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Found 27 results

  1. Hey guys. I was planning on making a music video for a song im working on. I was wondering, if I'm using my own art style, the only thing connecting it to mlp is the fact that the characters are ponies, they are all my ocs, and I'm not selling it or anything, would it still be copyright infringement, and am I at risk of getting struck down by Hasbro? Also, what if I copyright my song, but not the video? Does that increase the chance of getting struck?
  2. Here is my Random Character Design's. tethered to my written Novel series. For now I keeping the stories Low Key.... Since I plan to publish them with a publisher. Yes I plan to publish a coloring book as well. Easy since I have over 100 characters. Plan to trademark in future too.. My copyright has already been achieved. Each image display my registration number proof of copyright with the government of Canada. Yes I'm open to critiques. So criticize away to your hearts content. On to the characters done so far... The North King Of the Polarons Species. and South pole Prince of the Oracale Species Their Mystic Ice Crystal Relics Displayed in Fine Detail... The Guardian's of all four core Elements... Last of the Atlanticorn Species, Guardian of Water and Sea '' Atlantiqua '' The Windargo Species, Guardian of Air and Sky '' Stormageddon '' The Rameon Species, Guardian of the Earth and Life '' Tierra '' The Lavaron Species, Guardian of Lava and Fire, " Vocanio '' The Camaro Species. Keeper of the Sun. "' Prince Apollo Sand Stone .'' The Moonaloon Species, Keeper of the Moon '' Queen Sea Mist Swirl.'' Species Unidale. Born during The Lunar Eclipse, Yin / Yang .... '' Sun and Moon Eclipse Swirl '' Species Clyony.... Species Unidale... Species Clyasus... Species C'yuniasus The Mer-Tail Species... More Surprises on the Way... Laurie Ann Garland
  3. Hello everypony! Firstly I would like to apologize for my not so good english. Secondly... I am planning to make some kind of MLP FiM adventure and fighting RPG game, but I faced with some copyright and trademark problems that may happen during this project. I am not sure what could cause problems, so here are my questions: If I create a game with “MLP FiM content” (means I would like to use characters, names and graphics style from MLP FiM) and some part of the game would be commercial (special items, characters, services, etc...) then would Hasbro shut this project down? (I guess yes.) Same question but I would NOT use any “MLP FiM content”, except the graphics style (so the story, the characters’ appearance, the characters’ name, the world and the place names, etc... would be different, but your character is still a pony and the game still contains buildings, trees, sceneries, etc... which is not the same but looks familiar to MLP FiM). I would not copy anything directly from the show but I would like to create something similar. Same, but everything would be different, even the graphics style (retro pixel graphics style, but the game is still about ponies and some part of the game is still commercial). (In this case there should be no problems, I guess.) I create the same game that I mentioned in the first point, but it would be totally free. (In this case Hasbro has the rights to shut down the project but they won’t because of the fandom, I guess) Thanks for your answers!
  4. Sooo uh... I don't know if this is the right place to be asking, but I've been looking all over the everywhere but I can't find a solution sooo I uploaded a PMV a few days ago, it got blocked worldwide, I disputed the claim, it was unblocked for about a day and now it's blocked again. I don't know what to do and this seems like the only place I can go to for help sooo yeah. Halp. The link if needed - Another important thing that I should probably bring up is that I used the acoustic version of the song instead of the electric version. Don't know if that would have changed anything, but there's the info if needed.
  5. I'm curious if any of you have gotten a copyright strike on your Youtube channel. Also, what was it for? I fortunately never have. I upload other people's works, but I make sure they don't mind first.
  6. ​ I made a video from years ago, but now recently got blocked everywhere because of the theme song I placed at the end. I had to remove the song in order for the video to be visible again? Does anyone have any proof besides this that Sony owns the theme song rights?
