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Found 75 results

  1. LOL I know this is random. Anyway I've always found goats kinda creepy because they have rectangles for pupils.
  2. Quite recently, a particular game has been stirring up conversation in various forums and posting websites. 'Sonic Dreams Collection' is not an official Sega game, it does however, seem to be a silly parody game on the surface. The game does go into weird fetishes that the sonic fandom has, and has implications of 'shipping' and 'vore', but it has no real nudity or bad stuff. However, this game has a deeper and darker side to it. Past the stupid stuff, it has a much more to offer. Past this line has spoilers to the game. ----------------------- ( •ω•) -Rogue
  3. As the title says,Do you believe in ghosts/creepy stuff/paranormal activities,And have you encountered it before?
  4. Another entry, another theme, this time we are going to cover music videos, yup, those videos explaining the content of the song in the artist/band 's vision. Is more than possible that you already seen these but i just compliate them to make you remember or in case you havent seen them show you a good collection of freaky material. Although may scare you or not, the truth is that this entry do not necesary contains scary stuff, but weird, strange, bizzarre content that either make you freak out, give you a good laugh or simply say "wtf?" with that being said, enjoy! This entry contains 6 videos 1) Pearl Jam - Do the evolution This video traumatized me when i was a kid, as you see the content of the video your vision about humanity may either chance or confirm it, judge by yourslef 2) Molotov - El mundo Mexican group Molotov has been known for their controversy, and in 2000 due numerous rumors that the world will end, the band make a music video talking about how the world will end, and the video caused a lot of controvery for provoque fear to the catastrofic date that the video almost dissapeared from the media and this is the only material it exists today 3) Tool - Schism Tool is a american band that has been known for their psychedellic videos, and when they released Schism the video provoques various reactions to the audience, i can post more videos about this amazing group but this video is one that personally contains most of the essence of the band with "parabola" 4) Aphex Twin - Come to Daddy British group Aphex Twin released this video that is worth to watch in complete dark with earphones 5) Antihoney - Constant Flow This video is special, very special indeed, because even if the music is relaxing and sweet the video on the other hand is unsettling, like if something doesn't seem right, please post your reactions about this piece 6) Cardiacs - To go off and things This video is not necesary disturbing but bizzarre, weird, exageratted and crazy in a unique way, what you will see is madness in a pure state, you will either love or hate the band
  5. Fellow Bronies! today i we still are going to cover the audio, but this time instead of heard disturbing audio we are going to cover music, we all know that music is a important factor for emotions, so today ill show you the 7 most weird, disturbing music. these do not need further explanation, they are just songs made by artist with the purpose of give you a chilling ambience Cheers! Hamburger Lady Karl Meyer Jupiter and Beyond Diamanda Galas - Gloomy Sunday Jocelyn Pook - Masked Ball send your reactions and smash that brohoof buttom for more of this saga!
