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Found 23 results

  1. Anyone who read Doomsday Clock may have noticed a hint of DC possibly referencing their old rivals. Bold hints to be sure. But then the second issue of the new Thor comic comes out. There aren't any allusions here. Each side has all but name dropped the others heavy hitters. We have not had a large scale DC/ marvel crossover since the four part JLA/ Avengers in 2003. And it wasn't just the comics that maybe an indicator. There maybe some discontent over at AT&T, the owners of Warner Media. Comic sales are declining across the board. The big budget films are producing mixed results. DC didn't have as big a presence at Comic Con. There's talk of reducing the frequency of comics, going all digital or even selling off the publishing end completely. There's even some talk of DC pulling what Marvel did in the 90s and license out some of their characters and properties. A big crossover event with Marvel could be seen as the first step in boosting their profile back up. Though I doubt that it's the first step of a merger like some are saying. Disney has a lot of money, but not that much money. There's also the question of anti-trust laws if they even attempted it. Still, the thought of a new crossover is exciting. But what do you all think? What is this all leading to? How will the story play itself out in the comics? Which Marvel/DC parings have the best story potential? Discuss!
  2. what do you think is the biggest rivalry in geekdom? it can be rivalry between to different fandoms like star wars vs star trek, or a character rivalry like batman vs superman. personally the biggest fandom rivalry ive been a part of is thor vs hulk ( thor should always beat hulk). please post your thoughts on which rivalry is the biggest and the biggest rivalry you have been a part of.
  3. I know I'm in the minority here but I didn't like it. Without trying to give too much away for a movie called "Joker" there was barely any Joker proper in it. It felt like a remake of "King of Comedy" with DC characters shoehorned in just to get more people to see it Spoilers Below:
  4. We obviously have been in this superhero for quite sometime now, which has truly picked up in 2008, when the first iron man pretty much started of the marvel cinematic universe and the dark knight became the gold standard for superhero movies. But when will the hype for these movies stop and also, what comes after it? Superhero movies have been on the forefront of the box office every year, with Infinity war breaking all records again worldwide. But will there be anything else after that? There hasn't been alot of very original summer blockbusters in the last 10 years, when you compare it to movies from the 80s and 90s. Do we maybe face the death of the summer blockbuster, after this era comes to an end?
  5. With the famous SAn Diego Comic-Con less than 14 days away, I completed this drawing of Lyra as Captain America and Bon Bon as Wonder Woman(So what if I'm crossing the line between Marvel and DC. This drawing is to showcase that Friendship exists regardless of your interest in Superheroes)
  6. Note:I’ve already written this in my notes if you want another please tell me! Deadpool Kills the DC Universe A Universe Divided part 2 DISCLAIMER: I do not own the right to these characters, this fan fiction is only meant for fun and entertainment,it is not to be takes seriously.