  7. So what do ya think? Pretty accurate.
  8. As you know, I'm a huge fan of PPg and Transformers. So much so that I want to create my own versions of it. Not fan fiction or fan animation. I want to do the Lauren Faust way and make a different version based on each franchise I love. Don't get me wrong, I have tons of original ideas of my own. But in order for me to get a job in the animation industry, I want to put all my passion in all my works. I want to create Sugar, Spice, Nice. A continuation of the original PPG but of course this isn't form a fan animation. I wish for it to be on Cartoon Netowrk some day. Maybe after the reboot coming soon has ended? In my series, the Ppg are teenagers and reunite after being apart for 5 years due to life problems and teenage issues. Now They fight crime and protect Townsville and it's supposed to be darker and more dramatic than the original and I have loads of stories processed. Same goes for Trnasformers, it's been my childhood dream to create a animated series on the Transformers franchise because I loved t shows I grew up with and I have tons of ideas to show about the universe and how I have changed the typical Trnasformers formula and introduce new characters that can change everyone's view on Trnasformers. It's where the Trnasformers need to find the Divine Spark, the power source of Cybertron and the whole universe and it turns out to be inside a teenage autistic girl named Aura and they have to find another way to restore Cubertron and stop the Decepticons from obtaining the Divine Spark, because if Aura dies, the universe will be unstable (I have got more details but we'll be here all day) here, I want to make it more accepting to all genders and age. I want to make a show both men and women can enjoy. But I don't know where to start. Should I make webcomics or should I do my original works first THEN do the others when I pitch them to Cartoon Network? Should I be ashamed that I'm using copyrighted characters and making a remake series based on both PPg and Trnasformers because I have put so much passion and creativity? Will I get blacklisted and cease and desist like JanAniamtioms?! I do have my own ideas and I put as much passion into those as I have for the remake I have planned. But I loved these shows and I want to expand and show these sources material from a new perspective. I want to show how good i can be at creating stories and ideas But I'm scared of getting copyright, I'm worried studios will go cease and desist on me and I fear that all my hard work and effort will go to waste. I don't want to be banned and sued just because I wanted to do unique twists on certain shows I love?! What should I do?!
  9. I am pretty sure that you can't make merch with characters or designs from the series without infringement, and sell it (correct me if I am wrong). I am wondering if you can make merch that is inspired by characters or designs from the show such as art or shirts with your OC or the art style, and sell it.
  10. Hi, so to keep this hsort I have one simple question as followed, Is it legal to start an free internet radio using spotify as an music library? I can´t get my head around this question. I just had an idea, that I could start a internet radio station and becuase spotify has all the music you can ask for it would be an easy way. But I´m not talking about just streaming music, I´m talking about playing a few songs and then chat a little bit and then play som more song, pretty much normal radio station style, Then I begun thinking is this even legal, I mean your not allowed to upload any copyrated material on any website, if you not have premission. What about streaming. It´s live so the can really claim I´m uploading anything but is this really okay?? Any help is much aprritiated, I just thought this was a fun project.
  11. This is a story from about (about) 5 years ago. Listen closely. This is back when I was in public school, and there was a lot of renovation going on. We had this big empty space where we decided extra curriculum and the like could occur. We titled this place (unofficially) the Activity Center, or something along those lines. Before I continue, I need to give you some context. Where I live (Portland, OR area) there's this place called OMSI. It's kind of like a learning museum, except really badass. It's hard to explain exactly what it is. So anyway, this OMSI-ish place from San Francisco sends our school a letter saying we cannot use the name due to them having it copyrighted because it's the name of a part of their location. Just going to let that sink in for a moment. This place, from 500 miles away, tells our moderately-sized school to not use an unofficial name because they have it copyrighted. FIVE. HUNDRED. MIIIIIILLLESSSSS. Nobody in the school, including the principal, gave a shit, however.
  12. You heard right, if this goes well it could start a rather interesting precedent.
  13. I make PMV's and am tired of Hasbro suggesting the play of their videos during mine, and linking their videos/record companies songs next to the description on my videos. To my knowledge as long as I'm not profiting off the videos through monetization or any other format (Patreon should be fine but I don't even do that), then I should be protected by "fair use", specifically: Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use. I should technically be able to monetize videos with copyrighted songs and video under protection of the production of satirical content, stating that the satire lies within the juxtaposition between the song and said clips. But if I'm not monetizing in anyway then am I safe to dispute copyright claims? If not then why am I not allowed to dispute the claim?
