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Found 5 results

  1. For those of you who have not heard of this game before, here's how it works. In your post you make a wish. The next user then turns that wish on its head so that it becomes something bad, ala evil genies. Then they make a new wish.For example:User 1: I wish I didn't have to wait for the next episode of Season 2.User 2: Granted. Season 2 has now been canceled.User 2 would then make a wish that gets corrupted by the next poster and so on and so forth. So let the games begin!I wish that Pinkie Pie's sisters will reappear in season 2.
  2. Yea so, this is yet another example of why I should never be bored... Corrupt Alicorn Angel Bunny riding a unicycle. Because, reasons.
  3. So this has been my pet project since I lost the will to write for Loyalty of Sand. Nothing awful, I just got rejected by Equestria Daily a bunch of times. I'm writing Plan D as a birthday present for my brother, in fact it was his idea. Our big inside joke from this is yelling: "SANDWICH!" At semi-random moments. I would really appreciate constructive criticism if you're willing to take time to help
  4. To some, this may be directed as more of a rhetorical question, but it'll be interesting to see the opinions on this. So, do you think the world/country is rolling downhill like a snowball heading for hell & are the good times really over? By that I mean have we finally gotten to that point of no return for the economy, would life be better in a simpler time? (no current modernizations, such as a time before 1953) or even thoughts on why the world is so corrupt. (You can really stretch this topic as far as imaginable really) I'm leaving this question pretty vague because of all the aspects that relate to the question that may be left out in some opinions but added in others. I could probably write a decent sized paper on this topic, but I'll give a taste of a summary instead. Disclaimer: If you are offended by what you are about to read, I am not liable for any offence that is taken. Instead if you have a problem, do what the Government does, and blame the problem on another part of the Government. There is no doubt in my mind that we are rolling downhill like a snowball heading for hell, it's just the matter of when we'll reach the destination and melt. You can take many topics and blame them for the way we ended up, such as religion, currency, foreign trade, overpopulation, politics, outsourcing, etc. etc. But it's not really just one that gave us that initial "push" downhill, it was all of them working together to give us that shove (metaphorically speaking). The whole thing that made me want to begin a topic over this was Merle Haggard's song "Are the good times really over" the song begins with the line "I wish a buck was still silver back when the country was strong" and after that, he lists many things that lead to what he believes is the downfall of our country. Most of what I believe is to blame is what I had listed two paragraphs above (religion, currency, foreign trade, overpopulation, politics, outsourcing, etc. etc.) and I'm positive there is more things to add to that as well, but I believe it all generates within those topics. A few of those topics are what I call short term gain, long term loss and most are basically generated because of power especially religion. Probably without religion, I think it'd be safe to say there wouldn't have been as many wars, I say that because usually when you try to get someone to believe in something they don't want to, a issue arises. Originally, religion was put into play to scare people into following a "common order" so people weren't running all over killing each other, stealing, etc. then folks start to deviate from the norm and they make their own religions, then I bet you can guess what happens... they have a dispute over it and try and destroy each other (this is why we should have all just been puppies...) And to touch on the "Are the good times really over" aspect; I definitely think we hit that mark as a country too for many obvious reasons such as illegal immigration, outsourcing and many other stupid things that match up with those two examples. Another thing that is very jacked up is how the United States seems to always get sucked into helping these worn down third world countries, and if we don't people get all hot n' bothered and throw a fit (not just people in our country, others as well) I think it's very straight forward that we need to line up our own railroad tracks before we go lining up someone else's. The country was strong back when we had jobs here, such as automobile manufacturers for example. Thanks to outsourcing we are going broke. And they also worry about "sweatshops" in other countries and how they should put a stop to that, but personally, I think that idea would backfire like a old Buick. If we put a stop to the sweatshops, those people will come here to the united states because they won't be getting paid at all when they were getting paid before (not saying they were getting paid a lot, but still). We don't need more folks coming in and taking what jobs we do have left. People stick their hand out to Uncle Sam for some money when Uncle Sam is the one on the sidewalk living in a box.... damn welfare... anyways... And I'll just stop there because like I said, it's possible to drag this on forever. Should be interesting... Anyways, that is along the lines of where i'm going with this topic. Like Grandpap always said "There's never any wrong answers, but there is always going to be ignorant answers." Grandpap was a self-certified philosopher.
  5. It is a well known fact that a large sum of non-bronies assume bronies (or pegasisters, if you're into that term) to be hypocritical individuals. I've been noticing that it's actually true, at least, for me. I watch a show that pushes the notion of friendship, and take part in a community that (generally) pushes "love and tolerance", whenever I really do not partake in much social interaction, and don't make actual friends, really, and judge and hate many other people based on certain qualities, past events, etc. I'm curious to see how many others are hypocritical in this sense, as I am. Also, if you are like me, why do you think the show captivates you so much? I'd say it's really only the innocence that really motivates me to really stay active in the watching of and participation of the MLP show and community.