(unless you agree with me that Deadpool can kill the dc universe). Deadpool: WOW this town is cleaner than Manhattan! Deadpool Voice 1: you can eat off this concrete! Deadpool Voice 2: I wouldn’t recommend that... Deadpool:Anyways our first priority is to find some decent Mexican food! Let’s see... Deadpool voice 1: Look a random stranger let’s ask him! Deadpool:Great idea! [Deadpool approaches the figure wearing a trench coat] Deadpool: hey random stranger,know a place where I can get some decent Mexican food in town? ???: get away from me freak! Deadpool:that’s not very nice...wait why are you wearing goggles? ???: I might as well freeze you now so you won’t bother me later! Deadpool&both voices:FREEZE? [The Man freezes deadpools feet] ???:HA! You’ll stay there until I finish my job! [The Flash comes running towards the figure] Flash:Captain Cold! I thought you were in prison! Captain Cold: yeah? Well newsflash I’m out! Deadpool: Captain Cold? Pfft even Bob had a better villain name than you! Captain Cold: You shut up or I’ll—!! Flash:you’ll do nothing! You trapped this innocent bystander in ice! Deadpool voice 1: INNOCENT BYSTANDER?!? Deadpool voice 2: Maybe he hasn’t heard of us. Deadpool voice 1:true true Captain Cold: Say Freeze,Fla—- [Flash slows down time to a stop] Deadpool:Woaaahhh Flash:WHAT? You can move fast as well?!? Deadpool voice 1: that watch doohickey that Stretchy-pants gave us!* see previous issue Deadpool:That is it! Flash thinking: this man is an idiot,he’s talking to no one!Anyways gotta take care of Captain Co- Flash:WHAT? [flash sees Captain colds head cut off and C4 strapped to his chest] Deadpool:what? I killed your enemy! Flash:you weren’t supposed to KILL HIM!!! You strapped C4 to his chest too?!?!? Deadpool:Yess....? Flash: How could you?!? You are a sick man,you deserve prison! [deadpool pushes the time stopping device] Deadpool: you want a fight,lightning boy? Well, you got one! Flash:I have no idea how you can stop time,but I will put you in a prison! [Deadpool and Flash fight each other for a few minutes,verbally and physically.But finally the fight came to an end.] Flash:*Heavy breathing* I don’t understand, I hit you literally a million times in the key pressure points in the human body,and yet, your still alive and not even Deadpool: *straightening jaw* OH MAMA THAT HURT! But my explanation is simple.*Deadpool pulls out a .50cal desert eagle* Deadpool: I am cursed to be immortal and I can’t die. Flash:We can help you, remove this curse! Deadpool: nice try flash.*Cocks desert eagle* I love being how I am! *BLAM* [the town watches in horror that the flash has been killed] Man 1: No the flash is dead! Woman1: Kill the Red man! Deadpool voice 1&2: We need to leave now! [deadpool steals a vehicle from a citizen] Deadpool: dang I never thought he was a big deal! [an arrow hits the cars hood] Deadpool voice 2: an arrow? Deadpool voice 1: HAWKEYE?!? [the arrow starts beeping rapidly] Deadpool: oh Deadpool voice1&2: Shi— *KABOOM* [deadpool flings out the windshield] *Crack*! Deadpool:oh man I’ll feel that in the morning! Arrow: You killed flash! Deadpool: yeah yeah I know big deal! Arrow: A BIG DEAL? He was my friend! Speedy:And mine! Artemis:mine as well Deadpool:dang that’s a lot of pointy sticks. Arrow:Ready,aim... *Deadpool readys his katanas* Arrow:FIRE!!! *Deadpool teleports behind speedy and kills him by slicing him in half* Arrow:SPEEDY!!! *Artemis shoots a net arrow at deadpool* Deadpool: dang I’m stuck! Arrow: I will avenge Barry!!! Deadpool:BAMF!!! *Deadpool teleports begins Artemis and steals an explosive arrow,then activates it and stabs her in the eye with it* Artemis:AAAGH *pulls it out and throws it at deadpool* *BAM* Deadpool:OW THAT WAS MY HAND! Arrow:Disgusting... *Arrow shoots an arrow at deadpool* Deadpool: HEY watch it fake Hawkeye! Arrows thoughts:Hawkeye? That sound like a name an idiot would pick. *deadpool throws a sleep gas grenade at Arrow and Artemis* Arrow:DUCK!!! *Artemis was to late to dodge,buy arrow dodged it,yet he caught a whiff* Arrow:*sleepily* no Artemis... *Deadpool throws a frag at Artemis* *Deadpool pulls a baseball bat* Deadpool:Sweet dreams,Hawkeye rip-off! *KLONK* [a few hours later in a empty warehouse surrounded by the police] [also Deadpool has been attacked frequently by flashes and arrows enemies so deadpool trapped them all in here] Police Chief: Stranger,we have you surrounded!!! Surrender the nuclear weapons and the villains along with our heroes to us!!! Deadpool:HECK NO!!! Deadpool voice 2:are we gonna nuke the town?!? Deadpool voice 