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Found 14 results

  1. Alright, I'll start by saying let's be mature about this and keep the "PC Master Race" Stuff out of here even if it is a joke. It's a serious discussion and we want people to look at it seriously and objectively. Now that has been said let's move on. I've been a PC gamer for a long time, and in the past year or so I sort of fell off of the bandwagon due to not having funds to upgrade for so long (still rocking that GTX 560 Ti) but I have to say... PC gaming has changed a bit from five years ago. When I got my card even as a low level or even mid range card I was playing the highest end games at max settings for many years to come, that time has sort of changed now. The market at the moment is sort of trash. Unless you are only into indie titles and don't like playing the latest AAA titles when they come out, currently PC gaming is the worst option for you unless you have deep pockets. Now I am not bashing PC, and I recognize these problems are not the result of the platform itself and they may be temporary problems, but let's try and be objective here and admit that PC gaming right now is at its worst time. The market is shot currently: RAM prices are just finally stabilizing and falling after a good year or so of being high priced. The cryptocurrency mining craze has show graphics card prices up sky high. The GTX 1070 at the time of writing this is ranging between $800-1500 on some sites! This card launched for $379. This price hyke has been going on for well over a year now. Game developers are racing to the newest tech way too early. Many cames launching in 2017 and early 2018 are actually more or less requiring current gen cards to even get a moderate gaming experience. Final Fantasy XV is one of the price examples, now ignoring its misleading benchmarks due to HairWorks, the game still basically requires a GTX 1070 or higher to get 1080p60FPS, more if you want to get that 4K30FPS experience. If you were to build a new PC to play FFXV this year you'd be looking at a GTX 1070 or higher which will run you like $800+ on its own. If you wanted to be future proof for when next year rolls around and they have a game that requires higher to max out then you are looking at the 1080 or even the 1080 Ti which will put you out even more. This is becoming a common problem with PC gaming, games more commonly are requiring more and more recent parts. Go back to 2004: Half-Life 2 comes out and the system requirements could run on devices from like... 2001 with ease. Now we've entered an age where if you're 3 years old you need to upgrade unless you were on the top of the line hardware from back then. Look I love PC gaming, but we need to really stop this mantra of it being "cheaper" especially right now. Right now if you want a similar or better experience than the PS4 Pro for Final Fantasy XV you would need to pay well over twice if not 3 times what the PS4 Pro AND the game cost. Now these are temporary problems, full disclosure. The GPU market can normalize again and developers can get their heads out of their asses and stop making games to only run on GPUs from the previous year, but currently we have no idea when that'll happen. PC gaming is great, but right now it's the worst time to get into it.
  2. So, as many of you may have noticed, there's been a sudden resurgence of retro gaming consoles. I'm not talking about retro games available for download on virtual consoles. No. They've actually begun manufacturing old consoles again. It's quite amazing. There was an add in the paper for 8-bit classic Nintendos at Target, and, of all places, Bed Bath & Beyond had a display of Sega Genesis consoles, and Atari 2600s! ATARI FREAKING 2600! Now, there do seem to be some minor improvements and tweaks--the Genesis appears to come bundled with some on-board games. So, in other words, if you don't have any cartridges, I guess you can turn on the power and you'll get a menu with a few iconic games right there on the system. I think some of the consoles might be smaller, as well. I think the original Atari 2600 was about the size of a refrigerator, so I would expect them to make that smaller. (Isn't it amazing how many millions of times more powerful a modern phone is than one of those old hulking monstrosities?) Anyway, apart from being smaller, the Atari looked exactly the same. Other than that, these are totally real, totally legit consoles, just like they were way back in the day. The most amazing thing about this resurgence is that it seems to have happened overnight. It was extremely sudden. These things used to be highly sought after collector's items and relics of the past, and then all of sudden, boom, they're on the shelves again. In a small way, I almost feel like it diminishes the meaning of the old relics of the collectors, but in a bigger way, I think it's pretty awesome. Surely there's a lot to say about it. Lastly, unless I've greatly missed my guess, I believe that most of the credit for this retro resurgence can be given to James Rolfe. Without him, I doubt that this ever would have happened.
  3. Looking in my basement I found that my family still has an Atari 2600, which I used to play as a kid (and I'm 15 xD) before we got some more current consoles. And to my surprise, one game called Adventure is actually really fun. We also have a Sega Genesis, but the controllers barely work and the only good game we have is Sonic 2. Does anyone else have some old consoles, or have they played on any?
  4. Have you ever bought or plan to get a game system just for one game? I mean some systems have some exclusive games and did you find one you were dying to play so you bought an entire system just for one particular game(maybe two but usually one). For me I plan to get a PS4 but the only game I'm interested in is Kingdom Hearts III. It's just one of the game series I would kill for.
  5. Alright, let's be honest here: All the other companies, Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo, and Valve are no match for this. If you don't know what I'm talking about, then brace yourselves for the greatest gaming console in history! Are you ready? Here is the true lord of gaming:
  6. (I can't post a link because all of them don't seem to be working, so I will say it in my own words) Before people start, Nintendo isn't replacing the Wii U with a new system like what SEGA did, don't go there please. Nintendo are looking to hire a person to be the Lead Graphic engineer, but what excites me the most is that Nintendo are looking for an American Lead Graphic Engineer, not a Japanese one, an American one. Looks like Nintendo are following in Sony's footsteps, Sony did this with the Ps4, they got an American Lead Graphic Engineer. What I want this console to have is. -Better hardware, matching the Ps5/Xbone2 (by the sounds of it they are trying to do that) -Better online -No stupid names like Wii -No pointless gimmicks, give us a real controller -THIRD PARTY SUPPORT!!!!! -Good launch titles and a lot of them (Zelda, Mario, Metroid, Starfox etc...) So, what do you guys think?
