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Hearth's Warming Helper

Found 9 results

  1. Hello fellow pony fans! I have been wondering about this question for a while, and I was hoping someone could answer it for me. Is there any land beyond Equestria? Is Equestria their planet, or is it just one of many continents on their planet? I noticed something In the episode "Pinkie Apple Pie". When the Apple family is singing "Apples to the Core", Applejack says, "...we'll sing our song across the pony nation, from Equestria and beyond.". This seems like they are implying that there are lands beyond Equestria. If somepony could help answer my question, that would be ponirific! Thanks! Regal Shadow
  2. I thought it was so good that I had to post it everywhere! Im also using it as my wallpaper
  3. I finaly vectored and colored it
  4. Hello! It's done! I thought to myself after watching the season five finale, what would my OC look like if he were in The Great Pony War? I think something like this <3 I haven't vectored it yet becaaaaaause... uh... I don't want to right now.. I just wanna draw more xD Good reason yaaaas? And to the one who wanted me to draw "My Oc stealing AJs hat", I couldn't quite picture that in my head.. so that's why I didn't draw it.. I sorry.. BUT! I have noted it down on a little piece of paper. So whenever I can picture it, I will draw it! ^^
  5. Yay! Another one done Someone gave me the idea to draw my OC booping AJ, so I did done drew it! ^^
  6. Just finished this one today! I'm very proud of it I must say Core, my OC, and Applejack, my favourite pone!
  7. Critical Mass

    Visual Art The Creeper Core

    Something I put together in the Minecraft Anniversary back then and forgot to post it in Deviantart for a few weeks. I'm not sure I did the glowing effect right.
  8. Pokemons are gaaay

    Apples To the core bookmark

    So, I made an apples to the core bookmark! I loved apples to the core so much, I just had to make this!
  9. Because of the catchy tune, I just had to take this song and do what I do best: remix it. Sheets are also included! Critique is always wanted!