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Found 1 result

  1. Alright, here's my story: I went to walmart the other day, and I was in the MLP part of the walmart toys sectin, looking for a Rainbow Dash pony toy. Well, a mother took her daughter there to buy her a Scootaloo toy, I guess (it's the one she picked up). So, I was looking through the shelves for Rainbow Dash, not paying attention. I accidenaly bump into her daughter. Then, randomness occurs. Here is our NEAR EXACT conversation: (my text is in bold, the woman's text is in italics) Me: *bumps into daughter* Watch where you're going! I'm sorry, ma'am, I didn't notice your daughter there. well, you must've, shes right in front of you! no ma'am, I was actually looking through the shelf. Why are you here, anyways? are you gay, looking at My Little Ponies!? No, I happen to be a brony. *laughs somewhat histarically* You are gay! Uh, ma'am, why are we talking about my sexuality? you are looking at my little ponies, looking to buy one! you are a boy! ok, but i don't understand how im gay. You don't even know me. oh, i can tell. looking at pony toys... no, I'm just a brony. well, that doesnt matter. You ran into m daughter intentionally. again, i didnt. I was browsing these shelve for a pony toy, im sorry i ran into her. no, you wanted to FEEL her, didnt you!? ma'am, that's obsurd, no. again, im looking for a toy. no, no. its okay. I'll just get a manager to remove you for pedophelia. ma'am, i didnt do a thing to your child! i dont care, I'm getting you booted out of here, away from children. You are a paedohile. okay, you keep assuming that. So, i walked off. About 30 minutes later, I had came across the woman again, and we had antoher conversation. i wont show this one, but she yelled at me about me being gay because of an MLP toy. then I was a steriotype to most around us at that time. i ignored it, and moved on. Annoying parents these days... Ugh, she made Futtershy angry! [EDIT]: i got out of the store normally, but she didnt boot me out. she WAS compaining to them about me though. Note: this woman seemed to be over 30, arguing with a fourteen year old that walked to walmart. This is sad. [EDIT2]: YAY! thank you for makin' this popular... I mean "yayy~ " This makes me proud!