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Found 4 results

  1. I no longer like to identify as any part of the political spectrum, mostly because I believe that identity politics is utterly toxic tribalism that prevents us from talking honestly about issues, but also because I'm finding it increasingly difficult to see anywhere on the spectrum that's a comfortable fit. My views haven't changed much in the last decade, but the political sides sure have. For my whole life, I have considered myself left/liberal, and I still have what I would describe as "classically liberal" views. For my whole life, I have also been under a grave misapprehension, which is why I wanted to write this post. I want to speak directly to all conservatives/anyone who considers themselves right of center. For most of my life, I have been under the impression that conservatives are, for the most part, all backwards, bigoted, racist, sexist, gay-hating religious maniacs, and that this is more or less the definition of conservatism. This is obviously false. It's only in the last year or so that I started to look, listen, escape my echo chamber, and realize my mistake. I've read and listened to the opinions of many conservatives whom I was pleasantly surprised to find are very open-minded, rational, compassionate people. Some even share many of my views, and it surprised me when they said they identify as conservative. It made me stop and say, "Wait a minute....but those views you have sound like classically liberal views!" Most conservatives are just normal, nice, decent people who don't want to stomp on other's rights. Likewise, most liberals can be described exactly the same way. I have always considered myself a liberal, but I am absolutely not one of these trigger-warning, free speech stifling, offensive word banning, college speaker de-platforming, SJW snowflakes. Don't make the mistake of thinking that that's how all liberals are. Both sides seem to see only the worst of the other. In one corner the liberals say, "Yer all a bunch of bigots," and in the other corner, the conservatives say, "Yer all a bunch of delusional nutjobs." Neither is true. These extremes are just fringe minorities that are not representative of most people. I believe that the percentage of leftists that are extreme, free speech stifling SJWs is about the same percentage of rightists that are truly racist, sexist, hateful bigots. Please remember that these are just tiny, yet disproportionately noisy, minorities. Conservatives are not all my enemies, and liberals are not all your enemies. If we drop the labels and listen to each other, we might find allies in unexpected places. Of course, I feel like I'm probably preaching to the choir in here, as I've always been extremely impressed with the maturity and decency of this community (at least what I've seen of it.) My words probably aren't needed in here. They're needed out there. Like....y'know....on the Twitters or the Youtubes....but I don't feel like being chased down the street by a mod with torches and I hide in here. :/ It's better than nothing. Better than not speaking up at all, I guess. Thanks for reading. Have a ponirific day.
  2. I am young and do not know many things. I do not how to fix political problems, but this I know: we must stop claiming that our political opponents want to destroy our country. Since the election (and probably for my entire life if I had been paying attention), I have read and heard countless times things such as, "liberal progressives will do anything to destroy our country," and "republicans will stop at nothing to destroy our country." It is the same on both sides. The fact is that neither side actually wants to destroy the country. Endlessly I hear claims that Obama actually wanted, desired to destroy America. This was his intention. His mission. I hear the same of Trump. Endlessly. This is pure insanity. Neither of them want to destroy America. Liberals/democrats don't want to destroy America. Conservatives/republicans don't want to destroy America. This insanity needs to end now. Each side has differing views on what's best for the country, but neither side intends on destroying it. The only people who intend on destroying the country are actual terrorists and jihadists, and perhaps a few anarchists and nihilists on the fringes. But I continue to hear endless claims from each side that the other side is actually hell-bent on the destruction of the country by any and all means. It is mind-boggling how ridiculous and unproductive such claims are. I am very liberal, but I have no loyalty to any political party. I am very anti-Trump, but I don't believe for a second that he actually intends on destroying America. I believe that his way of going about things is wrong, and I believe he's a narcissist and a pathological liar with a tenuous grasp on reality, but not for one second do I think he hates America and wants to destroy it. If we are to solve any problems, we need to talk, and before we can talk, we need to stop this insanity and admit that we all want what is best for the country. We just disagree about what that is.
  3. So today (7th May 2015) the UK gets to vote on the next prime minister! In the UK a first past the post system is used: For a majority government to be held a party must win: 326 house of commons seats for a national majority, If not a "hung parliament" will occur and the Queen will invite the biggest party to form a government with other parties to reach the required number of seats. So! Your thoughts/discussion on what is going to happen today! Everything is open for discussion from the way the system works to whether you are voting to the parties themselves! I have already voted ! (UK bronys that can, make sure you vote! :3)
  4. I know that The Political Compass is not a perfect test, as I believe that complex political questions cannot be boiled down to a simple multiple choice test, but I do believe that this test can sometimes give a generic snapshot of where one stands when it comes to politics. Let us keep things civil, everpony. Here are my results: