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Found 56 results

  1. HUB Welcome to the DJ Pon-3 & Octavia fan club! Source "DJ Pon-3 and Octavia may both be at the top of their musical games, but their careers are very, very different! You can find Octavia at garden parties and galas performing prim and proper classical music on her cello. On the other hoof, DJ Pon-3 feels at home behind her turntable, laying down sick beats and wearing her trademark sunglasses. Are these two bitter rivals, or are they long time friends? Will they ever perform a duet? Only time will tell!" ~ Enterplay trading card description Rules of this thread -Do not post pictures of other ponies in this thread. They belong in their respective fan club threads. -Do not hate on another fan club, for example posting "Twilight is better!" in the Fluttershy thread. -The global forum rules still apply, of course, so no NSFW pics. Shipping is fine, but keep it appropriate. This is the DJ Pon-3/Octavia thread, please only post them. If you have recommendations for another pony club, go to the hub (linked at the top of the page). I'll start off with a little fan art.
  2. Pulls up after a quick search for "Pon3". Encountered this gem while trying to look for music under an artist with this specific name. Absolutely Fantastic.
  3. I'm really confused, She has 2 names apparently. 1. Vinyl Scratch 2. DJ Pon3 So what is her original name? What should I call her now?
  4. So as of episode 100, Octavia and Vinyl Scratch are officially roommates! They're personalities are pretty high in contrast, so I thought a fun and creative topic would be to imagine 5 things each character does that gets on the other's nerves. Here are mine: Vinylisms (things that bug Octy): 1. Leaves the cordless phone in random spots (she can just summon it with magic, Octy has to search for it!) 2. Runs the dishwasher before it is necessary (it cleans with wubs! wouldn't you?) 3. Leaves the remote in random spots (see #1) 4. Replaces burnt out light bulbs with glow sticks (seriously?!) 5. Parks her bass cannon right inside the front door (Octy still can't figure out where she got that thing) Octyisms (things that bug Vinyl): 1. Burns gingerbread scented candles (Vinyl thinks there are cookies baking, and is disappointed) 2. Snores very loudly (even for Vinyl) 3. Takes too long in front of the bathroom mirror straightening her hair (Her hair isn't even that crazy. What's taking so long?) 4. Borrows Vinyl's earbuds without asking (they have a different frequency response then her cans) 5. Practices her cello at 7 AM (Too early. Vinyl just went to bed 2 hours ago!) I may have cheated by using the wub dishwasher, but I just imagine funny scenarios like these or referencing these being made into original artwork. Also, if there are any other official roommate combos in MLP I am unaware of feel free to post those here too!
  5. So after about 2 years of fumbling about trying to find my style, I think I have finally decided that Happy Hardcore is my weapon of choice. And for my first act I've decided to go for an earlyish school (2003-2008) style happy hardcore track which I think is sounding pretty cool so far, what do you think? charles chapcore.mp3 P.S It's still a work in progress so its not gonna sound as god as it will when its done
  6. So I have just seen the new banner and noticed how it has Vinyl Scratch with red eyes... how long has it been since this character's eye color was officially shown to be magenta? I mean yes, for quite some time and even now for some red was popular color among the fans but with A Canterlot Wedding, comics, and Equestria Girls we have all seen what the mare's actual eye color is... what's up with the red eyes?
  7. RubyW32

