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Found 43 results

  1. I need to get this off of my shoulders, like seriously. I bought a DVD set of PowerPuff Girls like, two years ago, and decided to do a bit of a marathon. The first season I don't think skipped at all, but halfway through Side A of Season 2, kept freezing and glitching, even in more than one player. I played it initially in the Sony BDP-S1700, then in the PS4, and then decided to try the PS2. All of them have the same problem, they freeze and I cannot continue watching it. I don't know if it has to do with the fact that the DVD's are double sided or not, so if anyone can confirm this for me, that would be great. I am finding mixed responses on the internet, and not really a clear answer, although a slight majority say that double sided DVD's can have tons of problems, so I cannot be the only one with this issue. And yes, it was bought DIRECTLY from Amazon, and NOT a marketplace seller, the last time I bought from a third party, the discs were all scratched up and couldn't play at all. Sorry for the rant, I am just sad that I cannot watch PowerPuff Girls properly at the moment...
  2. I always thought I was just weird, maybe I still am , but did anypony else used to stare at the DVD screensaver waiting for it to bounce perfectly in the corner? My parents would walk in and ask what I was doing, and I would tell them I can't look away, that it was close. They would then look at each other and close the door slowly.
  3. It was almost three months ago since the last My Little Pony DVD was released from Shout! Factory -- Hearts and Hooves. But now, I don't think they're going to release any more MLP DVDs. Of course, it was exactly 10 years ago when Shout! Factory signed a multiyear agreement with Hasbro to bring its properties to DVD, and it's most likely that the "multiyear agreement" actually turned out to be a "10-year agreement". Link to the upcoming releases in Spring 2019: Link to Shout! Factory and Hasbro's agreement from 2009: And now that the 10 years are up, it's now the end of an era for My Little Pony DVDs.
  4. After months of waiting and nothing but 5 episode theme dvd’s, Shout Factory will at last be releasing S7 on dvd October 9th. Unfortunately, It looks like they will be using a similar design to the S6 dvd cover and Starlight will be snubbed once again. On the bright side, at least we will be able to add the Season Seven episodes to our collection just in time for Season Eight to end.
  5. I suppose it's a safe assumption that a few of you guys and gals own this movie? If so, then what version do you own? I own the Blu Ray + DVD+ Digital release myself.
  6. For those of you who are waiting for the release of the DVD/Blu-Ray/Digital release, here's the info courtesy of Equestria Daily Release is 12/19 on Digital, 1/9 on DVD/Blu-Ray
  7. is it true that only Season 1 DVD set has audio commentaries? if yes, why not the others?
  8. Has anypony heard when Season Six of MLP will be released of DVD. I keep checking ebay but nothing so far!
  9. I want to know what dvds there are that have the most episodes on them. Are there any that have like 3 complete seasons or something?
  10. I was actually going to post this in the thread about feeling weird for watching MLP, but decided it was too long and worked better here. About a week ago I bought a MLP DVD set, however upon getting it home and opening it up, I noticed one of the discs was cracked (not the first time this has happened to me, I had the same problem with Avatar), so upon discovering this I headed back to the store to exchange it for a new copy. Well the store was Fry's, normally a pretty awesome store overall... with one minor exception.. their return booth. I dunno how it is in other Fry's, but here you walk up right in front of the store, and pretty much stand in the open while they scrutinize your return for even the slightest hint that it might indeed be an alien shapeshifter disguised as a product they carry and it is their job to catch it before it lays space pods and abducts us all. So I hand them the case, and explain that one of the CDs inside was cracked and I would just like to exchange it for a new copy... however the gentleman assisting me only heard the words "Yes" and "I" and I imagine heard the rest as Charlie Brown teacher speak since he was staring at the cover as if it had just flirted with him and he could hardly believe it. He must have stood there for at least 5 seconds staring at the cover, before opening it and seeing the cracked CD inside, and then quickly shutting it again like it was filled with leprosy. He then asked me rather uncomfortably what I wanted to do with it despite me having already told him. I resisted the urge to tell him about my plans to get it drunk and hope for third base, and instead just informed him (again) I wanted a new copy. I kid you not, that if he had been wearing a top hat it would have completely popped off at this statement. So he walked over to the table, laid it down and very hesitantly informed the other two associates that were there I wanted to return this particular DVD. I was unaware that returning a cracked DVD was cause for getting the swat team on the phone and cutting the Presidents golf game short.. but apparently they take this shit seriously. I was then asked if I would like someone to go get me the DVD or if I needed to do any other shopping? I honestly could not help myself... I told him I wanted the new DVD, and was curious if they had the soundtrack in stock and if they could