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Found 51 results

  1. Fellow Djs I'm debating if I should get the DDJ-RZX and 2 CDJ-NXS 2000's or 4 CDJ-NXS 2000's and like a DJM-900nxs2
  2. I drew this picture of vinyl scratch. What do you think she's listening to?
  3. Yo, hows it going all you EDM loving people! - This is a thread where you can listen to mixes made by fellow forums members, and if your a DJ yourself go ahead and post your own as well. - Anything EDM related is welcome but please keep it edm relevant and use a website that allows us to listen to your mixes without having to sign up for an account, like youtube, mixcloud, or soundcloud. - if posting from mixcloud use the specific song url and the player will work on this website to make listening easy. - this is also a good place to have your mixes critiqued if you wish. - don't be afraid to just chat about mixes and new songs as well. - im not going to ban explicit stuff but try to keep it at a lower level or mark your mix as '(contains explicit content)' to warn people so we can keep this topic up without any possible issues. So what are you waiting for, post your mixes and get listening!! don't forget to follow the topic if you want to keep up to date with it!
  4. BEFORE I START: i would just like to say, this is mostly(not strictly) meant for music producers. If you're not a music producer/creator, you can obviously still read through this, but some users may not understand everything I'm saying. but still, feel free to read if you'd like. I AM IN NO WAY INTENDING TO OFFEND OR TAKE SHOTS AT ANY MUSIC PRODUCERS/DJ'S HERE I'd like if it everyone(or most people) read this first post before replying. And remember, please don't get offended because this is NOT a stab at anyone here who makes music, because if it was a stab at you, we would have to remember you're not the only people making music on computers. So here we go. Most people know what DJ'ing is. But do all of us really know what it stands for? DJ stands for disc jockey. And that is what hip-hop producers from the 90's and 80's, possibly 70's used. They used the vinyl discs to sample jazz music or whatever, chop it, and speed/slow it to their liking, then add a drum beat and a bassline, and claim it as their own beat. Which is called sampling. As the years went by, the meaning of the abbreviation DJ seems to have been forgotten, and just looked at "DJ" as it's own word. And now we have computers, with music producing software where you don't need any instruments, some don't even require money. I think that is amazing, and great that people can make their own music at home now. But should they really be calling themselves DJ's? I feel like this post MAY cause an argument or debate but please remember i'm not trying to insult anyone who makes music and calls themself a DJ. I personally think you should label yourself with whatever title you want. so a Music Producer is obviously someone who makes the beats, and controls how the song sounds and everything. But not all producers are DJ's, because they aren't using DISCS. And again, that's what DJ means, DISC JOCKEY, someone who makes music sampling from those vinyl physical discs. Even if you are using a real physical MPC, that's still not DJ'ing, but just producing. I myself used to use vinyl records to actually make music a while back, but never called myself a DJ. And as of right now, i'd DEFINITELY not call myself a DJ because I've been just using Reason 8, Maschine, and FL to make music. So i'd just call myself a producer. so what I mean is I don't really consider computer users who create music, as DJ's. but just producers. just my 2 cents. and here are the differences: DJ(Disc-Jockey) is someone who samples music from vinyl records. or scratches them. A DJ is considered a producer because they are making music at the same time as DJ'ing. PRODUCER is someone who makes the music, not specifically using vinyl records, but with use of just an MPC, or computer software. now if anyone wants to add onto that, or tell me what they think PLEASE DO SO. In all honesty, it's confusion that caused this post. I honestly do not understand what people mean by calling themselves DJ's while making music strictly on a computer. but please remember what I said i am in no way denying anyone's talent, or TELLING anyone what to do. i'm just saying what I think, and expecting someone to hopefully correct me or at least tell me what they think. (oh god i HATE my anxiety so mUCH! everytime i make a really long message like this to anyone, my fingers and toes get cold, and i start sweating, feeling hot and cold at the same time!)
  5. Hello every-pony, I am new to the forum so if I happen to do anything that doesn't fit just let me know ^-^. I was hoping if any-pony could help me come up with a name for my OC. He is a he. He is a Pegasus and he wears a neon green headset with a golden "P" on each ear piece. His cutie mark is a spinning record with a double beamed note above it. (I think that's what it's called, it's been a while since I've played). His mane and tail are different shades of brown with a blonde outline. His coat is just a tad bit darker then Rainbow Dash's. His eyes are light blue. He wears neon green, blue and white sneakers/ canvas shoes. (idk what to call them). He also time to time can be seen in Silver framed, Aviator glasses. Most importantly he is a DJ with the stage name DJ Kyl-3. Any help is appreciated Thanks! Here's a picture I drew of him, (not to sure how to spoiler tag something on this forum yet, sorry).
  6. well here it is! my secong Original Song is out ^^ you can download the track for free under here SECOND HIGH.mp3
  7. so, this is my first original song i created. and yes my name is WingStel cause my OC is called Stealthy Wing... add Stel with wing... here is DJ. WingStel XD you can also download it for free under here ^^ FIRST RISE.mp3
  8. Hello, I'm sharing my first mashup which I've uploaded to the net and the overall idea is great, amazed that nopony has decided to mash these two fine tracks together. Here is the link: Turn It Around Vrs. Homebound (Mashup)
  9. So I just finished a request for DJ Neon, and so here it is. And here is my request shop in case anyone wants a pony drawing:
  10. What up all you EDM loving people!! This is were you can Post your mixes, listen to others, and meet fellow DJs. Anything that classifies as EDM is welcome in this topic. Please post content using a website like mixcloud or youtube or a website that you can listen to with out having an account. Check out my mixcloud, ive been post something about once a month. I usually make mixes using a lot of progressive house, and hard dance hits but i will take requests if you ask, i generally use mostly all very recent music from places like revealed records. my most recent 2 are made using the new tomorrowland 2015 album, and im currently working on a mix using hardwell's united we are album. I cant wait to finish it. For some Sick mixes: my mixcloud => I do welcome suggestions and comments.
