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Found 5 results

  1. This Halloween has came during a pandemic, so what are you doing this Halloween? Staying inside because of the coronavirus, going Trick or Treating, or giving out candy? Are you going to wear a mask for safety reasons? Are you going to practice social distancing? I'm just wondering how everyone is doing normal Halloween activities during this pandemic. As for me, I'm staying inside my house this Halloween. My mom bought me some candy since I won't be Trick or Treating.
  2. Will it ever go away? Will someone finally develop the cure for it? And most importantly, will things ever return back to normal? I hope it goes away, I'm sick of not being able to go certain places because they are closed due to the coronavirus.
  3. So, are you guys working and how has that been going? If you aren't what have you been doing? If you are working- what would you be doing if you WERE off? My situation: So I've been working at a hardware store that's smaller than a Home Depot or Lowe's the whole time due to essential business classification. I'm full time and have health insurance. I was very worried at the beginning but now not quite as much. I wash my hands a lot and keep my distance. I don't touch ANY of my personal keys/phone/items at work at all without hand washing. Since the start of this I also take zinc, vitamin D, a multivitamin, and magnesium every day. I also try to work on stuff that doesn't involve direct contact with people if I can. Luckily this time of year we aren't super busy/crowded often inside anyway. We also have the back doors open all day for curbside pickup, so there's a good cross-breeze through the building. No employees have been hacking or had a fever (knock on wood.) As for asymptomatic? Who knows. Now for the BS. (I know I'm venting here but it's been getting frustrating) The secretary jumped ship right off the bat and works like once every two weeks after hours for a few hours. This is crap because our back room is pretty much turning into an amazon warehouse because of online orders. People call non stop with questions on this or about picking them up. She's not there to answer phones + about another 1/3 of the staff is just not working by choice. It's BS. She says she's scared for health reasons, BUT she is overweight and her health problems are a result of HER BAD LIFESTYLE CHOICES THAT SHE REFUSES TO CHANGE. I know because I've talked to her (she's one of those yappy complain-y types) and tried to convince her to change over the years. NOW IT'S LITERALLY MAKING ME MISERABLE AT WORK When people's selfishness and/or laziness starts to directly affect me I GET PISSED! She has kids and her husband is off during this. I know her health insurance is through the store- so WTF? I thought you have to be full time?!?!? Is she somehow still on it? Four hours a week and full medical still? OR did she get them to lay her off and she is working those hours off the clock? With the full unemployment? NOT FAIR. Who knows, I really don't think she would do something to give up insurance. Something seems fishy though. She's also the type who is usually personable but likes to throw people under the bus too. If you knew her you would probably see why this situation is particularly aggravating to me. One guy who is full time got really lucky though. He is normally full time, but his health insurance is through his wife- who is working from home during this, so he is working less hours so he can get partial unemployment and the additional $600 a week federal. He also has 3 small kids who have been kind of hampering his wife's effective work time, so him being home for them more is good. This new online curbside process is never ending and exhausting. We're not set up for it really at all. The online system is slow and inefficient. We don't have anywhere extra really to put it either. We use that back room twice a week for deliveries. People pretty much never come right away, so we have to move all the stuff somewhere out of there the night before orders. To add to that, you have the regular customers in the store too, and they have to wait if we're in the middle of processing an order and they get annoyed because they don't really want to be out in public in the first place. On top of that you have the spaced-out ignorant morons who you have to deal that have no clue whatsoever what the hell is going on in the world right now. Some people may say just be glad you're working and have a job. Yes I am because if things are bad after this, my work shouldn't really be affected- It wasn't in the 08 recession. But whatever is going on with the secretary is really getting on my nerves. Working now though, I have at least double the workload and the virus risk of working directly with the public in one of the higher areas of infection in the country. No bonus pay or anything like that. Compensation is NOT appropriate and if I could afford to (and not piss the owners off) I would probably take some time off. If I wasn't working I'd be making like double and I know I would have my job and insurance back when we reopened. 90%+ of people are buying stuff that is NOT essential. At home I'd be doing so much cleaning and painting/project work on my house with stuff that I already have the materials for. I just haven't had the time. I would turn the insurance off (to storage) on my car and just walk down the street to go to the store when I needed too. That would save me another $120 insurance and $60+ in gas each month from not going anywhere. Another thing is that I kind of pushed the owner to look into the forgivable business loan program that turns into a grant, and it appears they got it. That is TAXPAYER money. At the end of all this especially if we have better overall business $ numbers through the year, there may be some discussion if they don't do anything like a raise or good bonus. If they just end up sitting on that money, that's not right. Yeah I'm glad to have a job, but the risk and workload has been kind of a ripoff at this point. People coming in are not buying "essentials" </rant>
  4. COVID-19 has messed things up for a lot of people. Normal life has been disrupted and it's time we all collectively vent our frustrations over it. So how has the Corona Virus screwed over your daily routine and future plans? For example: I only got to spend less than an hour at my local cafe before they told me that due to low turnout, they were now gonna close 3 hours earlier than normal. Meaning that they'll now close before I get off work for the foreseeable future. I was gonna see Brazilian metal legends Sepultura along with NOLA metal pioneers Crowbar and the reunited Sacred Reich. The tour has been postponed. I was also gonna attend my first All Elite Wrestling show on the April 1st. 2nd row VIP seats. The show has been rescheduled to the 28th. Of October. Speaking of wrestling. A crap ton of shows have been canned thanks to travel and public assembly bans. There's a real possibility that WrestleMania and all the indy companies and performers who get their huge paydays during that weekend might be postponed or canceled for the first time in it's history. Since I'll be travelling later this week, I now have to take extra precautions around planes and air ports because humans on the go are unsanitary, regardless of the circumstances. The stuff I as planning on doing during My Little Vacationtm in San Diego is now in jeopardy. Honorable mention to my dad who's already there and won't get to see his San Diego Padres on opening day due to the MLB season being suspended. How about you? What frustrations with COVID-19 would you like to get off your chest?
  5. S1lent

    The Virus

    What is everyone’s opinion on the Coronavirus that’s been going around and people freaking out and overstocking TP of everything?...