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Found 8 results

  1. Hey guys! I thought a thought, and the thought I thought was to create an OFFICIAL MLPForums Confession thread! Confess your juicy secrets and sins here. For clarity, yes they must be real. *Moar Clarity: If it doesn't give you 25 to life, you're allowed to post it. **Extra Clarity: FANTASIES DO COUNT ***Extra Extra Clarity: Just try to limit fantasies to the shocking and obscene ****Super Clarity: Nothing that breaks forum rules :3 *****Extreme Clarity: These are things YOU'VE done, not that one time that your friend's mother's grandma's sister's kid's friend's brother once used an entire roll of toilet paper and didn't replace it. No, if must be YOU who used the toilet paper (shame on you!) for it to be relevant. Let us not hate each other for what we post, and if you killed someone I suggest giving that information to the Po-Po. That's all. I'll start? Once, I hid a brand new jar of Nutella so I could eat it all by myself.
  2. I have an irrational fear towards peanut butter. I dont know why, but I do (ask Hayze). What about you? What do you guys fear?
  3. As the title says I'm curious what values made you pick your pony above all others. Keep it short and to the point. I'll start I like how pic related doesn't need many people in her life. She just keeps out of sight and does her own thing, never expecting any praise. She doesn't need anyone to tell her that she's doing good, neither complements or insults really moves her. She's the kind of person I'm trying to be.
  4. Hello everypony! Basically, I thought I'd start a thread where Bronys and Pegasisters can confess their deepest, darkest MLP secrets. What I mean by this is: is there a character/episode that everyone loves but you hate? Equally, is there a character/episode that everyone hates but you love? Are you secretly a massive fan of gore fics? Do you have any supposedly embarrassing pony merchandise? How about secret ships? It can be anything you want, as long as it's a confession or a secret. Remember, it's just people's opinion but you can debate in calm manner if it comes to it! Get confessing!
  5. My adoration of Derpy Hooves is pretty well documented, not only on this forum, but a few others as well. Most people know that I'm a big fan of hers, but I've told only a few close friends as to what extent I actually like her. Derpy has for a long time been one of the very few lifelines I have. This show, and especially her, were there to pull me out of an extremely difficult and hopeless situation about a year ago, details of which I do not wish to disclose here. She proved me that there are wonderful things in this world that are worth holding on to. She reignited my creative spark after months upon months of crippling artist's block, and inactivity. And most important of all, she taught me to see integrity in things I had previously thought broken beyond all hope of repair. She may be fictional, but what I feel towards her is unquestionably real, and I intend to enjoy and cherish those feelings for as long as I possibly can. She's my number one, my mental and spiritual muse, and, for the lack of a better term, my waifu. She means more to me than I can even possibly begin to put into words, and I'm proud to say I love her. What does your favourite pony mean to you?
  6. As i see, this is a love and tolerance fórum and i really feel weird for doing this but i need to say it before i turned insane... Recently i begin to doing clop-works, i watch gameplays of r34 on YouTube i've made many drawings on Deviantart related to the thing, and i think to make some clopfics, and i begin to feel atracted by those ponies (mostly of my OC) and i feel a Little dirty for doing so but i can't stoping! i know that some of you hate clop or cloppers but i needed to say it. i have made only humanized and anthro pics and perhaps some pony too I DO NOT make porn, only artistic nudes and sensual stuff, I DO NOT MADE OR APPROVE CMC OR UNDERAGE PONIES RELATED THINGS BY ANY CIRCUNSTANCE (that's really sick and i hate who does that!!) firstly i made them for the love of art but i begin to feel like a true clopper so Help me!! ¿Should i stop? ¿Should i continue without touch porn? ¿what is your opinión on me knowing that?
  7. So supposedly the "World" is going to end (which I hardly believe), but if the world is going to end. This thread is the best place to put any last minute confessions, wishes, or just things you want to say before this world goes into chaos For me it would be that I should've finished writing this book I started a few years ago (about a zombie apocalypse, lol coincidence) what about you guys..
  8. I was just roaming around youtube when I found this disturbingly interesting fanfic made by SuddenDeath9. This is Cherilee's Confession... With all the mental breakdowns throughout the show... this would be so creepy to see... I just found this out of the blue.