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Found 21 results

  1. So, to fully participate, you must TELL THE TRUTH. No criticizing, because everyone thinks differently. So, here are the three crushes you MUST share if you want to participate. Forum Member Crush: Pony Crush: IRL Crush: That's it! Please be completely honest, and don't be shy! To show I will completely honest with you guys, I will share mine! Forum Member Crush: Champion RD92 Pony Crush: Big Macintosh IRL: Ross Lynch BTW, IRL crush can be celebrity or from school or whatever, but if they are from school or whatever, no last names please! Keep their info private! Okay, happy sharing!
  2. That's right, if one thing is perfect for MLP, it's shipping! Ponies are shipped with everything! (okay Rainbowdash is...) but this thread is for discussing shipping, within the show.
  3. All right after successfully paring up users and I decided to make a thread where I give advice on crushes. If you have a forum or real life crush, come to me and I'll give you crush advice on how to talk to them. If the crush is on the forums, you can choose to say their name or just keep the crush anonymous. You might think this thread is similar to the special some pony thread. The difference is this is more for advice on how to talk to your crush or get to second base with them or how your crush life is, So ask away!
  4. Since there is a thread for cartoon crushes, I have decided to make a thread for video game crushes. Oh god why the fuck did I think this was a good idea? Anyway, post and vidya game characters you have a crush on.
  5. Why do you love this character? For me it'd be Spitfire. I think she'd be cool to hang out with, and I think she is adorable. And plus, she is my favorite color scheme (orange, yellow, and red.)
  6. Crushing on a fictional character? Confess here! Braeburn is my husdando. He's all mine! No touchy!
  7. Alright folks, I've got a question for you! I just got curious and wanted to ask you if you have got a crush on a mare or a stallion from the whole MLP show? And why exactly? My crush would be Songbird Serenade from the MLP movie, I love her introduction, her main, her voice, the way she's singing, frankly she's absolutely stunning. I also love, at the end of the movie when she's singing the "rainbow" song the way she's flapping with her wings, aswell as ready to take off, up in the sky, spreading her wings, it's so majestic!
  8. just as the topic says - is there anyone you crush on on here? And if not on the forums, is there anyone irl you have a crush on?
  9. Hypothetically Out of all the Mane 6 who is more likely to have a crush on Twilight? Applejack, Rarity, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, or Fluttershy? Pretty much which is more plausible?
  10. Hypothetically, which of the Mane 6 do you think Twilight could have a crush on? Applejack, Rarity, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, or Fluttershy? Which is more plausible?
  11. I just wondered if I was the only person who has had crushes on Anime characters. If you do... Who? If you don't... Why not? I must say a tiny part of me has always had a crush on Gary Oak.
  12. Do you have a huge crush on someone? and you think there the one but there married/in a relationship?,If so please tell me if you have a huge crush on someone and you think there the one but they are married or in a relationship does it break you're heart? Tell me about mine in messages please.
  13. Who do you have a crush on?,Yes you may post pictures of you're crush but don't say what actor you have a crush on since I have a thread of what actor's you have a crush on. You don't have too post pictures and use the full name of you're crush,I have crushes on some people.
  14. got another idea? post it here NOTE: this is just to be goofy, i am not (that) insane. just for humor.
  15. This is just something that I've been noticing. Whenever we have company over some want "crushed" ice specifically. Do they enjoy every little crunch of ice with their drink? Others want it cubed; Just to make it cold, and big so that they don't get an abundance of ice? Some don't want any. Personally I like crushed ice. But to me, ice is ice. I won't yell at the person "This isn't crushed!" Give me your opinions please
  16. I've seen convention stuff and interviews with Tabitha St. Germain, the voice actress who voices Rarity, Princess Luna, and many other ponies, and Pepper Clark, and Martha of "Martha Speaks"! She's so cute and silly! Well, Ashleigh Ball is also cute, and I, uh, do admire Cathy Weseluck's humor and that "inflection" that is present throughout all her voices. But really, Tabitha is way hotter than Tara or Andrea, but they are all lovely ladies. I'm 22 years old and Tabitha is 37. Yeah.