  11. So after about 2 years of fumbling about trying to find my style, I think I have finally decided that Happy Hardcore is my weapon of choice. And for my first act I've decided to go for an earlyish school (2003-2008) style happy hardcore track which I think is sounding pretty cool so far, what do you think? charles chapcore.mp3 P.S It's still a work in progress so its not gonna sound as god as it will when its done
  12. Hey, I thought I might as well create one of these to pass the time. So, whaddya want? (this is my idea for a ask blog about a Fluttershy with a magic pair of DJ glasses that give her confidence, yet make her arrogant and rude. So ask away!)
  13. I typed in to the search bar on Google today "Does Vinyl Scratch have an older brother?" and it turns out that she does… according to the IDW-published comics anyway and he is a DJ as well. MLP Wiki said his name was "33-⅓ LP" but I feel as if this is just a stage name (like DJ Pon-3) so… I thought it'd be rad to give 33-⅓ an actual name. What is your opinion on the name Crossfade (which is DJ jargon btw).
  14. Dj Ghost MBA - Brohoof Session 6 Here is the latest in my Brohoof Session Mix Series. This is a bit a departure from the usual house music I play on the previous Brohoof Sessions, this one is more Drum & Bass / Dubstep enjoy Dj Ghost MBA Brohoof Session 6 Introduction Crusader - Arctic North Feral FurE - From Everfree With Love Pony! - Synchronic Depression Nexaka - All Together Now New - Reverian - Freedom Flights Flying SpYder - Sonic Synthis - Cold (Ponytronic Remix) StrachAttack - Shimmer VIP New KatalYst - Cherrish Hay Tea - Scrunch Off (Risen Remix) Hanna & Hiffa - One Dark Mare Runtime - 23:14
  15. I dont no if its possible or not What do you think about real life vinyl scratch dj What kind of music will she play? Dress up Fursuit or cosplay
  16. Hey guys and galls, as you can tell this topic is too see how many DJ`s are on the forums here is me last new year. leave a image of you doing the same. i may be posting a video in january showing my set on new year this year.
  17. Hey guys! I love music and I'm pretty sure a lot of you do too. So I created a community in just for MLPF! We can share and play music and chat! Fun right? Don't be afraid to share your favorite songs! JOIN NOW
  18. So I want to expand into pony music but I have 1 slight problem, I have no idea how to implement ponies into my music .-. So I was wondering if anypony with some sort of electronic music experience would like to do a colab to help me move over to pony music, I was hoping to do a big room house track but I'm happy to work with other genre's (Except dubstep, there's already enough pony dubstep around) Reply or PM me if you're interested
  19. If any of you are a DJ or an Internet Radio talk show host, I am looking for people to broadcast to my radio according to my schedule. My network: You will get from 5-20 listeners, depending on the time. Note that we are looking to advertise and possibly get more. (If you have any advertising opportunites, that would be nice too) If you are new to this sort of thing, try it out! It's always nice to try doing something new. I never thought I could even come close to hosting an entire website with a radio, forum, blog, and a Minecraft Server, but when I started, I realized that I can. Anyway, send me a PM with the following information (I'll just provide an example): Remember to look at the schedule:! Thanks, DJ GeekBrony Owner of Bronydom Network and ALL of it's services.
  20. howdy yall, i have been wondering if any of you guys would like to learn to DJ. i am in the uk but i am going to do it online. i use all kinds of music and i am willing to help many people. i am going to be doing group DJ lessons and one on one lessons over skype if anyone is interested please PM me. i am only going to do this if someone here wants to do it. i am a digital DJ and if anyone is thinking of getting their own kit then i am willing to help you out by letting you know what kit you need and good brands to use. and if any of you are living in london as of september i am also willing to do real lessons in person as that is where i will be living. all of my lessons are going to be completely free if you join in via this site. and i can even teach you how to DJ like a brony. any questions? just PM me. peace out ~L.S~
  21. Recently I have bought the Vinyl Scratch Hoodie from Hot Topic. I think this was a well worthy purchase for the price of $50.00. I think the design is way more elaborate than the Spike hoodie. But I would like to know what you think about either of the two hoodies. Please place your thoughts into the comment section below I will attach an image of each hoodie onto this post. Have a Derpy Day -King Kurtis
  22. So I decided I'd give this a try and this is my first happy hardcore mix what do you think?
  23. Bronies seem to assossiate her with Dubstep and techno. Maybe because I myself don't care for Dubstep I like to think that she has a larger range of music she likes. Who knows, maybe DJ likes Jazz too? And maybe even old school country? Hmmm... now i want to see DJ in a cowgirl outfit, i wonder how that would look?
  24. So after showing the music teacher at my school some of the stuff I've created, she want's me to be in the music night. I've come the conclusion most people attending are going to be parents and some of the older folk and I've decided that they probably won't appreciate the heavy "Doof Doof" Of my classic Hardstyle and hardcore tunes so I decided to tone it down a little bit and came up with this: What do you guys think of it, Criticism would be great
  25. Anyone here listens to this band? No? Here's some basic information about them: Aly and Fila are Egyptian DJ Artists who play Trance/uplifting Trance. Their Activity in DJ started since 2003 and it is still present. To know more, about them go to this Wikipedia page Want to listen to one of their Songs? Here's a spoiler below full of their work examples