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Found 4 results

  1. The Son and the Goddess Among the cluster of stars, there is a legend… A starship captain was headed to a recently discovered planet. With him among his main crew was his young nephew. His nephew still a child had been requested by the leader of one clan. The captain hoping to get a treaty packed signed agreed. This signing would help the Federation prosper. When the ship arrived on the planet’s surface they were met by several guards in armor. They were taken to a stronghold located in a forest. The door opened to rivaling a cloaked figure carrying a helmet. As both the captain and young boy at his side went to take a knee. The cloaked figure removed the hood. A shock to both men as the figure turned out to be a family member. The captain’s mother. “I understand all of this must come as quite a shock to both of you. All will be explained in good time.” Her smile was gentle. Consisting of a calm domineer. They stood before the mother at her throne. She told them that she had taken the throne from the previous owner. She stated that she stayed with the Federation for some time after her husband’s passing, working on a ship as a security personnel member. Working with the crew helped distract her from some of the pain from the loss. Just recently, she felt she needed more out of life. When she heard about the discovery of a planet with warriors of very ancient traditions, she decided to visit. She wasted no time in resigning her position and using her credits to buy her own ship. A few members of her crew joined her as hire hands. Later, the extended family came on when she took over the throne. “Now it is the time that the two of you study as successors to the throne.” She gave a smile, leaning forward, seeming excited about the opportunity. The captain explained that he could not just leave his crew out there while the two of them studied in the politics and culture of this world. The refusal was clearly not an option as just then the guards drew out their guns. With that, the captain drew out his communicator telling his crew that he was going to need to take leave. Time passed along, the captain and nephew growing knowledge. Wartime came between the Federation army and the army of the queen’s family. The captain sided with his crew wanting to go back home after having felt like a hostage for so long. With the youngest of both families not wanting to take a side. He disabled both of the army’s leaders. Only hoping they would talk things over. The boy ran into the woods. Looking back one last time to see that the fighting continues. A year later the fighting stopped. A truce had formed between the queen and the Federation. As the queen lay on her deathbed she called to her son. “My son a truce has been formed. In hopes that the lost child of both families may be found.” She paused for a moment then continued, “Your brother married. This in-law of yours is fair and good. This is the boy’s mother. I have never met her but I was told her name was Savitri. Find your nephew. No, your son.” Her final parting words. Allowed her to close her eyes passing at that moment. The new count realized what he needed to do. Spending the next several weeks. He looked through all of the texts in the stronghold. In hope that before his brother passed on. He may have left some information about his wife. As the sun was rising one morning. He found the text telling him all about his brother’s mate. The people of the planet honored and worshiped a sun deity. For many centuries, the world prospered under the care of the dragon goddess. Peaceful times lasted for many years. Until the people of the kingdom began to fight over the land in the kingdom. They formed clans and wars were fought over ownership of land. A great evil was born from the hearts of these warriors. Their greed manifested into a demon. Light and darkness fought one another. Neither triumphing over the other. Moments before her slumber. Savitri manifested some of her eternal light. This light transformed into a human. This was the state she took when she first ruled the planet. The other part of her reformed into an elegant looking jewel. Should war happen and the great dragon be awoken. All shall suffer and the stars will begin anew. This had all been a setup. The reason the captain and his nephew had been called to the planet. The time they spent training at their new home. The fact that a war had been started between the Federation and the people of this world. All so the queen could awaken the true ruler to destroy the galaxy. Out of sheer pain through the loss of her husband. The pain his mother could never get over. Everyone would pay as a result of him being taken from her. The patriarch smiled at the thought of his nephew. No, his son. Had stopped the world from coming to an end. His running away had saved the galaxy and now it was the time he got him back. Hours went by and there was no sign of the boy. He searched the woods until he came upon an elegant looking Pegasus. Looking like an angel. Standing in the middle of the forest. The animal took a knee as soon as it saw him. “My lord I am a servant of Savitri. Her Highness requested that I find you. She is with her son. Right, this way.” The patriarch followed the beautiful animal through the forest until the pair came to a Spring Lake in which sitting across from them were two figures. One was the true hero of the war. The other a regal looking woman that was no doubt the creator of the universe. With that, he put a comforting hand on the boy’s shoulder explaining everything that had transpired. The captain asked for her hand in marriage and she nodded with a smile. The wedding said and done. The boy was now old enough to take over as the leader of the clan. His mother and father took their rightful place as rulers of the planet. The treaty between the Federation and this planet was never signed. Feeling a neutral state would be best for this world. With that, the planet was at peace for many years after that.
  2. (Firstly I'd like to say that I apologize if this is in the wrong section. Still fairly new to this forum ) It seems like the topic of how long a moon is in Equestria has been up for debate for some time now. Some propose it's a year, others say a month, but in the end no one knows for sure. However, I'd like to throw my hat into the ring and try to see if I could figure out how long it is, and I think I may have. So in the first Equestria Girls film, Luna says that the portal will close in 3 days, and won't open again for 30 moons. Then in Apple Family Reunion, Granny Smith says that they have a new family reunion every 100 moons. Of course this just doesn't add up, as there has been too much growth in the apple family for it to occur once every year, and Twilight being stuck in the human world for only a couple months wouldn't really be hugely catastrophic. So that pushes this off the table. However, I think there is a way this all can add up, and that's if there was a complete lunar cycle every 1.7 weeks. This would allow 30 moons to be the equivalent to 1.5 years, and thus allow there to be a large Apple family reunion every 5 years, or 100 moons. The former would make sense because that is a lot of time to be trapped between realms and have it be potentially dangerous for Equestria, while the latter would make sense because it allows time for significant family growth (and physical growth in characters like Apple Bloom) as well as allowing there to be smaller reunions in between then. Although this all is purely speculation, so if you disagree or have a theory of your own let me know!
  3. Hello Everypony! I have just finished my second tutorial for animating My Little Pony Characters. If you are interested, please check it out! This tutorial requires Adoble Flash. If you do not have Adobe Flash, check out my basic tutorial, which all you need is some sort of video editing software (click here). Here is the tutorial: This is the Rainbow Dash puppet I used in the tutorial: This is a complete folder of all the puppets I have found so far: Here is the source file for what I created in the video: If you found this helpful, please like the video and subscribe to me if you want to see some interesting PMV's in the future, or more tutorials!
  4. A lot of Bronies would mercilessly kill, as horrifyingly as possible, "whoever who made Fluttershy cry". But consider her own behaviour: if she sees you horribly destroy her enemies, she will not only cry some more, but she will be afraid of you. In rare cases, she might even attack you! In such a case, you are only continuing the cycle. Fluttershy will rather avoid humans as a result! Would you consider this?