  17. Oh, hi. I was thinking that I was all alone up here for some reason. I usually am. Still, maybe it's not so bad and we can talk for a little while anyway. And don't worry, even if I have a lot on my mind I'm not going to bite your tail off if you ask me things
  18. The word love... we use it all the time, and yet no one has ever fully comprehended its meaning. It comes in so many different shapes and sizes. It's like what one of my friend's Facebook updates said: no one will ever have the same love story. We all want that elusive thing called love. Heck, I'm a hopeless romantic! I've had at least 4 crushes and I currently have a deep one now (More on that later)! That's the thing though. When do you find love? I remember my violin teacher telling me that love just comes to you. You'll know it when you feel it. Even so, there's been so many moments like that in my life where I think I found true love when it reality it was quite the opposite. I remember that one time I was hopelessly in love with this girl in middle school. She already had a boyfriend and I thought I could win her over. When I look back, I would scoff at myself for being so naive! It would NEVER have worked out! We were simply too different! You see, that's one of the first steps to true love. Being able to find that girl who will share some of the many passions and views you have on life. That takes time to ferment. I hear a lot of people saying to listeners that once they're interested in a girl that they have to catch her real quick or else she'll be gone! Women are like fish! Personally, that can be a fair piece of advice, but at the same time, one can easily be urged to find that perfect girl as soon as possible because of the limited time they'll have to woo her! It doesn't always have to be like that. Many love stories have fermented through deep friendship. In fact, it's that deep friendship which allows the potential couple to know each other more and to see whether they're the one they want to marry. My parents sure got married under those pretenses; my mom first knew my dad through word of mouth from other people. She then somehow got to know my dad more, and they became great friends. They got deeper and deeper without much dating and before they knew it, they decided to get married! Now... my current crush. She's a Fluttershy. She's chubby with long dark brown hair. She's about my height: 5' 7" When I mention her, my parents would joke about her in a friendly manner. Like how if I got married to her we'd have fat children because she's chubby (MOOOM!!!! SHUT UP! SHE'S NOT THAT FAT!), the fact they can't comprehend how she's white despite the fact her father's dark brown (DAD! Her mom's white you know! Yes we agree that dark skin dominates, but it doesn't mean white children aren't possible! UGH!), and their confusion at her chubbiness despite her vegan nature (Ok. I understand where they're coming from in that sense). Don't worry. They were just joking and I quite enjoy their jokes. Ok at this point you're wondering why I mentioned my crush. She's such a wonderful girl overall. Let's see... she's shy, modest, honest, and attentive. I've never met a girl so interactive in our conversations... She listens to everything I say and remembers it too (surprisingly). She even shows me her life too, and it just feels like we're open to each other. What really is the icing on the cake is that she told me that I comfort her and that her close friend told me that I'm the only guy she feels comfort being with. It's just too bad it hasn't resulted in a relationship yet... She doesn't want one with any guy right now... The fact she said no to a relationship right now didn't hurt too much really. I knew how to get over that. What really hurt was that she didn't have any guy friends. I'm her only guy friend and she pooled me in like all the other guys when she said she didn't want a relationship with any guy. I know she's a Fluttershy, but still. That hurt more. But... The thing is, I've learned something from my gradually deepening (I hope?) friendship with her. I know i have crush issues right now, but I learned that rushing a relationship is never a good thing. What if they're simply not ready yet? What if you're not ready yet? You probably wouldn't want to be rushed either, especially if you have tests and extracurricular activities to worry about. I get tempted every day to rush to a relationship with her, but I've learned that patience is often the best way to go, even if it means not having that relationship in the first place. Who knows? If that happens, there's probably someone better. It's a tough resignation to make, but if it needs to be made, then I've learned... so be it. Maybe an even better love story will pop up. Even with that in mind, it's not wrong to ponder... she's smiled wider, showed an even more interactive attitude in our conversations, and even teased me back in reply after I spontaneously teased her about going to the library on the first day back to university. Her giggle and laugh was so cute... AHHH... If only I could elicit that response more often... It's not wrong to dream right?
