Ash cosplays and much more. The only thing I put on was a 10th Doctor trench coat so needless to say, I felt naked compared to everyone else. There was also all the amazing art for sale there. I didn't buy them, so I just looked at them and saw how impressive they were. There were even people selling their own comics, which all had really creative ideas. I could go on about it, but I think I'll stop here. Overall, it was an amazing experience and I had fun. Hope I can go to another con soon.
  12. I'm at the Austin Con, having a great time. Little disappointed I haven't exactly made a whole lot of new friends apart from the one's I came in with, but it's not all a loss. Hoping today will be even better than yesterday. Anyone from the forums here? edit: Meeting Peter New so far has been the best thing that's happened to me. Had a nice chat with him at the coffee bar. Also, I got Rina-Chan's autograph on my sketch book. Has been awesome so far.
  13. Anypony going to Chicago Comic Con because I am? I'm just curious.
  14. howdy yall, i was wondering if anyone here is going to buck con in the UK this august. if you are does any of you wanna meet up?
  15. If you havent already seen the episode watch here: I will go over several points and some of my personal feelings. Positive: -The Voice acting is fairly good aside from the occassional awkward line spoken by Roman Torchwick. -The Story concludes the plot from the previous episode while also leaving room for new ones in the next season. -The Action sequences return to the style that Monty Oum is best at: Human on Human fights. It's nice to see he came back to this since he excels fairly well at it as seen in RvB and Dead Fantasy. -Blake's much needed background story is finally explained. -Is a fitting ending in the sense that all has been exposed (aside from villain depth) which give a feeling that everything has been established and can now take off running into new deeper stories. Negative: -The tone in scenes can be very clear to what they are supposed to be in some scenes, then switch to being comepletely empty in others (A problem throughout the series) -Some idle movement animations are still stiff or awkward. -Weiss appears to have a sudden change of heart which may seem a bit rushed to most. This can be explained by the time skip and that Weiss did have time to change her feelings offscreen. This doesnt work for the episode however since it would have been better to show it to the audience. -Though the protaganists win the battle it does not seem as though anything was accomplished aside from their personal differences. The Villain gets away and the heroes still don't know why Torchwick is working with the White Fang and what he's planning to do with the stolen Dust. What I liked: -Sun Wukong sports a staff that is also a pair of gunchakus. The animation for his attacks are a tinsy bit off but then evolve into being fantastic -Torchwick proves to be more than a smart runaway villain as we see him take on both Blake and Sun in close-range combat and hold his own. -Though there is very little comedy in this episode the few lines that were there cracked me up and one even caught me off guard. What I didn't like: -Penny's ability, though cool, is not represented well with how the scene was shot. Her power and fighting style seemed uninspired and not utilized to it's full potential cinematically despite how powerful and skilled she is. (Her style takes from Xaldin from the Kingdom Hearts series and Noctis from Final Fantasy XV) -The post credits scene reveals a new villain however provides little tone to appropriately set up her debut. It continues to feel empty and gives little reason for you to go "Whoa who is she and what does she want? What will she do?" Meh/Nuetral Points: -Yang seems hardly present in the episode as she has very few lines and lacks any impact on the story. She hasnt had much to do in the past few episodes and im a little bummed that we didnt get to see more of her. -The ending didnt feel as though it concluded the story, but rather it concluded the establishment of the world and characters. Overall I personally give this episode an 8.5 out of 10.
  16. I got some moar video games. A few posters: - A large MLP FIM drawing done and signed by Deviantart user Andrea Tamme (Didn't know who she was before, but now I do!) - Little Mermaid Movie Poster - A mini poster of Nightmare Before Christmas signed by Chris Sarandon! (I got to meet him, and got it signed!) I also got a kazoo, cuz I never used one before! Some comics (Both are Disney): - Little Mermaid - Donald Duck (I realized I got a duplicate, but whatever... It was only 10 bucks...) 3 different Ramune's MegaMan E-Tank energy drink! Pocky Some weird Japanese cotton candy with popping rocks inside (Wata Pachi?)! (It was good!) A shirt pin with comic book Pinkie Pie covered in chocolate! Minecraft Iron Sword (Now I have both the Pickaxe and Sword!) A plush Kirby!
  17. Last year I was able to snag Derpy at a comic-book store after the guy bought her at Comic-Con in San Diego. I wanted to go this year but tickets were way to much. Luckily, I was able to snag Vinyl Scratch on ebay! Now my Comic-Con Derpy has a friend! WOOT!
  18. (I hope this topic doesn't exist, I tried to use the search feature.) So, is anyone planning to go to this convention? I know I am! Did you know that they recently started taking con book submissions? That's right, get your artwork and writing and whatnot into the book! From the News page on the site: Oh yeah, and two guests have been confirmed so far, with more to follow! Peter New and Andrew Francis!
  19. I was just wondering if anypony was planning on going to Appleloosa in Phoenix this year (it's going to be from 19.April through 21.April) It would be neat to meet others from the forums! I'm going!
  20. Today I was browsing the internet and came across this picture.. This brony claims that they are losing their house this month if they don't raise $15 000 US, with no background story or proof of this. They are offering to do commissions, but are also asking for donations in a rather guilt-tripping sort of way. Since commissions will not be enough (my fiancee and I both work full time and don't make that much a month). What are your thoughts on this? ~