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Found 5 results

  1. So what book do you think is the best? I personally like Deathly Hallows the best. I know that this topic is about favorite Harry Potter books but nerding out in general about the series is perfectly acceptable. If you don't like Harry Potter, please refrain from adding attacking comments about the series. I really don't want to deal with those people right now (or ever). I did check for other topics about the same thing but came up with nothing so it there is, staff, by all means lock away.
  2. Woo! 10 Chill(x3)s! Enjoy and stuff
  3. Welcome back to Chill(x3)! Quite weird ones today. Enjoy or something.
  4. So, after I drew the initial design for my OC, I wanted to get this scene of her walking through the forest and gazing out of the beautiful scenery out of my head. Here's my progress: I've never really worked with backgrounds before, and I'm not all that skilled with point perspective, so that's what I want criticism on. Am I doing something wrong? Should I stop adding to it because it'll all look like poo when it's finished?? HALP.
  5. I've had this idea for an OC for a while now, and decided to extract it from my head to paper. Take a look, would you kindly? Here's a bit of information about her. Name: Still deciding what it should be. I'm thinking something to do with the seasons, and forests, but I'm not too sure yet. Feel free to leave suggestions! Age: ??? Race: Earth Sage - She's an Earth pony, however, she is a different kind of Earth pony. She's a sage of the forest, and can manipulate the seasons. Her mane also changes color with the seasons. Spring = Light Green, Summer = Deep, Greenish Blue, Autumn = Red, Winter = White. Cutie Mark: Her Cutie Mark is the Druid symbol of balance, and also represents the equinoxes. Personality: She's borderline hippy, and adores nature. She has a relatively calm demeanor, but she's also very playful. She likes to gallop through the forest, and play with the wild life. She's a bit like Fluttershy in that she's calm and collected, and loves nature, but also has the philosophical wisdom of a princess. She also lactates maple syrup. Well, that's all I have for now. Still fleshing her out in my wacky mind. Tell me what you think