  19. Why do I always wait until the last moment on Friday to do something awesome? Why does it have to be a three day weekend this week? WHYYYYYY?! Yesterday was the best day of my life. I guess I should give you a bit of backstory so you understand... THE BACKSTORY There's this kid that I like, no, love. I first got a crush on him in September, and it's May now. You can see how much my love has grown. My sister keeps pushing me to ask him out, but whoever says that it's easy to ask your crush out is W-R-O-N-G. I never have enough guts, especially when he's around his friends. Everybody knows I like him, including him, but I don't care. I have this moment of thinking he likes me, and another moment of thinking he hates me. Anyway, on Tuesday, my science teacher was talking about the buzzing sound mosquitos make, and how it attracts a male to a female, or vise versa. Then he started talking about how some of us kids "buzz" to each other, and pretty soon, the room was full of buzzing. The next day, in gym, this kid named Cammy was all like, "Admit it. You're jealous that he likes me." I just kept my cool. In science that same day, me and my friend were looking for groups to join. There were two three-person groups, one with my crush, and one with a person I know l likes my friend. So, I directed her over to that table, and I walked myself over to the table with my crush. He seemed pretty happy about it. I had made a deadline for making my move, Tuesday of next week. And now, the story starts. THE STORY At the bus loop that day, I was wandering around like I normally do, and I heard a "bzzzzz" behind me. I turned partly around, and there he was, following me and buzzing, his two friends trailing. One of his friends, Peter, pointed out the quite obvious fact that he was buzzing at me, and I just shook my head. It was just too good to be true. Then, a few minutes later, his other friend Ethan came up to me and started mumbling something. All I could make out was my crush's name. I had no idea otherwise, so I just shrugged. As I was walking away, though, I heard that familiar voice whimper, "You broke my heart..." I stopped in my tracks, and turned around, only to see that his bus was coming. He slowly walked to the line, and I figured that now was my chance. Despite my extreme nervousness and his surrounding friends, and walked right up to him, and hugged him. Yup. That's right. Full on hug. Right there. In front of all his friends. Every last one of them. I was so super OMG happy, I didn't even mind that my friend Phoenix was being strangely feral again. I didn't see his face, but I have a feeling he enjoyed it. So, that's my story. And now you see how I cannot wait until I see him again. I still get that warm feeling whenever I think about the hug. *Squee*! TL;DR I hugged my crush and I think he likes me.
  20. Hello, fellow bronies! Okay, one day I talked with a fellow brony friend of mine. He told me that his favorite pony was Fluttershy, and I suddenly remembered his crush - she's a cute and quiet girl, who's kind to everypony. So that got me thinking... Maybe one's favorite pony reflects the desire what someone wants in his/her companion. There are certain characteristics in ponies - stereotypical things. I've done a list of the mane six, for example... Twilight Sparkle - intellectual, likes reading, curious, organized, hard-working Rainbow Dash - adventurous, sporty, likes attention, likes racing, loyal, spontaneous, lazy, has attitude Rarity - likes attention, lady-like, into fashion and beauty, generous, has class Applejack - honest, sporty, family's important, hard-working, likes to bake and help Pinkie Pie - Fun, humorous, musical, never boring, loves to laugh, parties Fluttershy - cute, quiet, loves animals, gentle, caring, kind I think you get the picture. It's also a "mix-and-match" type of thing - you might like, for example, that Pinkie's constant randomness is annoying but you love her attitude and her willingness to get everypony smile. So, what do you ponies think of my theory~?
  21. Hello fellow Bronies! I have finally finished the first chapter of my first pony fic. *applause* So I guess you want to see the fanfic but I need to discuss some things...or you could just skip to the links to read my story. So anyway, I need you guys to tell me about any misuse of words, grammar mistakes and etc. Also I would like to know about ways to make parts of the story better. I'm also sorry for anti climatic scenes and remember I'm still a beginner. Any constructive criticism of how to make the story better is appreciated. I will be editing this a couple of times if you tell me about mistakes to make sure it is not filled with errors but I will tell you if a chapter is updated. Here's the summary. When Pinkie Pie gets saved from almost certain death, she starts to develop feelings for the one who saved her. The only problem with that is the one who saved a MARE! So its up to her to decide if she really likes her and if she can gather up the courage to tell her friends, family, and, most importantly, her crush. Link to main: http://www.fimfictio...Feelings-Get%21 Link to first chapter *Update*: http://www.fimfictio...-for-someone%21 Link for chapter 2 *Update*: http://www.fimfictio...uty-of-a-sunset Chapter 3 *Update*: http://www.fimfictio...alking-to-Cakes Chapter 4: http://www.fimfictio...not-a-Rarity%21 Chapter 5: http://www.fimfictio...nd-%2Aupdate%2A Chapter 6: http://www.fimfictio...21-%2AEdited%2A Chapter 7: Please comment and constructive criticism.