1:AWESOME!!! Deadpool:Yes of course we’re gonna nuke this town!!! Arrow:You sick monster! This town has millions of innocent people! Deadpool: yeaaahhh I’m just doing this because these KNOCK OFF CHARACTERS KEPT TRYING TO KILL ME!!! Like shark man over there! King Shark:it’s king shark idiot!!! Deadpool : blah blah blah!!! Most of you guys are copying one another as well,such as yellow spandex boy and white lightning dude! Zoom: we aren’t copying each other! Godspeed: you will die for this mortal! Anyways it’s almost 12 and I am past my I’m pushing this button right n- ???: WAIT!!!! Deadpool: what the hec—YOU!!! ???: yes it’s me...GREEN LANTERN!!! Deadpool: I will gladly kill my past with you! Arrow:Hal what’s he talking about? Green lantern:We were played by the same actor,Ryan Reynolds. Deadpool: Yes But I DONT want Ryan playing you EVER AGAIN!!! Ryan PLAYS ME FOR MY MOVIES!!!Green Lantern:Let’s do this man to man*makes a sword* Deadpool:agreed.*unsheathes katanas* [Deadpool and Green lantern have a sword fight for a while until] Deadpool:your dead Hal,give up! Green lantern: HA! All I needed to do was distract you long enough! Deadpool:for what? John Stewart:For this Deadpool! Deadpool: DANG IT YOU FREED THEM! John Stewart:Exactly,Hal districted you long enough for— Deadpool:that’s enough of activating the nuke! All: NOOOOOOOO—- *KABAAAAAAM*!!!! [Wonder Woman was passing over Star City when the nuke went off] Wonder Woman:By Themyscira , what happened?!? [Wonder Woman Spots deadpool on the edge of the city,and she decides to take him to Themyscira to heal him to see if he knew,because he was still alive] Hippolyta: DIANA! You know men can’t come to Themyscira!!! Wonder Woman: I know mother but this man was still alive at Star City when it was destroyed.This man may have answers to what happened.i need to know so I can figure out who destroyed the town and warn Batman and Superman about this new threat. Hippolyta:Very Well.As soon as you get your answer drop him off somewhere. Wonder Woman:I will. [A week later] Deadpool:ugh my I still regenerating? Deadpool voice 2: Well we are still dizzy from the explosions. Deadpool voice 1:And our ears are ringing a bit. Deadpool voice 2:but other than that,we’re great! Deadpool:Great!!! Let’s go get some Tacos!!! [deadpool wanders around the medical facility of Themyscira for a bit] Deadpool: Wow this place isn’t very advanced,all I see is stone,quartz and other minerals.Oh look the Exit! [Deadpool opens the door] HOLY! I AM IN HEAVEN!!! Hot Ladies are everywhere!!! Deadpool voice 1: score!!! Wonder Woman: You! [deadpool turns around] Deadpool:Hello there miss...? Deadpool voice 1: Miss Captain America? Deadpool voice 2:Shut up! If we call her something stupid we’ll ruin our chances with her! Wonder Woman: I need your help mr— Deadpool:Wade.Wade Wilson at your service! Wonder Woman:WILSON?!? [Wobder Woman throws Deadpool towards the wall and points her sword towards his neck] Wonder Woman: I don’t need your help no more,you are related to Slade Wilson! Deadpool voice 1&2: WE HAVE A BROTHER FROM ANOTHER UNIVERSE!?!?!?! Deadpool:Woah,woah,woah,woah! I have a brother here?!? Wonder Woman:Do not play dumb man! Did you and Slade destroy Star City along with my friends!?! Deadpool:Well I have never seen my brother Slade but yes! I destroyed the city! Wonder Woman:ENOUGH!!! [Wonder Woman Slices deadpools throat] Deadpool: I have no idea why,but that actually tickled! Wonder Woman: By the Gods! How..? Deadpool:Sorry,I can’t die no matter what,and you girls are officially my enemies! *deadpool unsheathes his katanas* Let’s dance girlfriends! [Deadpool and Wonder Woman fight vigorously while killing some of the Amazons and Deadpool continually getting trapped by them he cleverly outsmarts them until] Wonder Woman: I HAVE HAD ENOUGH OF THIS FIGHT!!! [Wonder Woman slices Deadpool’s arms off and kicks him to the ground] Wonder Woman: I cannot kill you mortal,but I can trap you for an eternity! Deadpool:Hey! I will not be trapped by women for