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Found 77 results

  1. Now tell meh, what is best? Pinkie Pie's Cupcakes or Derpy Hoove's Muffins? Or any other suggestions?
  2. I've been thinking lately, who would win in a fight? Cupcake's Pinkie Pie or Pinkamena Diane Pie? You can use anything from the fandom about them BUT it has to be about that version of the great Butcher; for example: You can't use information about Pinkamena for Pinkie and vise versa. Now then, let the battle begin!
  3. In the MLP movie during the scene in the desert Pinkie picks up a skull with a beak, and in Cupcakes Pinkie brings out a skull with a very defining factor... a beak. Is that a reference or just a coincidence?
  4. Hello everyone so I'm not 100% sure if this goes here so I apologize if its in the wrong place, but I am looking to cosplay as Pinkamena and will be having her notorious cutie mark dress made now that's where all you lovely ponies come in now if you would like your OC to have their cutie mark added to the dress leave the name of your OC and their cutie mark now its going to be randomly picked I am going to be using a random generator to choose who's cutie mark gets added so NOT everybody will be chosen, but if chosen your OC will be killed and their cutie mark added and also turned into a cupcake if chosen so that's everything I look forward to pulling some numbers out. RULES 1. THIS IS NOT A FIRST COME FIRST SERVE NAMES WILL BE RANDOMLY CHOSEN SO NOT EVERYBODY WILL BE ADDED 2.POST YOUR OC AND THEIR CUTIE MARK 3.IF YOUR OCS CUTIE MARK HAS ANY OF THE CANON CHARACTERS CUTIE MARKS ON IT THEN SORRY IT WON'T BE ACCEPTED DUE TO I AM ALREADY ADDING THE MANE 6S AND SOME OTHERS CUTIE MARKS ONTO IT SO I DON'T WANT THE SAME CUTIE MARK ON THERE TWICE.
  5. Don't mind me, I just felt like parodying Cupcakes AND bad fanfiction in general. Basically going against everything that was posted in the Fanfiction Writing Guide posted by Dawn Rider. Enjoy. cupcaeks v2 by tailsisnotalone omg hello fluttershy said pinkie pie. she was jumping up and down alot while flutter shy just looked at her to shy to say anything. um h-hi p-pinkie p-pie if thats ok she finally said shuffling a hoof nervosly on the floor. oh thats totally alright flutters you can always say hello to me, i love it when other ponies say hello! said pinkie. And especially when they let me lure them down into the basement and lock the door behind them that is just my favorite thing because then we can play the BEST games. you locked the door? asked fluttershy. now now dont be a shypie said pinkie cuz this is going to be fun! out of nowhere she pulled out a huge butchr knife. sorry said fluttershy i know your secret your not rly pinkie pie your sgt sprinkles who wrote the first cupcakes story. and your projecting your sick fantasys into a cartoon character when you rly shood be getting mental help. dawwwwwr ur no fun! said pinkie/sgt. ok enough now bgone evil fanfic writer spirit shouted fluttershy giving her the stare. pinkie fell over frothing at the mouth then got up and blinked. wow she said, what happened? an example of a rly bad fanfic said flutters shy, plus tailsisnotalone felt like makeing fun of cupcakes. thats rite i did said tails from out of no where. plus i have my own fantasy to deal with. you sure do said rainbow dash get over here. and she kissed him the end
  6. You should see in some episodes like Boast Busters and Feeling Pinkie Keen, that Twilight didn't actually believe in that some sort of stuff in some episodes that anypony else would of done. So what happened to her common sence?
  7. I am making a story where two mares Derpy and Pinkie Pie get into a feud about which is greater, cupcakes or muffins. But since I'm making the story after the events of Season 6, I do not know what to do with Starlight Glimmer. I have only three options, she goes and runs away, works aside of Twilight Sparkle as more tragic events occur in Equestria or kill her off entirely (alongside of other ponies) I know she would be an interesting character but I have enough on my plate
  8. (Article as posted from Equestria Daily) What are your thoughts on this? Let's discuss this here =).
  9. I gotta wonder... Has anyone tried this? I kind of want to try it, but my first reaction is "gross!" Just wondered if anyone else was brave enough to try it, and if so... how was it?
