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Found 15 results

  1. Okay, so I was thinking of buying a new DS. Mine's a good bit over 4 years old, and the hinge has a nice crack in it and won't stay up. It probably won't get me much longer. I was wondering: - Is it worth is buying a 3DS? - Should I just look for a cheaper DS Lite, which really is all I want as long as it works? - Any opinions on the DSi? Just to make known, I do have enough (as of right now) to buy the 3DS, but I wasn't 100% sold on it yet. Thanks for your help, also. X3
  2. I play a lot of ds game also do any pony play imported ds games ?
  3. It's pointless. But i thought people might be interested, in the VC games i want to purchase the wednesday. Mario Power Tennis for GBA Bonks Adventures for TG16 Fire Emblem shadow Dragon for DS Game and Watch Gallery Advance for GBA Advance Wars for GBA Castlevania Aria of Sorrow for GBA Zelda Ocarina of Time for N64 Pokemon Snap for N64 Kirbys dream course for SNES Super Punch Out for SNES Castlevania Dracula X for SNES Mega Man X for SNES Super Dodge Ball for NES Super C for NES Double Dragon 2 for NES and Kirbys adventure for NES
  4. hey would anyone want to trade friend codes? I want to find more pokemons in pokemon zafari, and have more ppl to trade with. (picture drawn by me)
  5. I am probably the only guy here, who actually cares about the Wii U Virtual Console, but i write it down anyway. When Nintendo introduced the Virtual Console almost 9 years ago, i freaking loved the idea. It was one of my reasons to buy a Wii back then and i am buying games from there, through the Wii U, especially since now GBA and DS games are also on it. However, i think Nintendo should cut the prices on the NES, SNES and N64 games. They still have the same price tag as they had 9 years ago and since that time, i think the games have lost a bit off worth. Not in the fun factor, i still love these games. But they are quite old (Super Mario Bros. Turned 30 for christ sake.) I would suggest that the NES, SNES and N64 games should atleast be 1 Euro (Dollar) cheaper and the GBA and DS games should remain as they are. What do you think?
  6. I will start us off Dream Suite Code 5400-2214-1557 My 3DS friend code is 5086-1486-8628 Leave your's below and lets all hang out!
  7. So recently, I've gotten into online battling on Pokemon X. For some reason I find it very fun. I've not done any ranked battles, but I really want to. All I'm really doing right now is making teams, breeding and training pokemon. This blog probably won't be to long, I just wanna ask if there are any veteran pokemon battlers out there who could offer advice, or possibly anyone out there who might wanna battle, leave a comment if you do, and then we can exchange friend codes. For now, goodbye.
  8. All right this thread is for posting some Pokemon first world problems. This was inspired by this video So yeah post some of your Pokemon first world problems or pokeproblems Here's mine The Pokemon are always made to be so powerful in the anime that I want to catch them only to find out they have pretty mediocre stats in the games First 2 generations had no running shoes and it makes the game feel slow when your first Pokemon games were the generation 3 games Finding a shiny Chansey in the Safari Zone Finding a shiny Pokemon when you're out of Poke balls.
  9. So after deciding not to pick up Pokemon X/Y on firday, I ended up buying it first thing satarday morning. I have just finished my first play through of pokemon X (took me 16h33m) and have decided to do a quick review with minimal spoilers for those of you who don't know if to buy it or not . The Looks: Firstly, let me just say the game looks great most of the time. The new 3d esc view rather then the top down view of the world really works, and also lets them pull some flashy tricks at times. Initially I really hated the Idea of changing the way the world was viewed, but after playing through, I wouldn't change it at all. It maybe needs refining in one or 2 areas, and the camera can be a little bit disorientating at times, but overall its a 100% improvement on previous games. (for the record I played the whole game in 2d). Battle animations have also been redone and look very cool for the most part, though I turned them off after about an hour and only say them in on-line battles). Game play: So here we are, overall its the same however they added a few things: XP share is gotten very early on, and honestly I don't really have a complaint for it. I have never had such a well rounded group of pokemon level wise in a game before and I love the fact they give it you, as I used all my pokemon over and over because they where all around the same level allowing me to type match better and have more fun in battles rather then spamming the same attack over and over. The problem is, SPOILER they give you full 6 pokemon set for free. So yeah, you never need to catch a pokemon, and the game almost punishes you if you do, as you have to choose between them later down the line. Mega evolutions where the big thing in this game. SPOILER: You get them fairly early on around the time when your pokem0n are level 30. The way they are designed are nice, only one pokemon can use it in one battle and you need that pokemon to be holding a stone, which are hard to find (endgame much). However, the pokemon you initially get is OP, and then I used charazard the entire way, without him getting beat by anything until past gym 7 and 1 shotting most things completely. Don't let this take anything away, there awesome and I will have a lot of fun trying to find them all ! SPOILER: I also want to say, i got pokemon X and the legendary fair type feels soooo OP. The Story: Without giving, it's amazing!!! Best I have seen in a pokemon game and at one point it was all about then feels. Mega evolution fits in great as well. Not telling any more, if you like me and play a games for the story then BUY IT AND PLAY IT!!!!!!! Overall: Very fun game, most fun I have had in ages and first time in years I have played a game for more then 10 hours straight, if you like pokemon at all (even when you where younger) pick it up. While its not to challenging, the story is great and the overall game is really enjoyable! 9/10!!! - A DS game I recommend (only game I have completed on DS ) PS. Gym design ROCKS, loving Gym 7 SOOOOOOO much !