an eternity! Wonder Woman: You are beaten,your arms have been amputated from you body,I have won! [Deadpool rolls towards one arm and attaches it back,then grabs the other and reattaches it] Wonder Woman:By the Gods.... Amazon1:Gross... Deadpool: wait what is this in my pouch? Wonder Woman:I shall smite you demon! Deadpool:demon? Smite? A little Thor talk eh? Wonder Woman:CHAAAAAARRR— Deadpool:I wouldn’t do that if I were you! [the Amazons and Diana look at deadpool,and notice he has 15 pounds of C4 on his chest] Wonder Woman:Do it. Deadpool:Seriously? Wonder Woman:I know you won’t hurt yourself to kill us. Deadpool:Oh dang you caught me,I would never—PSYCH!!! Wonder Woman: NO YOU FOO- *KABLAM* Deadpool:ooooooooohhh man,that hurt. Deadpool voice 2:is she dead? Deadpool:hmm [deadpool checks her pulse] Deadpool:Nope we will kill her when she wakes up. [Wonder Woman looks at deadpool hazily,then stands up to protect her mother] Wonder Woman: *cough,cough* I must protect my mother! [Wonder Woman runs through the halls,they were filled with dead Amazonians.Then finally she sees Deadpool,on her mother’s throne] Deadpool: oh hey! I’ve been in here for about an hour or so.So how are you holding up? Wonder Woman:YOU HAVE DEFILED THEMYSCIRA WITH YOUR DEATHFUL LUSTS!!! I HAVE NO OTHER OPTION BUT TO CUT YOU TO PIECES!!! Deadpool: as much as I’d like that but now,I’m gonna hafta kill you! Unless you surrender your island to me I’ll spare your queen! [Diana looked and saw her mother was wrapped in the Lasso Of Thruth,deadpool must have taken it while she was unconscious] Wonder Woman: You are a demon. Deadpool: A handsome,witty,demon perhaps? Wonder Woman:No,and I will not surrender Themyscira to a man like you! Deadpool:Oh well.*BLAM* Wonder Woman: MOTHER!!! [Enraged Diana threw her sword at deadpool.missing his head the sword got stuck in the wall.Knowing her mother is dead,she kneels down and starts to weep for her mother] Wonder Woman: *sob* you wiped us out,demon,are you happy now? Deadpool:No. I need to get rid of one more bad fruit. Wonder Woman:Do it.Youve beaten me,and Themyscira.If your going to kill me,do it. Deadpool:Ok.*Slice* Deadpool voice 1:well that was easy. Deadpool voice 2:Maybe we should have left these people alone... Deadpool:They were enemies! We had to! Deadpool voice 2:ok so how are we gonna leave? Deadpool:I haven’t thought of that. Deadpool voice 1: what is this lump in our pouch? Deadpool: A lump? [deadpool opens the pouch] Deadpool:A RING!!!! Deadpool voice 2:A GREEN LANTERN RING!!!! We can use this to fly! Deadpool:Good idea! Let’s do it! [deadpool slips the ring on,and strangely,accepts him] Deadpool:thank you Ryan Reynolds! Because you played me and green lantern were practically the same person!Aw man we have to wear green! Deadpool voice 1:Hey it’s worth it let’s try out our new toy! [deadpool creates a clone of himself] Deadpool:Wow...neat Deadpool voice 1: Hey what’s that in the sky! [Deadpools construct disappears] Deadpool: it looks like,a satellite. Deadpool voice 2:A big satellite.Maybe a space base? Deadpool: let’s fly up there! [so deadpool grabs the Lasso of Truth,and Wonder Woman’s shield, deadpool flies to the space base,little does he know that it’s...THE WATCHTOWER!] The End of Part 2
  7. With all of the hero hype lately I thought I'd ask what your favorite villain is from marvel, dc, or anywhere else for me it is Bane, breaker of men
  8. There's a nuclear holocaust. The world is divided into two factions. Which side you on and why?
  9. Aside from cartoons like Gravity Falls and of course FIM, I'm really and I mean truly into Marvel - I'm not even just talking about the movies, I've read over 250 issues of Marvel Comics (mostly 70s and 80s). I have high-functioning autism and I think it classes as a SI (Special Interest). Anyone else share this interest - I don't often see comics being talked about on here, there isn't even a category for it in this forum, and since loads of bronies tend to be geeks too I just wondered...