  10. Would you rather die from pinkie pie making cupcakes or being made into rainbows for cloudsdale. Comment below.
  11. Seriously. I understand its notoriety as one of the most known, and shocking, MLP fanfics, but it's a trollfic released in January 2011, and when I see the 800th animation based on it: I can't help but roll my eyes. I understand making a parody or 2 of it, but does it really deserve this amount of fanworks dedicated to it? It's almost like it has it's own fandom, which I wouldn't normally oppose to, but it's such a lame trollfic that I honestly don't get it. Could someone explain the appeal of it to me please? Or clarify whether it's just trolling by people with a lot of free time? And what do you think about the following that Cupcakes has apparently gathered?
  12. Gilda gets secret lessons from Pinkie pie in baking to impress a certain griffin she likes :3 Inspired by today's wonderful episode, the writers are sure giving me copious amounts of shipping fuel this season lol
  13. Post your reaction in the comments below of what would you do if the avatar above you wants to bake you to a cupcake
  14. i know there is already a favorite fanfiction topic but i don't want to know what your favorite fanfiction overall is i just want grimdark recommendations i only know of three but they are my 3 favorite fanfictions they are sweet apple masicure (I think i spelled that correctly) cupcakes and rocket to insanity if you know any others i would appreciate it if you at least tell me and if possible post a link youtube or a website with it posted will do. thank you
  15. i think quite a few of watched the infamous cupcakes creepypasta (yes it is a creepypasta not fanvid) i made the mistake of watching it and i felt sick after it if anyone else agrees or doesn't say why
  16. So.. As you may know.. Cupcakes is a popular video on YouTube about Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie making Cupcakes and.. well if you haven't seen it then.. I don't want to spoil it. and if you HAVE saw it, then what do you think about it? I think it's... um.. really.. well.. there's no words o-o Yeah anyways, What do you think of Cupcakes?
  17. Has anyone else noticed similarities between Pinkie Pie and Earl Devereaux from Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs? Jumping from place to place seems to be Earl's main mode of transport, and he even has something approaching Pinkie sense. Take a look at this Youtube video. If you're too busy to look through the entire 50 seconds of it, jump to 0:43. In the sequel he even sells cupcakes:
  18. I am looking for a video where a guy adopts Pinkie Pie. Allow me to explain. Keep in mind that the entire video is live action except for Pinkie Pie herself, which is 2D animation. And anything that happened in the video that I'm not sure if it actually happened or if its just my memory being incorrect I will put in () Example: (And Pinkie Pie had a slight smile) So lets not waste anymore time. Here we go! The video starts out with some guy chasing after a car, presumably because someone he loved had left him. The guy suddenly realizes how futile his efforts are and stops chasing the car only to begin looking very depressed. The man starts walking around and spots a billboard advertising a Pinkie Pie adoption (the guy begins tearing up.) It then cuts to him on his computer on Ebay and shows him adopting Pinkie Pie. As soon as he clicks the "Buy now" button he hears a (Doorbell) and opens up his door to see a brown box laying at his doorstep. He then tires to pick it up only to have it burst open abruptly and Pinkie Pie jumps out with a big smile and confetti spraying everywhere. It then shows the man and Pinkie Pie playing games, first being video games where it shows the guy playing only for Pinkie Pie to become curious of the player 2 controller and begins to play with him. It then shows them playing table tennis (I believe the table tennis game is also the video thumbnail.) It then cuts to the guy and Pinkie Pie sleeping together, then Pinkie Pie reaches for the guys phone and begins deleting the messages left on it so he won't leave her to take care of those things because she wants him all to herself. It then cuts to the next morning and most of this shot is filmed from Pinkie Pie's perspective. Pinkie Pie herself sees and hears the world very strangely, hearing things in am echo and her line of vision has odd reddish boarders around it. It then shows Pinkie Pie searching for the guy all from her perspective. She eventually finds him and follows him, it mainly just shows the guy getting ready for work. She then follows him to the door (The guy turns his head to see Pinkie Pie and he pats her on the head) the guy then leaves for work. It then leaves Pinkie Pie's perspective to show her face which has a very blank expression (her hair then pops and she then gets a very sad expression.) It then does a time laps of the day never leaving Pinkie Pie's face and her face slowly contorts into a viscous glare