recommend me any other amazing shows just like this one... Now you have to understand, there are three basic facial expressions when it comes to disgust.... there is typical revulsion which all of us have done at some time or another, then there is nausea which makes you get that particular shade of green you only find on truck stop bathrooms behind the toilet... and then there is that face one can only make after walking in on your grandparents having sex in the light of day with no blankets on. Well, low and behold MLP merchandise makes that face to... who knew?? Not me, that's who. Needless to say he had no answer for me... he just mumbled something about not having that sort of information available followed by what i assume was a prayer to whatever deity he worshiped. I was given a stub for my return and allowed to go on my way to do my shopping. I was very careful to watch for falling nets and pay attention to step over any mysterious spots on the floor which were obviously pit traps designed for just such an emergency. I ended up getting a new copy of the DVD set as well as an anime I had been kicking around. I looked for the music CD, but no such luck. I went to check out and my cashier was a young teenage girl who made an aww with far too much vocalization on the w's. She then informed me she loved the show... and I replied i did to. I would have offered her a brohoof, but honestly I was just ready to get out of there by then, not to mention I was not entirely positive that they had not summoned the Avengers or the Justice League or somebody to deal with me at that point. You have to walk by the return table as you exit the store and I gave them such an awesome Cheshire cat grin, that I literally did think I had turned invisible, until the guard asked to see my receipt that is. I showed it to him, he looked in the bag and it was at this point I began wondering if being tasered hurt, and what was the proper gift to give your cell mate on the second date. But, he just smiled and handed me back both bag and receipt and allowed me to go. I like to tell myself he was a brony, so he totally understood. So... MLP... not just a lifestyle.... but an adventure.
  11. I know it's a little early to ask this, but when do you think they'll release the movie on DVD and Blu-Ray?
  12. Now, this is like any other ordinary day on a summer vacation that's coming to a close (sadly) Now my dad brought me Walmart because they had a cost cutters in there, and they said wait an hour because he set an appointment for me. Now we decided to take a walk around Walmart after he walked along his favorite aisles I went to mine, the movie/tv section it seems like blu ray is taking up more and more space now. But when we were walking by the first row, my heart dropped and skipped a beat, it was there, MLP on DVD. Now, I just said nothing and we went walking by it, after seeing it, I couldn't stop thinking about it. After sitting on the bench, I was so deep in thought about it, I was thinking of ways to get it without embarrassing myself in front of the cashier. So I used the self checkout which can be annoying but extremely helpful when you don't want to show what your buying in front of someone. After getting my haircut and going home, I quickly got my money and that DVD was only 9.96$ (US DOLLARS) + stupid taxes. And instead of asking my dad to bring me their, I went on my bike and made a believable excuse to go. After quickly making it to Walmart as fast as possible on my bike, I had everything set to the max settings on it, speed 6 and friction to the max which made me go really fast, (I normally have those settings applied at all times to go fast) After making it there I got the lady at the cash register to convert my coins to dollar bills, but she was mean about it. After making it down to the TV/Movie section in the electronics I waited till the guy at the desk walk away, and then I RAN, I RAN like I was in some race, but wasn't, and I waited a couple minutes till some of the self checkout lines were open, and thankfully 1 was open and after putting in my dollar bills and change, but guess what!?! I WAS ONE CENT OFF!!! I was really disappointed, but one of the walmart employees came up and asked, "is something wrong?" I said: "I'm one cent off" And guess what?! She gave me loose change that one penny. That had to be one of the nicest walmart employees EVER! And to make it seem like I'm not suspicious, I said "I'm getting this for my niece" And the lady smiled and said "awwww that's nice of you" And after leaving the store I went riding back home and took the long route instead of speeding home, my dad would have thought something suspicious was going on. After taking a nice ride around the neighbor hood. I finally had the courage to walk in the house, my dad was in the garage so I tried to be as quiet as possible. And I hid it where my dad would never think to look. Now, when everyone leaves the house I will watch the DVD and keep the door closed AT ALL TIMES! Besides, this is my first MLP merchandise, and if I make any stupid errors please note that I'm tired right now, ok? And also, this is the DVD I got:
  13. Now I know who's the one on top of the mlp forums logo, sunset shimmer, the one who was trying to take twilights crown, where twilight and spike go into a humanized version of everypony. I was just as excited as watching the spongebob lost episode, special when that came out which was never mentioned again. It's so interesting on how everypony looks so humanized, the animation and art style is gorgeous!