  10. Let's state this off first and foremost: I DON'T CARE IF YOU LIKE OR DISLIKE THIS FILM! Like what you like, dislike what you dislike, it doesn't matter to me as everyone has their own tastes. That's not to say that things aren't objectively good or bad, but you're not a worse person even if you like something like some of Adam Sandler's worst fare. I might think you have poor taste, but it won't judge what I think of you as a person. So yeah, this is a no-flame war zone. So that out of the way, here's my review of Suicide Squad. I liked it a whole lot! I really did, I really really did. I came in wanting a fun time with a story that I figured wouldn't leave a huge impact on the DCEU, and that's what I got. Was it perfect? No, heck no, but I got what I wanted. A great cast having fun in some crazy roles which I would like to see more of in the future, along with some cool action, cool worldbuilding here and there, and a rocking soundtrack. Will Smith and Margot Robbie (as Deadshot and Harley Quinn, respectively) deserve the lions share of praise, though major props to Jai Courtney, I would really love to see more of his Captain Boomerang in the future. Viola Davis was PERFECT as Amanda Waller, she just WAS that character through and through and definitely did her homework. Killer Croc didn't talk much but he had a few good one-liners here and there and his character shouldn't talk much anyways, Killer Croc isn't smart and doesn't have many thought-provoking things to say. Katana could use more development for sure, but I think there's a good chance she could show up in something like a Birds of Prey movie. El Diablo was a cool character all in all and I really enjoyed his character arc, and Joel Kinnaman was solid as Rick Flagg, as was Cara Delevigne as Enchantress. I can't really judge Jared Leto's Joker at this point, I think people are gonna be split on the performance, but for me it felt like I was watching his audition for the role. I did leave wanting to see more of him, and I think if he has a better writer for his role (it felt like Ayer was afraid of giving him too much to do at risk that the Joker might steal attention from the other characters) in a far expanded role, say in a Batman-solo flick, that he'll really get to shine and polish his performance. The villain I would say was average, but I didn't need a great villain in this film, not when the film focuses on a team of villains already. I'd say she was on par with Ronan in Guardians of the Galaxy, he's not a very good villain either, but he works for that film's needs. The plot doesn't really matter, and there aren't really too many character arcs going on, but I didn't expect these villains to really redeem themselves or anything. And yeah, the editing was shoddy in many places but I was having so much fun that I didn't care. The action was very cool, particularly one of Deadshot's set-pieces and getting to see all these characters with these different powers and styles of fighting fighting alongside each other. After the film, I was chatting on Twitter with a good pal of mine who's a huge DC fan herself. The thing we both loved most is that this was definitely the first DCEU movie that felt like it was happening in a comic book world. There's this whole bevy of crazy characters who exist alongside each other, but the world just accepts that they exist, and I loved that. Magic is now canon in this universe, and not the Marvel tech-magic that they've developed in the MCU, actual, honest-to-gosh magic, which means things like JL Dark can happen! We finally have hope that the DCEU will start embracing the inherently fun-loving nature of comic books, and I think they're on their way to righting the DCEU ship. The mid-credits sequence was very good, and I can't wait for Wonder Woman and Justice League. 'Suicide Squad' is a blast, but reviews are a dumpster fire of hyperbole Do I think this movie deserves to be criticized? Sure, it's hardly perfect, and definitely has flaws. But a Forbes review which I've posted above best explains what's going on right now with this film, particularly with critics. I don't think there's a conspiracy or anything, but it's biggest sin to the critics who just seem dead set on destroying Suicide Squad is really that it's not a Marvel film. Not because it's not distributed by Disney, but because the Marvel formula exists already. Heaven help your superhero film if it doesn't follow that formula these days, and with DC, that's impossible, their characters and world are different in nature from Marvel's. There is something unfair going on here, and I think while the fanboy backlash has been too