  14. A couple of my videos have been copyright claimed by Hasbro. All of these are videos that I use the fully recognizable ponies (not the pointy ponies). They are: Pinkie's Smartphone App and Baby Cakes Like Waffles. I have future plans to make animations that use the full ponies, but I would like to avoid copyright claims. What can I do? I was thinking of making all of the outlines black, but I don't know if that will be enough. I could also create an entirely new style, but that would be annoying. Does anyone else have any ideas?
  15. More of the same story is covered on EQD, but as a musician myself, let me tell you what you be aware of when you're posting a youtube video on music. Bascially, youtube's automated program detects visual and audio content automatically for content ID. In this case, only vectors similar to the style of MLP:FiM's vectors or pony music will raise the flag of content ID. It's honestly been going on for some of the pony animations, it's just that it hasn't been reported by the animators themselves. But let me make it clear: Hasbro isn't trying to shut down the fandom with copyright claims. First of all, if you want to make a youtube video, you'll want to make sure the audio and visual part of your video has the following: Permission from the artist or musician OR you own these parts. Must not resemble the show to the point where it could be mistaken for the show Disclaimers aren't enough. You need permission. Permission, permission, permission! It seems to be the case that anything that is mistaken for the show will be C&D'd, so the Discord remix by the Living Tombstone is pretty much safe because the artwork and audio is so different from the show's, no one is going to mistake it as such. Second, this is more of a Youtube content ID issue rather than a Hasbro issue. This has been going on for months in the gaming community on Let's Play gamers, so it is only a matter of time before it gets to the audio as well. It's rather annoying that this fandom has decided that any time something bad happens, it must be Hasbro, when Youtube and by extension Google has been screwing around with this issue in a far more malicious manner. Lastly, I'll share with you an animation that used to be on my channel (Now taken down for reasons below). Apparently Youtube's content ID system "matched" Tavilicious with Hasbro Studio's vectoring style that the ponies have in the show. The visuals are usually what causes the content ID match. As for audio remixes, if you're using stems that were said in the show, chances are good that Content ID will eventually find a match and they'll flag it. This doesn't mean a takedown, but rather a disabling of youtube money to the owner of the channel. Too many monetization claims will result in Youtube "delaying" the monetization process for new videos, meaning that it may take a few days for Youtube to verify your account that you aren't cheating with copyrighted content. This does suck for those who rely on Youtube for a living because the owner loses the first 2-3 days of Youtube views, which in turn is a loss of money for the owner. In order to get monetization to NOT be delayed, I deleted the animation videos. Youtube resumed monetization for me, and the copyright claims went away. Don't blame Hasbro. But don't worry about it as well, plenty of music will still be on. Just be sure to change the art to not include copy-paste cutouts of the ponies from the show and don't take clips from the show, which should be common sense stuff. If you have anymore to add, please share your experiences.
  16. If you guys didn't know, EQD recently posted something rather interesting about the word, "Brony" being used as infringement claims. What's interesting is that this is the first time Hasbro (The intellectual property rights holder) has authorized Zazzle to remove the pony related product due to the infringement of using tags such as "Brony" or "My Little Pony." Just to clarify, Zazzle is an online retailer that allows users to upload images and create their own merchandise, and a few bronies sell pony merchandise through its products. Here's the notice as posted by EQD: While it's expected for Zazzle to take-down character names, interestingly enough, Zazzle will takedown any merchandise with notable sayings? Seriously Hasbro? Last time I checked, 20% Cooler isn't a trademark catchphrase. Is this something that's going to be a growing trend? Or will this just be temporary? Personally I think it may have to do with the new marketing team back at Hasbro headquarters, and doing this sort of thing is like biting the hand that feeds you or playing with fire. It can get ugly. While it might be too soon to jump the ship, I certainly hope that this isn't a prelude to something much worse in the future. What do you guys think?