  7. Okay at first I just had this as a status but I thought why not make a topic just cause? What is the best old gaming console in your opinion and why? Personally I've never played any of these, I'm a little young, though I recently found a website where you can buy these old consoles and am looking into buying one If theres anything you think I should add to the poll, do tell me and I'd be happy to oblige
  8. Here is a good question: Are console exclusives good for the gaming industry? Beofr I get to my opinion here is the backstory on it Backstory: For as long as console existed so did exclsuives,but when Sony and Microsoft mad their consoles, it sort of mad ethe gaming communitty split and those 2 went to war know to us as the Console, which prompted to ask this question to you guys My opinion: I would say no becuase it limts availibity of play by that mean console exculsive are producing fanboyism.That fanboyism what produces thse console wars,which I nor Joe are fan of. Console exculisve puts more fuel in fire know as the console wars and I for believe in this belief as I call it, gaming equality, which is: Xbox=PS4=PC and that (for ex): Xbox>PS4>PC On top of that console exculsive are to us, PC players, a bad thing. I, for one, am retired Halo player who has switched to PC and I am sadden by the fact that Microsoft has such a tight grip on Halo that they wont allow 343 to publish it to Steam and Halo 3 would make Steam game . On top of that, I want to exprinence games like GTA V and Destiny,but I cant play them because they're console exclusive. It saddens me that some devolpers are being scumbags because they dont belive in gaming equality and wont relase for all gaming paltforms like Bungie, which I at one time trusted, but refuse to release it for PC. I know some devolpers believe in gaming equality like Rocksteady and Bethesad,but they like gems, a rarity. If anything, I just want gane devolpers to release their game for all platforms and down the number of exclusives they have by 25-40%. _______________________________________________________________________________- So what is your opinion? I want to know
  9. What is your favorite generation? The first, I'm assuming the days of Pong? The second, I think the days of the Atari? The third, I'm pretty sure the days of the NES. The fourth, the SNES, Super Famicom (might be off on that) The fifth, my first generation. I was and still am a little behind. The days of the Nintendo 64, PS1, etc... The sixth, my personal favorite (call me a sixth gen fan, I dare you... ) The days of the GameCube, PS2, and original Xbox. The seventh, our current Xbox 360s, PS3s, and Wiis. The eighth, The new Xbox One (hm hm DVD PLAYER...), Wii U, and PS4s. The sixth generation is my favorite as already expressed. I adored the GameCube, (nostalgia attacks beyond belief.) absolutely loved my PS2, (many favorites) and shrugged off the original Xbox. Except for Halo:CE. The Game Boy Advance I feel stepped forward. Also, I must give credit where it is due. Because of that, seventh gen is my second. It produced games like TF2, Borderlands, and My favorite Kirby game of all time (Super Star Ultra)
  10. In the tradition of video game discussion threads, we are going to discuss the next Dragon Ball Z game known as Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z. Which will feature for the first time ever a four or more player co-op being able to play all across the world online and in single player mode. So here is the trailer of Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z: So discuss it among yourselves!
  11. I read recently that Valve's Steambox is entering into its beta phase and has selected a lucky few to receive early builds of it. From what I can tell (details are a little patchy at the moment) it looks like it could potentially be a real contender in the console market. Of course it'll run Steam as its OS and apparently all those sales etc that come on steam will be appearing on there too. What I was wondering are what are your thoughts? I'm actually pretty excited by the idea of it. I think it might actually shake the doldrums out of the console market and show the big 3 how to treat your customers right. Also I want it to be success simply because a Microsoft executive said "they aren't worried by it"... Come on Valve wipe the smug off of their faces. The last time a company exec said that it was Nintendo about the Xbox and playstation and it took them about 6 years to finally recover. Of course it's going to have its limitations, but as I said, as the specs are a unknown I can't say one way or another what those limitations are going to be. I severely doubt that it'll be able to run Skyrim with all the settings on maximum etc.
  12. I'd be surprised if this doesn't already exist, sorry if it does! My check wasn't all that thorough. What was your first ever game? Or the game that got you into gaming? I didn't start as retro as I assume many of you do, it was the PS2's Simpsons Hit and Run, followed closely by Timesplitters 2. I think I was 6 years old. 10 years down the line and it's turned to Fallout, Max Payne and TF2. But still Timesplitters 2.
  13. And I mean Cartridge based console games. For me, the olden days with the N64. I had first though of the idea when playing Skyrim, I never liked the loading times for it. Then I got the idea that if the game was stored on a special solid state drive, it's loading times would be drastically shorter, if not instantaneous. I read about ROM Cartridges and their disadvantages, why we went to CD based games. Thinking about it, our technology has advanced drastically since cartridge based consoles left the market. More and more laptops these days are being outfitted with SSDs instead of the standard hard drive. Although SSDs costs higher than a standard storage unit, they should become cheaper to make in time. To summarize, I would like to return to cartridge based console games, even with online download games on the rise. There's a feeling with holding a cartridge game. The art on the cartridge, the feel of it brings back memories. I'm sure there's more tech savvy people on the forum that could better elaborate the pros/cons of cartridge games, but you have to admit, the speed of an SSD is admirable.
  14. Well, there's the poll, cast a vote! Tell me any game series you like and I'll add it to the poll as well, and any genres I missed or consoles I missed would be nice as well. My favorites are adventure games or platformers, and I have a PS2, PS1, DSi, and a Wii...none of which I use much anymore. Fave game series is and will always be Crash Bandicoot. We all know the computer is the best gaming system, I meant game consoles like the PlayStation or Nintendo DS.