much, many critics are taking an elitist attitude about this movie. They think that people who like it have poor taste, or that their opinion matters more than others. One of the weakest defenses I've heard this week from critics is that "they just want to make sure people don't see movies they shouldn't and would go see if they didn't speak up." That's a terribly elitist thing to say! People are more than capable of determining for themselves what they like on their own. If someone listens to your opinion or shares it, you should be thankful they took the time to listen and follow your advice. You shouldn't simply assume that your opinion matters more than others and that audiences are obligated to share your opinion. Does that mean people always go to movies they should? Of course not, plenty of films that are bad are successful at the box office. But it's up to people to decide what they want to see, and there is no obligation for someone not to buy a movie because the critics didn't dig it, because critics are just as likely to be wrong as they are right. We've seen plenty of times where critics take very forgiving attitudes to films either because of who is pushing out the films (Disney in particular has gotten some softball reviews this year, I mean, The Jungle Book remake getting 100%, Pete's Dragon getting over 80%, come on!), or because of who directed them. This is not always the case of course, but critics are just as human as the rest of us, their word and opinions are not gospel truth, and neither is mine. Also, I should say that I have some problems with the Rotten Tomatoes formula in general; for one, it can't take into account when one movie gets far more reviews than another (like 5 or 30 vs 200+), but for another, it seems odd to try to mathematically measure the merit of a film in such a manner. Film is art, and art is to some extent subjective in the nature of how it is received. So while it may seem natural trying to quantify the merit of a film, I am starting to realize just what a weird system that is, especially how RT does it, and increasingly find myself not buying it given that there's many variables RT can't take into account. I can't guarantee you'll like this film, I can just tell you what I thought. As a DC fan, I had fun and left hopeful for the DCEU going forward. Not even the critics can damper the blast I had here. If you don't like it, I understand if the editing is too bad for you or if it's just not a superhero movie you like. Everyone's different, but for me, this spells good things going forward and if DC can just continue to do more worldbuilding like they did here, we might get increasingly special projects going forward. We need a foundation for the DCEU, and this was the first very comic-booky foundation it's gotten, that alone made it worthwhile for me, and if it's just as fun and worthwhile for you, I'm happy for ya! I think you should check it out as soon as you can, maybe bring some friends, and look forward to what will probably be a good time for ya. Have a nice one ya'll, and hope this review helps.
  11. I've been a long time fan of comics ever since I was a little kid and have yet to find anyone who shares the exact same feeling I get on Comic Book Wednesday. So my question for the forums is..there's still anyone who reads? Currently i'm reading: Marvel - All New Inhumans - All New Wolverine - All New X-Men - All New, All Different Avengers - Carnage - Deadpool [Mercs for Money, Spidey/Deadpool] - Drex - Extraordinary X-Men - Magneto - Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur - Moon Knight - Ms. Marvel - Old Man Logan - Punisher - Red Wolf - Scarlet Witch - Star Lord - Thor - Uncanny Avengers - Uncanny X-Men - Venom - Space Knight - Wolverine. [re visiting later volumes.] DC - Batman - Cyborg - Death Stroke - Detective Comics - Harley Quinn - Starfire I need to read through what I have on my phone before I can add anymore.
  12. Has anypony out there thought up of a world that is not pony related? If ya like, I'd discuss such things here.
  13. OMG OMG OMG!!! What do you guys think of the Suicide Squad trailer? I personally think it looks pretty damn awesome and I can't wait to see this shit! They're really going for a dark tone here which is fitting for the team and comic origins, also they're villains, duh I love the way they all look and the Joker reveal at the end was awesome Though I'm hearing a slight hint of Heath Ledger in there....I'm willing to bet Jared can pull this off and give us a hopefully memorable performance, same with the rest of the team So what do you guys think, check out the trailer below and post people!
