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Found 7 results

  1. what is gummys role in the whole cosmic picture? And what about gummys flank, forever blank? And can gummy talk, or does he only dream? And was I the only one that just watched that whole aside with the "omg" look while a grin crept wider and wider onto my face of "WHAT COULD THIS MEAN? WHAT DOES THIS OPEN UP?"
  2. So over time I got really into digital pieces, very vivid colours with a cosmic theme, and while I am not too pleased that they have become my most popular art pieces, as hand drawn works take much longer to do, I am still happy that they get some sort of recognition. I will try and post one every once in a while in this thread, as quite a few of them have accumulated over the years. Keep in mind these are all copyrighted. You can view them all in my sig. These are not full resolution due to copyright issues.. issues I am still actively fighting as people like to use them without crediting me. This one is called Cosmic heart of the universe, it is also the cover of my published book here is is as a lightbox too
  3. Hey! So, I was listening to the Rainbow and Rooted album, and a few songs in, I got an idea! Obviously, this is a work in progress so the shape of dash is very messy, and there are a lot of things missing or incomplete. Normal Sans Sketch I think I kinda overdid it with the tail, but hey, I was having fun Yes, I know the colors of her forelock(bangs) are in the wrong order, I just think it looks better that way.
  4. Hey there everypony! I know I allready posted a "cosmic Twilight and Fluttershy wallpaper" but I recieved some feedback telling me a tip to make my wallpaper 20 % cooler (that's literally how he said it ). So I did it and here it is. ps. Please excuse me for eventual spelling mistakes ( since I don't really speak English...) original: new: If the little signature at the bottom of the new pic really bothers you guys, tell me and I will send you the picture without it Link to original post:
  5. Hey there everypony Here is my first "artwork" I'm placing on this forum. I must notify you guys that the fluttershy and Twilight ponies are not my work. I found them on the internet and I don't know where they originally come from. (sorry) The only thing I did was a little bit of modifications and putting them on the same background. Still I thought it was nice so I wanted to share it with you ps. Please excuse me for eventual spelling mistakes ( since I don't really speak English...)
  6. http://www.newground...o/listen/506904 This is my song so far, nearly done as far as the instrumental goes, finalizing lyrics tomorrow, I'm too tired to go on! Let me know what you think!