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Found 5 results

  1. Welcome to the creepy pasta Fan Club I'm new to this site, so decided to make a club to get myself started This club is dedicated to sharing your own original creepypastas, discussion of them, and most of all, helping people who have nightmares from them I expect people to be mature enough not to post flash or shock images. If you do, I will ask you to leave Follow basic site rules, just because this is a creepy pasta club doesn't mean you can break the rules Remember to keep on topic, we don't want to be talking about pickles when we're actually suppose to be talking about slenderstallion I believe this sums up the topic post Have fun
  2. (I came up with this on the spot, it took me an hour to type. Hope you like it) He felt his vision slowly fade, he heard her evil cackle and then felt nothing. It was an average day in ponyville, for everypony just shopping and trying to stay out of the burning heat. Roaring Fire was just flying around at his top speeds. He was much faster then he was last week, maybe he could finally catch up to the other ponies in ponyville. When suddenly, duty calls and he gets a ringing in his ear from getting passed by a cart being pulled by two guards. “Roaring, we need you to study something going on in the town, ponies mysteriously disappearing.” The mare in the back of the cart said with a demanding look about her. “Okay, you told me that last week and the week before but it never happens.” Roaring stated. He knew that Vexing usually tells the truth, he just couldn't believe that crime is happening in ponyville. It has always been such a calm town, he just was confused. He just nodded and flew to the first building assigned. It was Rainbow Dash's cloud house, he wondered how she could be possibly related to a crime spree. He trotted to the door and knocked loudly, no answer. He yet again knocked, but again no answer. He looked to the side to see a window, he opened it quietly and snuck in. He looked around, of course his stomach growled. He couldn't solve crimes on an empty stomach, he opens the fridge and took some hay fries. He looks at the nearby counter to see her To Do Schedule, he of course thought “Why would a pony so awesome have a To Do List?”. Like the stalker he is, he opened it and to his surprise it was written on recently. He see's a note telling her to visit with “AJ”, Roaring was new to ponyville so sadly he didn't know many names. It says R, FS and PP will be meeting with them. Roaring was getting more and more confused, he flew to the smartest pony he knew. He landed in front of the library and knocked on the door, a baby dragon opened the door. He looked puzzled at the dragon. “Uh, may I speak to Twilight Sparkle please?” Roaring asked confusedly. “Twilight! You have a visitor, it's a stallion.” The little dragon yelled. The lavender mare trotted down the stairs with her eyes glued to a book, Roaring had never noticed she had wings before. She sent the dragon away and let Roaring in, she signaled for him to sit down so he did. “Roaring, what is it you would like to speak to me about?” Twilight asked, seeming a little grumpy. “I was wondering if you could tell me who these ponies are, I was only given initials.” Roaring replied, a little nervous from her tone. She took the paper and examined the names, she looked back up at Roaring who was zoned out staring at her. “I've come to conclude these ponies are: Fluttershy, Applejack, Rarity and Pinkie Pie, what is this about?” “Okay first promise you won't tell anyone Twilight, this is an important mission” Roaring said, meaningfully “I promise, now please tell me.” Twilight said, curiously. “I've been sent on a secret mission, somepony has been killing everypony around ponyville.” Roaring whispered. “How do my friends relate to this?” Twilight asked. “They are meeting at the farm, I don't know why they wouldn't invite you.” Roaring said confused. “Okay, you'd better be going if you want to make it there in time.” Twilight shooed him out the door and closed it. Roaring flew as quickly as possible, he was going to be late! Luckily he made it right as Fluttershy got in, he was just in time. The ponies started talking when he heard screams from inside, Roaring zoomed in but they were gone. Was he dreaming? They were right there, and now nothing. As he turned around he just felt a swift kick to the face, he went out like a light. He heard a sweet voice talking to him, telling him to wake up. He wasn't asleep, was he? He woke up to see Fluttershy over him, she was telling him to wake up. “What happened?!” Roaring jumped up but Fluttershy covered his mouth. “Shhh, just listen to me. We were having a meeting about who we thought was the killer and suddenly we were like this.” Fluttershy whispered in her sweet voice. “Like what? You seem fine to me..” Roaring looked at Fluttershy, observing to see any changes. Fluttershy helped Roaring up and he looks around, he couldn't believe his eyes. He was in the library, and everything grew around him. Or maybe he just shrunk. He looked at Fluttershy and saw behind her were the other 4 ponies who were meeting. He saw the familiar lavender mare, yelling at a bug. It couldn't be a bug could if she was yelling, maybe it was another pony. Roaring lept off the table and quickly glided down to a height where he wouldn't be noticed. The lavender mare was HUGE compared to him, her wing could fit 30 of him. He looked down to see a Grey stallion alicorn on the ground, the target of Twilight's yelling. When suddenly, crushed under her house sized hoof. Roaring for the first time in his life was mortally terrified, Twilight was the pony behind the killings? She trotted past Roaring and looked at the 5 ponies, who were now awake. “Trying to stop me are we girls? What happened to friendship, supporting a friend?!” She yelled at them. “T-twi, we can't support you when you are killing off ponies...” A orange mare with a cowboy hat spoke out. “Quiet petty insect, I'm not killing ponies. Merely shrinking them down to this size and forcing them to sort my library and clean