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Found 21 results

  1. Why do some new memebers join the forum and the they just disappear is a short period of time? I don't understand.. When new members join, they seem all happy, say in the Welcoming plaza there is happy to be here and hope to meet new people, and then in a week or two, or whatever, they just disappear? I know some awensers I guess, but what do you guys think?
  2. Well, Time Travel would be used for the purpose for changing something in the past, (don't talk about future) yet if you did what you needed to do in the past, you would never have needed to go and use Time Travel to go back originally, therefore you would not actually have gone back in time in the first place. BUTTTT, if you went back into time and left a note, that may be enough cause to go back in time and have it work. Notice: Please talk about the past being changed, not really the future unless it is really important to your post.
  3. Ok so I have a serious problem. I just submitted a fanfic I worked really hard on, and within the first TWENTY MINUTES of submission a whole bunch of people were punching the dislike button and tossing it into their "Bad fanfics" and "Edgy" and "Disgusting" folders. Yet I put absolutely no NSFW content within the story and I wrote it well like I did with my other fanfics. Yes, 6 dislikes in under an hour...WTF?? :-o Is this normal? Has the fandom suddenly turned on me because I wrote a fanfic about a skateboard-loving teen ending up in Equestria? Are we bronies becoming just as judgemental as our haters? Please help me out guys I honestly don't know what to do anymore and my confidence and motivation to continue this fanfic is slipping away like sand through my fingers. Here it is if you wanna read it: [link]
  4. I noticed that on Google Trends that the search term for "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic" has had searches since before the show was even aired. Google Trends is a site that shoes statistics for web searches. The graph shows the frequency of it being searched. (Sorry I had to screenshot from my phone). At first glance it makes sense, since it really spiked when it was announced, and simmered down a bit since, but still being searched a bit. The thing is: Apparently it has been being searched since long before it was aired! I can understand at most a year or so since it would be announced, but it has been searched since before 2009, even being searched in 2006-2007 ish, more than three years before its release. Could someone have came up with it randomly as a coincidence, has it been marketed even before, or has Hasbro looked it up before? There could be many reasons. What do you guys think?
  5. When first arriving in MLP Forums, I found the Roleplay World. I tried to make a new one, but all I got was: "cannot start a new topic". The question is: Why can't I post a new topic?
  6. I'm a little unclear of a couple things about BronyCon, could anypony help? A lot of these questions sprouted because of this 'guide', but to be honest, it confused me even more. (I'd suggest reading the guide before reading my questions) There's a game room at BC? Why? What kind of food do they have at the convention? How expensive is it? What kind of tax on the room? And how do you pitch in the pay with somepony else? What is the best way to search for the best price? At vendors whose prices are higher than others. Who is Pixelkitties? What are art commissions? "Also, for commissions, be sure to get them in early!"? What does that mean? Do you request and pay for something for an artist to draw and wait until the end of day, and hope they're done? I don't understand. What do comic artists do? Do they sign a comic you bring, or do they specially make something for you? How many kids are usually there? From what age? Are there more girls than boys? If you can't ask about the upcoming season, what can you ask? "Be prepared to WAIT and PAY."? Wait, "pay"? You have to pay for the voice talent to sign something? Why? Seriously, why? Wait, why is it best if I arrive on Thursday? A day before the convention? Why? And is it okay if I got there on Thursday at 7:00pm instead of in the afternoon? I got some more questions but they weren't inspired by that guide. What kind of stuff is sold at BronyCon vendors? And what would it take to be scheduled as fan talent like BlackGryph0n, Mic the Micorphone, The Living Tombstone or EileMonty? Can I bring my own prints to be autographed?
  7. This is a song I wrote 5 years ago.. please give it a listen.. I wrote it when I was really depressed and I think it is catchy.
