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Found 4 results

  1. Hey there! It's the first time I ever post in this section of the forums ... This is the first pony artwork I ever upload to the internet, it's pretty simple, but I hope you like it I'd appreciate if you could tell me what you think about it Thanks!!!
  2. (I know this is a controversial topic here, but i think that i can trust this forum, that we can talk about it with respect for each other. Just because you disagree with anothers opinion, dosen't mean that you're a better person) Yeah, what the title pretty much says. I am not talking about if she deserved it, if she ruined the show, if she is a different character, or all this other stuff, because i am sick and tired of it. I would rather ask the guys, who watched previous seasons, if they actually saw this coming? I actually kind of did. Maybe not from a story perspective, but from some other symbolic stuff. When i watched the first episode, i asked myself "why is she the only with a "big crown thingy?"" When it went on to Cutie Mark Chronicles, where Twilight said how she pretty much went rampage with her magic and that Celestia said that she has the most raw magical abilities she had ever seen, i thought to myself "watch out guys. She's gonna turn into an Alicorn one day." When MMC came around the corner and the pics of her wings where shown, i thought to myself "i am not surprised one bit." I am probably one of the few guys at january 28th 2013, who remained calm as buck. I wouldn't say that i saw it 100% coming, but atleast 85%. So, what about you guys? Did you see it coming or not?
  3. I've noticed that there isn't much love for our Princess Celestia out there, Luna is great, but I still love our awesome princess, so I decided to try to capture her awsomnation on paper!!!! Hope yall' bronies and Pegasisters like this drawing of Celestia!!!!! :-D