slowly through out the day. The glare then gets so angry that it gets borderline murder look. (She might have veins in her eyes at this point.) It then cuts to the guy coming home (Its dark outside at this point.) He walks into the house and gets knocked out, presumably by Pinkie Pie. He then wakes up in the basement strapped to a table and hears hoof steps in the darkness. (its black and white at this point.) It shows the legs on Pinkie Pie walking up to her captive with a sharp tool (I think it might have been a Japanese sword, but I could very easily be wrong.) It then shows the sharp tool being pointed at his (Right) eye. The weapon then gets jabbed into his eye and a split second later he wakes up (and the credits start rolling.) It is unclear how much was a dream, weather it was just Pinkie Pie going crazy that was a dream, if Pinkie Pie herself was a dream to help cope with the fact that a loved one left him, or even if the loved one leaving him was a dream. So that is how I remember the video. If you can remember the video name that would be greatly appreciated. I first saw this video 2011/2012 and have been searching for it again since about the beginning of 2014. So any help would be appreciated. Thanks again! Oh boy. I had to type this in by hand because it seems there is something wrong with the paste button. My wrists hurt. Hopefully it will all be worth it. Oop...Erm....Found it! Its called "For 2$ it was totally worth it"
  19. After reading a certain post, it reminded me to find out how to make a topic and I finally found it! (not like that's a good thing). Slenderman.... I personally don't think it's scary, maybe the first time, but not really scary at all to me after that. Did any of you who've played it or watch someone play it think it's scary? If you don't know what Slenderman is, it's a scary game made for a competition in 14 days. It's supposively "The scariest game in the World" and the whole objective is to grab 8 pages as some obese fatty, at night, in a forest for whatever reason, with a flashlight. You don't get a page and eventually Slendy' will come after you, but after you grab a page he'll be after you. To lose, all you have to do is look at him long enough, and your game will exit automaticly. I think Amnesia is 1000x scarier than Slenderman personally. Probably because of the atmosphere, the sanity feature, health feature, and that your lamp is very limited on oil. Just everything about is scary to me I even deleted the icon so I don't have to look at it anymore! I'm probably still completely terrified of Amnesia...
  20. MLP cupcakes made by Buttershot, SkyCake, and myself. We got bored I've definately seen better made mlp cupcakes but we were just having fun.
  21. Front: Back: I had to go sell cupcakes at school one Saturday to earn money for the school. I thought one way to attract customers would be to make an awesome poster. Of course, a pony poster. And of course, a Pinkie Pie poster! Because come on, cupcakes right? And of course, if anyone noticed how I wrote 'There aren't any Dashies in them! Really!', they wouldn't get it anyway. And if they did, they wouldn't think to question what the Apple cupcakes are made of. Also, Twilight, because why the heck not? Then the flip side of the poster, since I wanted to draw her again, and decided to have a side in case I sold out (which i did). ... So anyway, its the first time I drew a pony so big. And the first time I colored in a pony so big using pastels. I succeeded. My art teacher saw me putting it up and asked 'Oh, ____ did you make that?' 'Uh...yes.' 'Its nice.' -smile- I don't know why I posted it like that... Anyway, everyone seemed to like it, so great! And, if you have a moment to spare, favorite it on DA, check my other art out, and/or give me a watch! Always love to get any kind of feedback. (sorry, bad quality!)
  22. This is the humanized version of Pinkamena I drew Sorry for the poor quality in advanced, I had to take these from my phone. I took it in three photos; full body, body close up, and head close up. Please, tell me what you think
  23. To those who loves coo coo Pinkie Pie, Grimdark lovers, and the Cupcakes -- I'll just leave this here. p.s. Another outcome of being bored.
  24. By the way, this is psychedelic Fluttershy. I drew her this way as a form of my self-entertainment, sort of speak. Let me know what you think of this. Note: I removed the photo in cooperation with moderators due to conflict with the rules and policies in the forums.
  25. I have only read a handful. Cupcakes, Rainbow Factory, Cheerilee's Garden, Scarlet's Harvest, and Sweet Apple Massacre. I don't personally think Cupcakes was THAT bad, and I don't think it deserves all the hate it gets. Sure, it was pretty gross, but I think Sweet Apple Massacre was creepier. But, my favorite of these would probably be Cheerilee's Garden/Scarlet's Harvest. They're interesting enough to make you want to keep you reading them, and dark enough to put you on the edge. What's your favorite Grimdark fanfic?