for all of eternity.” Twilight said, while she had a devilish grin on her face. “What happened to not telling anypony?!” Roaring realized he spoke out. Twilight turned around and leaned down, her steaming breath was sending chills up his spine. She looked him directly in the eyes with her eye. “I didn't tell anypony, I just took the information to mind and used it to my advantage.” Twilight smiled at him. “You won't get away with this, I'll!” Roaring was interrupted mid sentence. “You'll what? Get squashed? Make threats you can actually keep.” Twilight snarled back to him. “It's time for bed for me, try to escape overnight and I kill you.” Twilight grinned and trotted upstairs. Roaring flew back up onto the table, it was obvious that the 5 ponies were going to try and escape. They each flew down, carried by Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy. Roaring didn't want to be part of their plan. He figured since more ponies have disappeared, then there must be more of them in the library. He flew down and started looking in every spot he could find, until he reached a huge bug jar. In it were a couple of familiar ponies, a red stallion was one of them. He flew on top and started to open the jar, he pulled it off and lifted it into the air. The pony he saw was strong enough to buck through the jar, luckily enough it was a fairly small jar in reality so Twilight didn't get woken up by it. The stallion addressed himself as “Big Macintosh”, their conversation was shortened because he ran to go assist his sister and her friends with their plan. A filly who was in the jar rode on his back, Roaring was smart enough to assume it was his little sister. Forgetting he was holding the lid, he dropped it on the wood floor making a huge banging sound. He heard silence to his relief, but his heart stopped when he heard trotting down the stairs. He didn't know where to hide, he wasn't familiar with the house. But suddenly he heard a “Pssst” sound coming from behind a book on the shelf. He flew behind it and saw a familiar baby dragon. The dragon peeked around the corner, everything looked good until suddenly the book was lifted into the air with a purple aura. Twilight quickly dropped the book, but the baby dragon jumped forwards and tackled Roaring away. As Roaring turned he noticed the bottom of the book, now being lifted. Covered in blood, Roaring wouldn't forget this. He quickly flew away hoping to draw attention away from the 5 ponies. He felt himself get slammed by the book, he landed on a chair. Luckily Twilight didn't see him hit the chair, she noticed Big Mac running on the ground. Roaring's heart sank as he noticed Twilight's plot heading right down towards him. Twilight sat right down on Roaring, and looked at Big Mac. Could Roaring hold his breath long enough? About 30 seconds later she got off of almost unconscious Roaring Fire. To Roaring's fear she looks down and see's the small Roaring. She grinned, she then picked up the chair and threw it across the room. Roaring saw the leg of the chair crushing a small Big Mac. She runs ahead and steps on Apple Bloom on the way. Roaring flies quickly to the door, where the 5 mares are bashing against it. Twilight quickly approaches, him and Rainbow Dash flew up to Twilight's face to start distracting. She caught Rainbow in her mouth by the wing, she flailed her around like a dog. Roaring rammed her cheek, she let go and used her magical aura to throw Roaring at Rainbow Dash who then both rolled to the door. “You all go...I'll distract her....if that's okay with you.” Fluttershy whispered nervously. “No, Fluttershy you deserve to live. I'll do it.” Rainbow confidently said. Twilight's hoof came down right above Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash, they didn't see it. When they thought they were just merely going to be mush on the bottom of her hoof. Roaring caught the hoof mid air and tried to lift it. “ the door go...” Roaring weakly said. Roaring bit Twilight's hoof making her stumble backwards, as Roaring landed he was surprised by the yellow mare planting a kiss on his cheek. “Thank you...Roaring...” Fluttershy ran out with Rainbow Dash and the other mares. Roaring's heart grew warm, but soon again was cold when he felt himself get launched by a hoof into a wall. He landed on the ground and tried to get up, he felt a hoof pressing down rather lightly on him. He looked up to see Twilight grinning at him, she opened her mouth one last time. “As I said, make a threat you can keep.” Twilight said smiling at him, he wasn't afraid. More relieved that he was able to save the others. He felt his vision slowly fade, he heard her evil cackle and then felt nothing...he was now just residue on her hoof. Never to be seen again, luckily the other mares escaped and warned Celestia of Twilight's evil. Twilight was later captured and sent to Tarturus for her crimes. (The End) (THIS WAS COMPLETELY NON-CANON, I DO NOT OWN MY LITTLE PONY FRIENDSHIP IS MAGIC, I JUST MERELY WROTE THIS STORY) (Please, subscribe to my youtube: NoobyFilmsStudios) (Go to my profile on TheAmazingPinkito) (And please feel free to do a dramatic reading, or put it on different websites as long as I'm credited.)
  3. ok, so after a whole week, I finally did it! I completed my Minecraft Rainbow Factory remake! It took me a REALLY long time, but It is avalible for download at my website: Please download it, explore it, and let me know what you think! DO NOTE-some features are unavailable until 1.8 gets released. feel free to do whatever you want!
  4. Hello everypony, my name is Rokkurin and I want to see who can make the best creepypasta story. I have read every single one to date and I will know if you are just copying one. The story does not have to be about ponies. It can be about anything. Make a story that will scare the pants off of everyone. Make it as realistic as possible. Make it believable. If this is successful then I will make a competition with it too. What the prize will be, I don't know, this is just a thought. Now, scare everypony. Make them have nightmares!!!!! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!