  17. This has been going on for a while, but has now reached the Supreme Court. The basic story is that Aereo retransmits free broadcast channels over the Internet for a fee of $10 a month while the corporate scum that runs the networks has gotten their panties in a twist over it, although I personally do not find them 100% in the wrong here. The problem I have with the whole thing is that Aereo pockets all of the money from this. If it was a free service I would actually not have a problem with it. That's the reason why the networks are suing and claiming good old-fashioned Copyright Infringement on them. These may be free signals, but someone worked their back out putting these things on the air and someone else had to pay for them (commercials), and I find it unfair that Aereo pockets all of this money while none of it goes to supporting the content. However, the networks are also continuing their game of fighting progress and the power of the consumer by keeping their content off of the Internet and trying to milk money out of anything at any turn, and claiming Armageddon if anything happened that would disrupt their old geezer of a business model. The networks are in bed with the cable companies and can and will abuse them into submission with their money and power with all of these carriage disputes, the same way the MPAA has made a lapdog out of NATO (the theater owners' association). This time, CBS and FOX claimed that they might move to cable if Aereo was declared legal. This shows nothing but a shallow anti-consumer attitude that will only make them look greedier in the eyes of the consumer. The problem is that the networks drove themselves into this crap by not doing enough to earn their money. They want to get fat and rich off of money that you would rather pay only to the networks you want by bundling them with others you don't need, and by attaching a fee to something that should be available for free. Raising retransmission fees to unreasonable rates for broadcast networks is what causes a lot of these carriage disputes. I would rather support the content by way of a kind of freemium service. Make the basic level of the content free and charge a premium for other features, basically the same thing Hulu does, that way I can support the content I like. Tying is defined as an illegal business practice, but unfortunately the government has let the Big Media corporations take over, evidenced by the deregulation and copyright extensions that now make the media a multi-billion dollar industry run by only a few companies. Now the government does nothing because it's their best friends doing it, the same ones helping to drive the country straight down the Highway to Hell by eliminating dissenting voices from the conversation and dumbing down politics to a simple choice of red or blue. It doesn't matter that the choices they make are stupid because they'll just mob rule their will into law to make what they do right and what you do wrong. I got my rant out on this, now I'd like to hear what you all think about this.
  18. A take on how some companies view their rights, but don't see ours.
  19. What I mean is; Out of fear of receiving a Cease and Desist order and a resulting lawsuit, I've been considering shutting down fan projects that I've been working on (all of which are non-profit) . My Timelord Rainbow Dash tumblr is (as the name implies) a combination Doctor Who/FiM ask blog and I am now beginning to question whether it technically falls under 'Fair Use' in copyright law or if I should quit while I'm ahead and delete the whole thing. Fan-art if it looks similar enough to the show (which is one of the reasons I've heard is a potential cause for the Cease and Desist order for Button Mash), then it would probably be best if I avoided creating art as well, despite being in traditional form the ponies (and Spike) can all easily be recognized as who they are intended to be. Fanfiction feels like its in the same area, especially since the site I write for doesn't take too kindly to song lyrics-partial or full-to be used since apparently it's still possible to get sued for works like that. So should I just quit?
