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Found 10 results

  1. First of all, I always need to fill up a cup of milk whenever I eat any cookies or chocolate. I start by dipping like half of the Oreo into the milk and I keep it in there until it's slightly soggy. Then, I take it out and eat that half. What I do next varies. Sometimes, I'll then eat drink some of the milk. Other times, I'll just eat the rest of the Oreo or dunk what's left of it and then eat the rest of it. I also always leave about half a cup of the milk left so that when I've had enough of the cream-filled sandwich cookies, I can drink the rest of it to wash it all down. So what about you?
  2. This is my cookie, and I'm gonna eat it! The objective of this game is to steal the above user's cookie. The cookie ultimately came from me, since this game will be a never-ending cycle of cookie stealing. For the user below me, it is your job to come up with a way to steal my cookie. The user below you will then steal the cookie you just stole, and so on and so forth. Let's begin. I stole this cookie from the cookie jar. I wonder how my day is going to go...
  3. The title says it all, what do you do? The forum stole my cookie.... what the buck?
  4. You know all those cookies you ate in your life? Well, this one's coming back to eat YOU! lolz This one has been in my head for a long, long, LONG time now, but never got around to working on it. Whelp, I worked on it and finished it in one day. Sounds about right for me. In any case, criticism is greatly appreciated. Thx!
  5. I'd give her all of the cookies she wanted and more!
  6. I personally prefer the cookie because, it just has a taste that's significant to any other cookie. i do like the cream though.
  7. A nice fwiend was nice enough to give Butter Bean a delightful cookie!! It was an amazing cookie... Butter Bean loves cookies vewy much!
  8. The love and appreciation that I feel for these forums and their people is so big that I just had to make an artwork for christmas, I wish I could do a drawing for everyone but I just can't so I drew myself wishing you all a Merry Christmas. You are my family I love you so much! <3
  9. Ever heard of this game? I know this is crap but look at this video here: Rainbow Dash and Sonic the Hedgehog would be sad at this point...
  10. This is my sonic fan character scythe and his giant cookie (It's really bad i know but i use ms paint and i do it on a lap top if i had a tablet that would help alot)