  8. So I have been browsing around and have seen a lot of people saying that this <insert name of mare here> is their waifu. I don't understand. Why do people in general have waifus. Is it like playing make-believe house. Or do you actually want to be married to these ponies. sincerely yours, Curious and Confused
  9. Baisiclly, if you've ever had a fight with someone and you've tried to come up with some sort of comeback but your brain is just like "Nope" and you shout out the most random thing ever. I'll start: "How's about you go lick an Orange you rotund bicycle wheel"
  10. I pose a conondrum to ALL of you p3wnies. Isn't time travel a paradox, since you're traveling to before you traveled to that time, so it would jut create an infinite time loop?! It seems logical to me. Post your parapoopparadoxes here, and hope I don't rationalize them!
  11. I seem to keep listening to the song "Alone Together" By Fall out boy but i don't even like FOB, Why am i doing this? I think it's because i know this girl and she likes FoB. What is this?
  12. I'm going to bed. It's late. I made this thread because when I wake I up I want to see something that'll make me say: "Omgwtfbbq?" Wierder, stranger, and the more unexpected, the better. I will come back to this post in the next 6 hours and judge your content. Most importantly, post something that'll wake me straight the F up.
  13. So I've been thinking and stuff, and I decided to do like a thing on this blog. Not a very big thing, but y'know, a thing. Because I really don't want to just fill it up with questionnaires. So, you know how some people do episode reviews? Well, I'm going for something a little bit different. I'm gonna do pony reviews: I'll be giving you my own personal thoughts on each individual character in the show and how I feel they've progressed throughout the series. Some entries will be big, and some will be small; It all depends on how strong my opinion on them is. So, yeah. That's what I'm gonna do. So, this is just a heads-up I guess. So, uh... Yeah. That. Here, gave a weird gif. Actually no, my internet is being a douchenozzle and won't let me post any weird gifs. Nevertheless, the gif I planned to post was indeed quite weird.
  14. Smarts

    My conflict

    I have come to a sudden realization. Why do I bother partaking in forum based websites when I have no social skills and nothing likable about me? It is something that I have thought about which rings true. As a result, I have become confused and conflicted. It has come down to two possible decisions and I need to choose one. The problem is that I don't know what to do. 1.) Stop joining up on forum websites and just leave. It's not a place for the likes of me and never will be. 2.) Continue staying despite the constant loneliness and hope for something to go right. No matter which I choose, it will just further my loneliness and depression. So, I'm at an impasse here. I have hit a fork in the road and don't know which path to take. I don't see why anyone will care about this pointless blog. Not asking anyone to care. In fact, I encourage people not to care. This is just something I have thought about and it was tearing me up on the inside. I had to get it out. Can't say it's making me feel any better though...
  15. After looking through the various forum descriptions, it feels like none of them are correct. Maybe sugarcube corner, but I don't want to post it in a wrong category. The main reason I joined the site today was to share a very exciting piece of news. Youtube is acknowledging bronies. I don't know when it started or when it's going to end, but right now if you type in the name of a pony, the top of the youtube bar where it has the search box, username, etc. turns the color of that pony. It works with the mane 6, the CMC, lyra, derpy, celestia. There may be more, but unfortunately things that are too generic don't work, such as luna, or granny smith. I think a lot of bronies would get a kick out of that. Thanks for your time. =)
  16. I know I may have already brought this up in the official Bridle Gossip thread under Season 1, but it still keeps rubbing at my head: the part where Applebloom leaves her shrunken older sister on a branch, too high to jump down from and too far from the ridge where Applebloom stood when she put her there, before going to settle things with Zecora. I honestly can't decide: was Applebloom in the wrong by ditching Applejack like that, or did she have good enough reason to do so? And if Applebloom did have good reason, then consider these possibilities: 1. Could it be that Applebloom meant no harm when she placed Applejack on that branch? If she meant no harm, then is it pretty evident that she forgot about possible dangers that could befall her older sister? If so, then can her naivete be justified since she is a child? 2. Is it possible that when Applebloom placed Applejack on that branch, she may have somehow protected/saved her from something far worse? If so, then was it? (My guess it was making Applebloom keep giving into her older sister's own selfish demands and preventing her from knowing the truth which Applejack and the rest found out later as well.) Also, can any of these points be justified in any way? I await your responses.