  20. Okay since we've had a big issue with Jan Animations receiving a C&D from Hasbro. I think it would be nice to discuss the issues surrounding future fan works. The biggest offenders seem to be so far: 1. Princess Molestia. - Blog/Webcomic - Very satirical 2. Fighting Is Magic - Fan Game 3. Button's Adventures. - Fan Animation Each of these had some reason for Hasbro to take action on. If Hasbro becomes a copyright killer, than frankly its going to be a huge problem for their brand. I mean you don't alienate your customers or your fans or future employees by stepping in and stopping fans being creative and showcasing their work online. As long as there is no money involved than all three of these could've stayed up. The Constitution supports parodies. If it didn't standup comedy wouldn't exist. Now I understand that Hasbro execs have every right to control how the brand is marketed, produced and sold, and to benefit financially from those efforts. However we are now in a digital age, and fighting fan works will just result in a huge backlash among adult fans. Unfortunately lets take a look at the economy right now. Adults for the most part drive the toy industry, and the cartoon industry. Kids don't have the income to actively support Hasbro or any of the products Hasbro produces. That should be apparent. You start stepping on your fans, your going to turn off the base and eventually there will be an unspoken exodus. Take a look at what happened to the Gaming Industry after E.T for the Atari hit the shelves in 1983 for a whopping 50 dollars. The game was so bad that it has been pointed to as the reason for almost killing the game console industry. So what are your thoughts on Hasbro? Will this be the beginning of them becoming an enemy of their consumer base? Or will the execs at Hasbro lighten up and just let the fan base do its own thing, with minimal intervention, as long as no huge losses are projected in their sales. Hasbro has its bottom line, and so do the fans. The fans are what will help Hasbro and MLP survive. If not they are free to fail and fall by the wayside just like every other business that's come and gone. We are under no obligation to buy anything or watch anything produced by Hasbro. The bottom line is while copyright has a legitimate function. It should never be used to destroy someone else's platform if that platform is not threatening your sales. Take a look at the forums. Most of the people who come here are adult fans and collectors. The ones who have the money that Hasbro needs. That's one vote that does count. Any thoughts?
  21. I am new here (yes, I did post in the welcome forum), but I have discovered to my dismay that most episodes are not available. I have seen several episodes while deciding whether to become a brony (FIM both parts, Ticket Master, Boast Busters, Dragonshy, Sonic Rainboom, Party of One, and Lesson Zero). However, probably due to legal matters, I cannot find any more for free on YouTube, except for the occasional heavily-modified ones. I know there are several ways to access episodes (primarily Netflix), all of them are not possible for me at the time. Although it appears that the newest episodes are available for free, I don't want to watch them since they are so far ahead. Can anyone (anypony) help out here, since otherwise I will probably be forced to leave (before I really even began).
  22. I was going to write a book that had to do with my own mlp characters. I need help to figure out if it could be considered copyright because I'm using mlp ponies with cutie marks and unicorns, pegisi, and earth pony. But these would all be made up by me, there would not be any that are from the show. If you know anything on this subject I would greatly appreciate the help!
  23. And I think it's utter bullshit. Candy Crush has turned from annoying trite to essentially the cancer killing the industry. Even if this particular incident doesn't do much, who really knows what will happen in the future. Will other, more greedy (EA, Activision, Microsoft) companies get away with being able to trademark this level of vagueness? And what of Banner Saga, who is now getting warnings from King based on the "Saga" in their title, despite being completely separate games? It's all going wrong I tells ya.
  24. Official thread to share your thoughts on the new YouTube content ID system and it's effect on game reviewers.Now to clarify this only affects 'affiliate' partners not 'managed' partners. I am a managed partner so am not affected However Angry Joe is an affiliate partner so he is affected. Below is angry joe's video on this topic. My own take on this situation:
  25. This is a theoretical situation that will 100 percent not occur, but it came across my head and I wanted to see every-ones honest reaction they think they would have. The Scenario - Alright so what if Hasbro found a reason to shut-down and halt everything with MLP FiM, like the majority of our Fandom started to do some unspeakable deed that forced them to stop producing anything MLP related. Then they started to have some massive internet wide take-down on all of our major internet sites (Like this one) they immediately started to attempt to try and take down most if-not all of our fan creations, and our fan-made products too. Now to add insult to injury, they after they've pretty much screwed over our Fandom begin to release a Generation 5 with toys that look like they came directly out of G3.5. They are completely hideous and poorly designed toys. And this new series they release is the WORST out of all of the generations and was solely made to farm-money, and the team behind the show intentionally made it everything we don't like. And of-course at every corner of the web Anti-Bronies are rejoicing at the take-down. What do?