  14. I, like many people now, love comics I do, but there is one thing that is certain, Marvel and DC aren't doing so well compared to Indie comics. Indie I mean any comic book company that isn't Marvel/DC. Now I am now not saying the comic book industry is dying, well is and isn't. By “is” I mean that physical side and “isn't” I mean comics are doing well online. So, if anything, comics are entry a new era. In this new era of comics, Marvel and DC are hurting badly while Indie comics (Dark Horse, Titian, IDW, etc.) are doing very well. You might be saying “Marvel and DC are doing fine” while that is the case in the media side (TV, Movies, and games) and the toy business, but I’m talking about the comics, which aren't doing so hot for them and that’s why I will be talking about today: Why Marvel and DC comic books are failing? On side note, I'm just stating facts or an observation and I am not hating on either DC and Marvel. Okay let's get this out the way: Yes them retconning their lore has ruined them and they are failing to get new readers aboard. The question I have ask is into why; why are they falling to get their movie audiences into the comics? I think the reason is two-fold. The first reason I want to get out the way is its fanbase. Mainly the people who have read comics for 20+ years. These people are making the PC Master Race second-rate. Mostly everyone can agree that since Hickman took over Marvel’s story-line and be the head of writing “Secret Wars” event, Marvel has done better and same goes with DC’s “New 52”. There are people who just loath both these and I'm talking those people the people who been reading 20+years and they make people who want to get into comics, shy away because of how bad they the make Marvel/DC look. On the other side, is Marvel/DC themselves and as a reminder that I am sating an observation in comparison to Indie comics, not hating on them. Allow me to show you this: This right here is the storyline structure and Indie comics have followed this structure pretty well this single issue series and such. Even then if the story is too complex they break off into parts, Classic Doctor Who style. Now compared to Marvel/DC(to exact their event story line) it’s for more like the story structure,but with several other stories impeding on other story. To be exact, each issue of an event/crossover has call backs from over issues. For example, let take Marvel’s Civil War event. The event was so difficult to read by itself because you had to read some tie in order to understand it. Now that in heart of Marvel’s and DC’s problem. Making these crossover/events too complex. If want to make tie-ins that fine, but don’t make it so you have to read it to understand the event. Now to me that bad storytelling 101 make tie-in/one shots essentials to the story. Marvel has the worst of it, in my opinion, with its characters. In order to understand a character you have to read their first issue all the way back in 1960s and now one has time for that. DC has cleaned this up the “New 52” and it's not such a big problem. Marvel is trying to do the same thing and clean house with the Secret Wars event and I hope it works. Now you see why, Marvel/DC is crumbling in terms of comics by dividing fans and by making their universes too complex to get into, unlike Indies where you can pick up any issue and feel satisfied you read a complete story, Marvel/DC make it too hard for new readers to get into. My suggestions are, one, Marvel and DC streamline their comics meaning once a character dead they stay dead and no more retcons or the grimmer option: Stop making comics altogether.
  15. After the absolutely huge announcement last night of Marvel's Phase 3 I thought it'd be handy to have a single big thread where we can all talk about the latest news and our thoughts on all the goings on in the Superhero movie business...Yes, I think it's a business unto itself now separate from the rest of the film industry, or about to devour it all. Anyway, after last night's announcement I'm pretty stoked. We knew Dr Strange was happening and Black Panther was likely, but to see everything finally up there and confirmed is just amazing. Those are the two I'm most looking forward to I have to say. A Captain Marvel movie is interesting too, and nice to see Marvel finally getting the diversity they needed. No casting announcements for Captain Marvel or Dr Strange, but Bennedict Cumberbatch is believed to be in final negotiations, for what that's worth *see Pheonix, Jaoquin*. I was kinda holding out hope that Keanu Reeves might get that one, just cause I've a bit of a soft spot for the guy. Black Panther casting was announced though, with Chadwick Boseman landing the gig. Not really familiar with his work, but will see him soon as James Brown in Get On Up, so can't say I'm overwhelmed by this yet. Hulk isn't getting a solo movie but will be appearing in quite a few of the other films apparently (best theory I've seen is Planet Hulk is happening, but with appearances in Marvel's cosmic films; Gaurdians of the Galaxy 2 and Inhumans, instead of as a singular film and then all tying into Avengers Infinity War I/II.) After all these announcements from Marvel and DC in recent weeks, the crazy schedule of superhero films now looks like this: If you like superhero films then this is a great time for you, if not...well, you're really not going to be pleased for the next 5 years, at least.
  16. hope there's not already a topic like this :I it can be from anything...(show, movie, book etc.) mine would be... hero: aquaman/batman villain: harley quinn and poison ivy ♥
  17. This is made for the Marvel/DC bronies to come, and express their love for superheros. Comics, movies, cartoons, tv shows, whatever you watch/read we allow all! Now, back in a flash!
  18. Voice your favorite comics here! Or talk amongst yourself about your favorite heroes/Villians in any universe! (DC/Marvel) You can also talk about the MLP comics and different they are from the show and if, to you, are any good. Comic stuff are here!