  6. Hello again! thanks for stopping by! it's time for some.. *put my palm around my ear* WEIRD VIDEOS!! now the theme of the videos are Sounds, yep, these are not videos as such but strange sounds that will do make your skin chills if you heard them alone in the dark. remember, there's no screamers and you are free to use your earphones for maximum scare experience just remember! if you are too sensitive to spooky audio i reccomend to not hear them but since you are a brave person have a nice trip to horror ^^ If you find a creepy or weird video/audio, please feel free to share it with us and make larger our collection and post your reactions too. Also if some videos are fake or not is irrelevant, the purpose is to freak you out. Cheers! 1) creepy Radio recording This video was posted by Sir Fortesque76, and he says he is works as a security guard of a bank and he was listening to a radio something strange,he grabs his phone and record the audio, this is what he got 2) The WKCR incident In 1995 a mysterious interruption cut the signal of the 88.9FM station and what it is heard next are screams and whispers with voices naming deceased persons. 3) Operation Wandering Souls During Vietnam war the US used an audio to frighten the Vietcong because of their religious beliefs, the vietnamese people believed that if someone dies without being buried the soul of the deceased will wander in pain for all eternity. The audio recordings can be an important factor in the battlefield? You be the judge. 4) The unexplainable Phone Call This audio was recorded by someone's friend who tried to call his mom but instead of being his mom a strange sound was instead heard, So far we cannot tell what it is, feel free to post your thoughts 5) The sound of Saturn The NASA has been detecting radio emissions from the Saturn planet, and they compress those waves into audio sound and this is what's found Tell us what was the audio that scared you the most. keep up the brohooves to continue this saga! n.n // BONUS Aghast - Sacrifice Aghast is a group composed by 2 witches of Norway that began to make atmospheric music specially for black magic rituals. It's been said that when they began recording their firsts albums strange things happened in the studio like poltergeist and stuff, is not recommended to listen to it alone and the music is charged with negative feelings and depression Creepiest call voicemail. Finally the most scary audio i found, the woman on the video found that someone left a message on her voice mail. The sounds aren't proved to be an animal, whoever who made that sound is not either human or animal, seems like something unknown, something or someone who is able to make calls and leave this, the audio hasn't been debunked so far and no further explanation exists to this day. I warn you, this sound is specially scary if you have a voice mail recorded, if you are going to listen to it, you are at your own risk and i do not be responsible for any shock or trauma.
  7. Whether is was paranormal or not, I want to read some creepy things that have happened to some of my fellow bronys. I'll tell you a creepy thing that happened to me on the bus a few years ago. I wrote it down so I wouldn't forget. The Crow: The heaviness in my eyelids was the first thing I felt that morning. The night before was a long one because I fell asleep around 1:00 AM. I do that a lot. I could feel the softness of my mattress on my back as I lay there motionless. As my brain started to wake up, the eerie feeling of being watched creeped up my spine. I tried collecting my thoughts while trying to shake the unsettling feeling. I tried to move my body… but it remained as still as a rock. The feeling of being watched kept growing inside me. All of a sudden, I mustered up the strength to move my head. My bed is placed next to a large window that lets sun in every morning. My instincts told me to look towards it… and that when I saw it. Right at the edge of the roof above my room were two beady, black eyes starring right into mine. My head froze. I could not look away. It must have been a few minutes of us starring at each other unblinking. As I starred at it, I realized exactly what that thing was. It was bird. My instincts started to trigger again. This time it told me that this was no ordinary bird. It was pitch black with a sharp beak and almost looked as if it had some sort of high intelligence. I had never seen bird like that ever. As the bird and I kept starring at each other, the bird slowly shifted away behind the roof top. A few seconds later, it shifted back into place… back to staring at me. It repeated this 3 times before finally disappearing. I sat there just starring at the sky for what felt like an hour. Suddenly, the strength in my body returned. I could move! I stood up, walked out of my room and into the living room. My thoughts were spinning in my head. All I could think of was the word “Nevermore”. I know this all sounds fake but this DID actually happen to me. Now its your turn to tell me something.
  8. What would we do without our dose of creepiness and WTF? today i have a special gift you you horror lovers, if you like creepy stuff like me you may enjoy these materials, no screamers in any of those videos, guaranteed. In my last entry i mentioned that in the entry #5 of this saga i would make a special, but how 'bout some warm up with a prelude to horror? Today i show you the most WTF videos i ever saw and the theme is "Horror in Black and White, what does it mean? all these videos are in black and white and some are designed specifically to make you feel chills. No cheap horror is a quality horror that not even your blankets will make you feel safe! Of course is my job to present you this videos but the work of this exquisite material belong to their respective creators, so grab some sodas, prepare your snacks, be with friends because this is going to be good! no description as i used to just watch them as a surprice That thing by Sofia Rincon. Sueño Real by lanimibusband Trogort by Principe Subliminal The peanut Vendor Bonus material: Father Sigygis I warn you, if you are specially sensitive about horror stuff i must insist to close this entry and go watch something else but since i know you won't, delight yourself.