    Vinyl art

    Well, it's just it! I'm an artist (just starting) and this is my most recent drawing, hope you like it!
  8. This artwork is a black and white pop art photo including both the mane six and some background ponies. If you have any questions about the work, please let me know.
  9. This has been my most time consuming art work. While minecraft may just be a game, i believe that if you put your mind and heart into it then it becomes art. Here i did a giant version of Dj-pon3 and i hope you guys can appriciate this art i have chosen to done in this specific form. Id love to hear your feedback and i appriciate those bro-hoofs This is Dj-pony's heart mane form
  10. Having only been a mouse artist before, I got a tablet yesterday, and I decided to practice with it by doing some sketches. I can't do smooth lineart yet, though. The first one I did was a Vinyl Scratch headshot. I decided to add some color but I don't know if it turned out very well. Then, I did Applejack's Rainbow Power form. I left this one black and white, but I might do a vector version later on. Constructive criticism is welcome!
  11. I'm extremely proud of this drawing, I think I've found my talent, drawing. Not just with a pencil. It works best for me with a mechanical pencil for some reason. Hope everypony likes it!
  12. I've heard her called both DJ pon-3 and Vinyl Scratch.
  13. Please note that a 7 year old made these, keep comments polite and large font please as he may wish to read them. Bonus points to those who can figure out which comic covers he was looking at as models when he made these!
  14. Wubadubdub Motherbuckers! Vinyl is in tha house! Ask me anything.
  15. EDIT:This is going of strictly canon evidence Okay lets get a few thing's straight, first of all, Vinyl scratch is a "DJ" not a music producer which everyone appears to think. Now I don't know about you but I don't know many DJ's that get hired to mix dubstep. Sure, there might be a few out there but they're not common. 99% of DJ's will mix "dance music" not dubstep. And please don't tell me that there are people out there who think dubstep is dance music, because I really don't want to have to slap a bitch. So, Most DJ's mix dance music. So it's easy to assume that Vinyl would be the same. I don't know where this dubstep stuff came from, but it doesn't really make much sense to me. And the thing that pisses me of the most! DJ's and Music Producers are not the same thing! Everyone who think's that she is a Music Producer. Music Producers don't turn up at clubs and parties with a set of turntables and a mixer! And as you should remember from that one episode where at the end all the posh ponies and the mane 6 are partying and Vinyl is there. She is standing behind a set of turntables! And in the newer episode where they try and teach rainbow dash stuff and pinkie does the rap. Again, Vinyl is standing behind Turntables! Also the name DJ-Pon3 kind gives the fact that she's a DJ away too. So to sum it up: (Skip to here if you're lazy) >Vinyl is a DJ not a Music producer >DJ's will (99% of the time) be mixing dance music >Dubstep is not dance music >Therefore Vinyl + Dubstep = No logic Okay, that's my rant over Peace out
  16. I've noticed that in some of the Rainbow Rocks shorts, as well as the book, our favorite unicorn DJ is STILL being referred to as "DJ Pon3" and for some reason it's really getting on my nerves. Sure, the humans in EG had names that would not be considered "normal' in our society, but DJ Pon3? Why can't they just call her Vinyl Scratch, as the fandom does? After all, Hasbro renamed Bon Bon for us (her original name was Sweetie Drops, I think), so why not rename DJ Pon3?
  17. Cyberpunk Vinyl Scratch Generation 4 Friendship is Magic pony character design Vinyl Scratch re-designed as a generation 1 custom pony figure. Available for sale in my commissions thread- pics- Description of craft- Pony base is a white generation 1 Glory unicorn. Original body color kept, removed original cutie mark via Acetone/hot boiling water. DJ Pon3’s cutie mark is painted in acrylic paints with some Daft Punk embellishments to the design on the body. Eyes are a fusion Vinyl Scratch’s eyes with the generation 1 eye mold shape, and lashes and shadow I kind of got in a war with a rainbow and the rainbow won. But I sealed it in place with Artists Varnish, so it’s all good~ Eyes are also painted in acrylic paints. Mane and tail are re-rooted in dollyhair’s nylon mlp hair in the colors blueberry muffin, bluebell and daiquiri ice. Hair styled via hair dryer and my hair gel method. Outfit- started with the hind legs. Wide black bias tape with black with white pin striped fabric lining the bottoms. Detailed in steampunk accessories and plastic beads. Jacket- black mesh material with the bottom and sleeves hemmed with turquoise and white bias tape, lined with turquoise hemp cord. Stripes up the sleeves are white maxi piping and turquoise blue silk ribbon stitched to the jacket. White zipper stitched to the front, collar of jacket is the wide black bias tape. Steampunk trinkets, neon blue chain and antique white beads strung across the back to finish. Ruffled skirt coming from one side of the jack is 4 layers of pleated patterned fabrics. Embellished with a glass blue etched boom box, various beads some glass, plastic, and antique. The record at the bottom is crafted from a plastic hoop bead with a metal piece glued on top, then another flat metal piece glued in the center. Entire piece painted in acrylic paints then sealed. Glasses are cut from then hand-stitched from leather, lenses are lavender oval-shaped rhinestones. You can pull the glasses down to peek at Vinyl Scratches painted eyes underneath them. Complete removal of the glasses is not recommended. Head phones- Started with two large black plastic beads. Glued round glittery blue beads on the outsides, lined them with some neutral blue cord trim. Stitched some patent black vinyl to the insides of the beads, glued down a strip of aluminum flashing underneath the strip of vinyl with Gorilla glue, then sealed with mod podge then painted black. Glued a piece of thick black leather in the middle to keep things balanced. Thanks for looking! Be sure to check out my main gallery-!
  18. My first pic made using the Microsoft Surface Pro 2. As always enjoy!
  19. So I've been looking around the internet lately, and actually found some sonic weaponry (here). Teamed up with this: We could stop wars with dubstep ^-^ Yeah, the LRAC is probably the best we have, damn technology progression go fasterrrr. Anyway- Does Anypony here think that sonic weaponry could advance farther than an LRAC?
  20. Recently I have bought the Vinyl Scratch Hoodie from Hot Topic. I think this was a well worthy purchase for the price of $50.00. I think the design is way more elaborate than the Spike hoodie. But I would like to know what you think about either of the two hoodies. Please place your thoughts into the comment section below I will attach an image of each hoodie onto this post. Have a Derpy Day -King Kurtis
  21. My Vinyl Scratch cosplay from October MCM Expo in London. I made the entire thing myself including the bass cannon. The cannon is made from cardboard, pepsi bottles, Pringles bottles, old broken electronics and light-up LED wire/panels. dA link:
  22. Bronies seem to assossiate her with Dubstep and techno. Maybe because I myself don't care for Dubstep I like to think that she has a larger range of music she likes. Who knows, maybe DJ likes Jazz too? And maybe even old school country? Hmmm... now i want to see DJ in a cowgirl outfit, i wonder how that would look?
  23. hey bronies I would like to know which headphones would you guys pefer out of all of them available in stores and on websites c:
  25. I'd imagine there would be: 100 ft cupcakes! Awesome music playing everywhere you go! Rainbow-color skinned people! Breaking every law of modern science! and...ponies, unicorns, and pegasi of course!!!