  19. Who is your favorite hero or heroes? It can be Marvel,DC, or maybe both. You can do a top 5 or Top 10 list if you wish to do. When you say favorite hero please tell why he/she is your favorite hero. There is only 1 rule here: No flame wars My favorite hero has to be Iron Man because I call him the hero of the 21st century (Nite this post will edited to inclued my Top 5 Heroes)
  20. So I just watched this: And I got to wondering; Who's the most popular or "best" hero? I tried listing as many as I could if your favorite superhero isn't on there please understand I tried my best to include everybody. Personally for me I can't chose for Marvel. For Marvel it's a tie between Spiderman, Daredevil and Deadpool. DC wise I have to go with Batman after watching that video and seeing his story more clearly... Also he's the only one without any REAL superpowers... That's pretty damn bad-ass. For fun I added favorite superhero sidekicks, (Marvel honestly just didn't have anyone that I could name off the top of my head... and I couldn't find any "famous" sidekicks. If there are "famous" Marvel sidekicks, again I'm sorry I missed them.) as a question and hope to see the results later when lots of people have voted. TL;DR Not all superheros are listed. So comment if I missed one. Tell me your thoughts people, I'm curious on who you like the most and why!
  21. I don't know why I'm posting this here but I thought you bronies might wanna know my idea. I think it would be a cool blockbuster to have a film about The legion of doom. Have the classic villain comic characters, joined together In a movie told through their perspective. Your opinions?
  22. I'm not sure if a topic like this exists yet but I want to get peoples thoughts on the upcoming Justice League movie which is suppose to come out in 2015. Now hear is what we know so far, on June 6, 2012 Warner Bros. announced a new live action Justice League film was in development with Will Beall hired as screenwriter. Everything else is rumors with some of the big rumors being The Superheros, The Cast, The Plot, and if they are going to act like the existing DC movies exist. Hears a link to check out all the rumors. The big question is will the movie be great or will it suck. I feel like the movie could be great if they handle it properly what they need to do is drop this 2015 goal and aim for 2017 and take their time with the material. I would really like to see them do what they did with Lord of the Rings where they filmed all three parts at once and made it one huge epic this could be one of the greatest franchises of all time if they respect the source material. Or this could be one of the greatest let downs in all of movie history if they rush it just to make money.
  23. Let first start off by saying, I love Spider-man, and Batman, they are my two favorites out of the two franchises, but Spider-man seems to be notorious for having vehicles he could not possibly need. Let's start with Spider-man, because let's be honest here, he's "amazing". First on the list is the "Spider-man Bump 'n Go Helicopter" I actually found this toy (still in the box) at my grandmother's house recently. It was funny to see such a toy, because the first thing that popped into my head was "Why on earth would he even need this?" https://encrypted-tb...oI4uTaDiB-tE85U I mean c'mon he's Spider-man! Why on earth would he suddenly need a helicopter? I know this is a toy and all, so it should not be taken so seriously, but it's just kind of funny to imagine me as a kid going. "Ok Venom is downtown destroying the city! QUICK TO THE SPIDER-COPTER!" I mean he can get across town faster than the rest of New york, because of his powers. For him not to use them is just stupid. Maybe this was for the time Jameson's son was stuck in a shuttle? (See Spider-man Issue #1) But even then, I doubt this vehicle would gotten more use than to just help Spider-man get off the ground. Next vehicle that confuses me is "The Spider-mobile" or as I have come to call it. https://encrypted-tb...VWGkADNOyUyVveQ Now this confuses me because, spiderman in a car, is like Batman riding a bicycle. It's far slower than their current means of transportation (Batman with his various Bat themed, high speed vehicles, and Spider-man with his web slinging.) Remember here that Spider-man is in New York, and any one who lives in the U.S.A. should know that New York, isn't exactly known for freed up roads. For him to get anywhere in this vehicle it would have to be able to climb walls like he does, but even then, it can only go so far, before it has to hit the ground, because most buildings are not instantly connected, and some are streets away from each other. I suppose as a kid it was cool to be all like "Spider-man has to race the Green Goblin on his Motorcycle, so he can't cheat by using his webs...SPIDER-MOBILE!!!" but once again, that still would be a ridiculous scenario. Will post more soon Post your findings here as well!