  9. What was the most disturbing experience you've ever had with or witnessed involving another person on the internet? For me, two things come to mind... First is a website I heard about. Can't remember the name, but it was one of those "Thinspiration" sites, which basically encourage people to half starve themselves for the sake of losing weight. Including an encouraging community, images of other people who looked like skin and bones to "inspire you" past the hunger, tricks to get thinner... ugh. It unsettles me so much to think of people doing that to themselves... and people ENCOURAGING it instead of helping to shake them out of it. Secondly, a guy in a Youtube comments section. Can't remember the video, but the dude was an extreme religiously person, and he was a huge transphobic. He was mocking "Tumblrinas" and "pretty boys." (aka male to female transitioners) He was talking about how pathetic they were, how depressed they were, and how he loved making their lives as miserable as possible by harassing their Tumblr accounts. He talked about how they did not deserve to live. If I remember right, he boasted about how many he had driven to suicide, and after the comment chain was finished, he announced he was off to go and try to encourage some more to kill themselves. I was extremely disturbed reading this, to say the least. What a true creep in every sense of the freaking word. What are your creepy, disturbing or funny tales of the darker depths of the internet?
  10. I just found it on EQD and haven't actually come across any, but what do you think? Personally I think they look weird. They still seem a bit cute, despite having flaws. They do leave much to be desired though.
  11. Hi everyone! So I found this: youtube and I got really inpsired so I made this! I'm so happy with how it turned out, what do you think? ^^
  12. A simple day and a simple tme, as i relax till i find a good, and interesting reading to listen to which I think some of you guys might enjoy
  13. RECEIVED_ A particular tumblr blog has been posting several creepy pictures of Princess Luna, alone on the moon. Alone, these seem pretty creepy. However, this in't just another 'Edgy' tumblr blog. These creepy posts have come with encoded messages. Over the past few days, me and several others on /mlp/ have tried decoding the puzzle. I'm not very educated in secret messages and decoding, but I do know a few clues that may get you guys started on a track to solving the puzzle, and maybe finding more about the story of Loona. (May contain 2spooky4me images and videos) The first thing I know of is the post of numerous 1's and 0's, which seems like binary. This however, is not binary, but some sort of ascii art. The second thing is the radio transmission. This may seem like a creepy jumble of waves, but I believe it may be some sort of image that has been made into a sound signal. I've tried using a RX-SSTV decoder to turn the signal into a digital image, but I have had no luck. Some of it I think is morse code, or maybe binary. I'm not very good with either of those, so I'll let you guys have a try. - ../.. /. – –/- //— -./ .. … ./-/ .-.. .-.. .//- .-. — ..- -. -///.. ..-/ …/// I've also heard if you drag some of the things around such as the cresent moon, it will reveal secret messages and stuff. That's all -Rogue
  14. REMINDER: Keep it SFW, but still scary. Post all your creepy stuff here/talk about why things are so scary. I made this because the music video for Pinion by Nine Inch Nails is spooky as hell and incredibly vague. (I'm doing a direct link because the thumbnail is kind of spoilers) This would mark the second thread made today by posting a nine inch nails music video. I'm obsessed.
  15. It was a dark room. Or, rather, darkness surrounded me; the figures at its center were easily visible. There was a man - older than myself - speaking. Addressing me. Asking questions. I was standing back to back with another man. I had the impression of him; of who - or what - he was. Either I couldn't see his face or didn't want to; though I felt strongly that his "face" would be bare and skeletal. The talking man inquired, "Who is this?" Despite my initial feelings, I experienced a sense of relief or of comfort, and I responded without hesitation. "This is my friend, and I will meet him someday." I met death in a dream.
  16. I was messing around with audacity today and made this creepy sounding music, It's almost like ambient music but just a creepy and slow version of it. Tell me what you think about it, and please be honest with me.