  10. I'm putting this under gaming media even though this is pretty much an application rather than a game. So I've been interested in buying Art Academy for 3DS, which teaches you the skills of drawing step by step and then let's you draw and paint anything you like and share it. It's not, however, just as good as Photoshop I guess, but it does have every possible tool you could need. I guess the closest one this may remind you is about that SAI program. So my question is: Has anyone actually tried either the DS or 3DS version of Art Academy and is it any good? Here's a trailer for you to watch if you're not sure what this application is exactly:
  11. It all began when I was just browsing Facebook and I noticed on my newsfeed that the Pikachu 3DS was going to be released in North America by Nintendo's Facebook fanpage. My interest was drawn in for an upgraded 3DS and I thought I'd call Gamestop to pre-order it. The next day, I call Gamestop... Gamestop Clerk, " I'm sorry were sold out." I was like, "that's okay, I'll try another." And I did..they were sold out too... I started calling multiple Gamestops, a Best Buy, a Futureshop, and I couldn't get any pre-orders. I got worried and panicked. I called all different types of stores that weren't even in my town. I called over 10 places that would sell it, but everyone, was sold out.... I waited a week and a half, then I was waiting for 12 am for Best Buy/Futureshop/Gamestop to release it online. I was waiting and I saw it open and I took my chance entered all my payment information for just my card to decline. I was confused why the transaction didn't go through. I tried other sites, but was still in trouble of losing the 3DS. I couldn't get anyone to help me buy it online. They were probably asleep or not going to do it. I stayed up at least 2 hours trying to enter the same payment information in case I had entered it wrong. I concluded I was going to call Best Buy as soon as they opened to see if I could reserve it or try buying it early in the morning online. The day continued to a late morning. I was deprived of sleep, because I went to bed late. I check the Best Buy website for the 3DS and they sold out.... I was fairly upset I didn't know what to do. I decided to go to Target the next day and see if they possibly have it. I go to the Target the following day just in case because you never know until you try. I was looking, and had asked, but they didn't have it either. I felt defeated, and was sure I had no hopes of getting one. Unless, I paid the high ransom of $500+ to buy one on Kijiji, Craiglist, Amazon, or EBay because sick people were buying them to make money out of people who are desperate to get one. I had even considered the idea and found one for a low of $320. (sarcastic) I thought I could cheer myself up; by buying Pokemon Heart Gold. I had never played Crystal/Gold/Silver and I was looking to have more fun with Pokemon. I asked for the sales clerk and she had opened the locked case to grab me the game I wanted. Although, I noticed something weird about the game. It had the Pegi instead of ESRB, (European Rating Organization). I thought that was weird and asked to inspect the package before buying it. It looked alright... Then I continued to the counter and bought it and went home. As, I returned home I noticed the game was in FRENCH! I started laughing thinking to myself, " Woaaw, I'm blind. Ahaha! " I knew there was something wrong with it because it had the Pegi license on it than the ESRB. Except, I felt so stupid at staring at the pictures then reading the synopsis on the back of the game. Still concerned about my loss on not getting a 3DS. I look on the internet and stumble across a blog of listed places this person had gave for others to try. I gave it a shot and called ToysRus. I had broken into excitement and found out they had some at their store. The guy said he would reserve it for me. I tried thinking how I was going to get there. The store was on the other side of town, and the distance was about 10 km. I was going to take the bus. However, one of our family friends had work in that same direction, and I took a ride with him and was going to have to walk back afterwards. I hopped in his car all excited to get it.I had also brought my French version of Pokemon:Heart Gold because when I walked back Target was on the way. As we drove off, I couldn't wait to get there. We had arrived at ToysRus, I had thanked the my friend Carmine for the drive, and I had ventured in looking for the electronics/entertainment section at ToysRus. The employee had the package ready for me. I had asked if they had Heart Gold, but they didn't have any in stock. So, I just bought the 3DS and decided to go across the street to go get Pokemon: Heart Gold at Gamestop. When I got to Gamestop I noticed an old friend, who was buying a game. I had asked him if it was okay to drive me home and go to Target to return something.. He didn't mind, I and him both jumped in the car, and I had received my refund from Target for the French Pokemon game. After, I had thanked him for the drive, and hoped to see him soon again. Finally, all my hard work payed off. I had called so many places to secure a Pikachu 3DS and failed. I hadn't gave up just yet, and I finally got one myself.
  12. This has got to be one of my favorite games of all time. It was a unique jrpg that was on the ds, and now it has it's own iOS app. How far did you get in the game?
  13. I know everypony plays a console made my Microsoft and Sony, or playing online on PC with Steam or Origin so I decided to talk about this topic that really irritates me because people arguing over a profession that makes millions of dollars every year from console and game sales. This could either be a good thing for society or a bad one, so everypony say what you want to say.
  14. What's your personal preference for gaming. I'm a computer gamer myself.
  15. Soooo if you played pokemon b/w you may know about Keldeo:the uunicorn based pokemon, coming in (i dunno)some event anyway just wondering if i should name it rarity or what?