  17. The TV Tropes page for this episode lists this so-called 'plot hole': How does everybody know who Gabby Gums is after Rarity finds out and confronts Sweetie Belle over it? Granted the CMC are always together most of the time, but it doesn't have to mean that all three of them are Gabby Gums. Sweetie Belle could have been Gabby Gums all on her own. Secondly, EVERY SINGLE PONY shuns the CMC after they're found out, which reeks of the highest level of hypocrisy, as these were the same people who bought the paper every day looking for the newest gossip on everyone. Unless they literally wrote about every single pony in Ponyville(in which case they wouldn't have been able to do any more columns anyway), the reveal of who Gabby Gums was should have caused at least a few ponies to give them a congrats for entertaining work. Granted, that would have undermined the Aesop of the episode about not writing hurtful gossip, but still... Anybody care to fill up this so-called 'plot hole' and, most importantly, explain how everypony knows about who Gabby Gums is? I really need help!
  18. I just got through watching 2001: A Space Odyssey, and all I have to say after that experience is...what the hay did I just watch? Now, in Ponies The Anthology II , the ending sequence was one big movie reference to 2001 : A Space odyssey. After watching the Anthology II, I was interested in seeing it, but not enough to really go through with it. However, after taking an Art of Film class in college, and watching a nostalgia critic video, I decided to finally sit down and watch it. Now, the parts in Anthology that had to do with this movie do I put it...confusing. I figured that since I hadnt actually seen the movie, thats why the references seemed to be so wierd. However, after watching it, I am actually MORE confused about the meaning of the movie itself. The beggining I understand...sort of. And the bulk of the movie seemed to make sense as well. It is the end that is confusing me. What happened, whats with him getting older and older in some wierd scene transistions, then looking at the Black Rectangle Thingy (as I called it) , and then suddenly he is a baby or something that is inside of a glowing orb. Then, the orb and baby go to space, right outside of earth, aaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnd then its over. Roll credits. The end. Like, what in the world? What does it MEAN. It must be meaningful for the movie to be so famous, but can somebody help me with this? TLDR: 2001: A space odyssey was really wierd and confusing. Can somebody please explain to me what it meant?
  19. I got a tumblr because everyone seems to love it and I was told "crazy" people are good bloggers (my life is pretty weird, so am I). But it seems really there something certain I'm supposed to do? Why does everyone think it's so awesome...? (P.S. I might have put this post in the wrong place. If so, feel free to just move it or lock it if a similar one exists. Whatever~)
  20. After an hour of confusion on what to write for a blog, I had an epiphany on what to write. Insanity and how it affects writing blogs. *Switches to Duncan's Voice* Why does insanity make blogs hard to write? To answer that, i'd like to ask another question, how does insanity affect humans? From my experience being semi to fully insane, it makes you act random and do actions you have no reason to do and have not sent a command to the brain to do. You are basically Pinkie Pie. And depending on how your insanity is, you may be like cupcakes Pinkamena. At least in social situations. I find, when alone just talking to people over the internet, your brain goes into a state of, Ignore the second part. Also, not much evil except the occasionally ranting aggressive things like wanting to eat babies. This state of "Confusion, Evil, Chaos" makes humans... have difficulty thinking straight. often words that would be thought of are replaced with random things, depending on the subjects mental condition. Instead of thinking of what to write about or what to write on your idea, all of the ideas are usually replaced with "Derp." At least in my experience. So yeah, random blog with no significance whatsoever made about a random topic. Cruel Cruel Cruel.
  21. This is a game of riddles. To play, what you do is solve the riddle of the person above you. Then, add a new riddle to be solved. If you can't solve a riddle, just put this: Here's a starter riddle. I sit on the bridge. Some see through me, but others wonder what I hide. What am I?