  17. When a young colt buys a used copy of Pokemon Green Version, things get really scary, really fast. Coming soon.
  18. Hello to all of the PokèBronies out there. Today I am starting my first discussion, Lavender Town Brings back memories of Pokemon in the 90's doesn't it? Also, it should remind you of the dark side of those games... With lots of rumors and myths to go along with it. So, what's your opinion on the matter? Was some of it real? All of it? None? Let me know, and mabye someday we'll all know the truth...
  19. A mild and aggressive kind of waves, Its arrival distorts our reality We are going into the fourth dimensions, good luck with your vitality
  20. Ok guys, so something happened to my friend and I back in March, and I thought I'd share it with you, just because it was so utterly bizarre, I'm not even sure what to make of it. It was around 1 AM one night, I was playing games with my headset on, and I started hearing something that wasn't in my game. I took my headset off, realizing then that the noise was coming from outside my apartment. I went out on the balcony, and heard the most creepy and unexplainable sounds I'd ever witnessed. They were loud enough to get my attention through sound proof glass, and over my headset. They also woke my friend up, who had his window open, and was listening from his room. The sounds soon died off, but we were both kind of spooked by it, because of how strange it was, so we stayed up watching TV for a while. Around 3AM, the sounds started up again. This time my friend had his phone ready to record it, and we captured a minute and twenty seconds of it from our balcony. Let me know what you think. There's a brief description on the soundcloud page.
  21. So, which are some of your favorite urban legends related to the world of gaming? Even though these rumors are usually always hoaxes, it's kinda amusing to read about them sometimes. Some notable examples include being able to resurrect Aerith in FF7, the myriad of myths surrounding the GTA series, the infamous Polybius, and many others.
  22. What's up with my friend here? What's happening to us?
  23. What's the creepiest music you've ever heard in a video game? This thread was inspired by this lovely little Isaac rebirth track that was teased two weeks ago:
  24. Currently, The Cutie Map is the best two-parter of the entire show. It has the best pacing; a great moral; great use of primary, secondary, and background characters; and well-executed very dark themes. But one thing about this two-parter that really sticks out the most, and also helps make it so great, is how creepy this episode truly is. There's a lot of really well-done disturbing audio and imagery; part of it has to do with Starlight Glimmer's attitude and control over her village. The overall essence of her control is from one of the songs is this season's first half: In Our Town. In a thread I opened a few months ago, I highlighted and asked the audience about what part(s) of The Cutie Map that creeped them out the most. For me, one of them was this song. To echo what I wrote there, it's incredibly optimistic, and the catchy tune has a lot to do with it. But pay attention to the portrayal of the Equalists and their smiles. Everything feels controlled, and Starlight is the glue that keeps them under control. One mare had her locks unwound, and when Starlight wound them back up, she smiled very nervously. Secondly, the marching is very synchronized. Everything is done to the tune, and it looks perfect. The marches were not an added element, but an actual component to the songs, and for good reason: The song was inspired by World War II propaganda music, and many of the musical arrangements and messages you see and hear come from countries heavily influenced by this genre, like Nazi Germany. But you can really pinpoint Glimmer's tyranny from this meter (and easily the most unsettling line of the entire show): "You can't have a nightmare if you never dream." To quote my analysis of this section of the two-parter: But there's a lot more to it. Starlight Glimmer is a dictator and easily the most diabolical villain of the show. Yes, there are other nasty villains like Sombra and Tirek, but they never dove into psychological evil. While they lusted for total domination of Equestria, Glimmer intended to break you down mentally. She weakens you by stealing your original mark and replacing it with an equal sign that will completely control your personality. Then she locks you up and brainwashes you. That one lyric is Starlight's philosophy. Now I have some questions: What were your initial impressions of In Our Town? Have they changed in any way? If so, did these impressions change for the better or worse, and why? What details in the song stick out the most? They can be the visuals (animation, character expressions, choreography), audio, lyrical, or whichever. Ingram revealed on Twitter that WWII propaganda music inspired him to create this song. What's your response to it? Pretend you were out and about — in a restaurant, in transit, or in a park. Suddenly, someone told you or somebody else, "You can't have a nightmare if you never dream." What would your reaction be?