  14. I'm nervous, at my local video store there's mlp on dvd episodes/seasons I'm nervous to buy them and be embarrassed in front of the cashier at the register, before, I buying anime which I was nervous buying, but that's nothing compared to this. (I don't have a single bit of mlp merchandise, again, I'm new to mlp)
  15. Hey guys, I recently found an optical module from an old DVD-R drive that I recently taken apart. Go check it out!
  16. Remember... Blockbuster stores here and there...where you could buy/rent movies and video games, I do and I really do miss them. Share your memories of trips to that nostalgic store here. For the younger members who don't know what Blockbuster is: Blockbuster was a video rental store franchise which was founded in the 1980s and was usually the common source of movie rentals until they were snuffed out by the internet giants like Netflix and Lovefilm. Blockbuster went defunct in 2013. I miss renting movies from Blockbuster like "Spirited Away" and the occasional PS2 game, I also used to love the snack section where they sold popcorn and sweets. The Blockbuster store I used to visit has closed now and has been turned into a tacky restaurant.....damn Netflix.
  17. Don't worry, I still love disc media full force. VHS seems to have that nostalgic feel to it, from the fuzzy picture to the distorted audio. Watching something on VHS makes it feel special. Does anyone agree with me on this subject? Or no? EDIT: Edited the title so it is not so focused on people sticking with the inferior format of video
  18. I am thinking to buy me some ponies home media, so I could also keep them on my pony shelf. However I've encountered one casus. All seasons are only available on DVD's. Only Equestria Girls movies are avalable on Blu-Ray's. I have 2 questions: 1. How good is the quality of DVD's? 2. Should I wait for Seasons to be released on Blu-Ray? P.S: Yes, I did hear that iTunes offers HD. And one more "yes"(just in case): I know that Germans released on Blu-Ray.
  19. Pretty much as the title and tags say. I've recently been panicking about the integrity of some of my DVD's because I've placed them in a cupboard in a usually pretty high temperature (because of heating) room in my house, and for some reason, it got me to the point where I tried to clean one of my DVDs because of one tiny dust particle that wouldn't even affect playability, and it ended up scratching the disc. Anyway, I heard that you can apparently clean scratches off of DVDs with toothpaste and a soft cloth and I wanted to know if anyone has tried this method and if it works (as well as if it can work on Blu-Rays/HD DVDs without damaging the disc(s) further, and any further advice you may have)
  20. With My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and Transformers Prime leaving Netflix, I think now may be a good time for me to start collecting more DVDs(All 4 seasons of My Little Pony, all 3 seasons of Transformers Prime to start). And that's not the only thing I'll be picking up. Other DVDs I plan on getting includes 1) Star Wars the Clone Wars(I have the first 3 seasons and I have 2 left to collect) 2) JEM(Another Hasbro series that's leaving Netflix) 3) My Little Pony G1(Since it's now on DVD again, now ist he time for me to get it) 4) Power Rangers(I already have Mighty Morphin to Lost Galaxy.) 5) Batman: The Brave and the Bold(While I have all of Batman: The Animated series, I wanna get this to complement Batman) 6) Animaniacs(Already own the first 3 volumes.) 7) Tiny Toons(Already own the first 2 volumes) What about you all? What DVDs do you plan on collecting?
  21. Well, with the Fall 2014 anime season rolling in, I say this season has the BIGGEST batch of anime I want to see. There are discussions about anime being seen now, but what about predictions and desires for anime in the furture! What do you think about new anime that is coming out, any specific shows you are looking forward to? why? As far as I go, I am super excited for: Log Hoizon S2 - I loved the first season...can't wait for the story to continue Sanzoku no Musume Ronja (The Studio Ghibli anime), It's GHIBLI ....nuff said...been waiting for this for nearly a year!!! Danna ga Nani o Itteiru ka Wakaranai Ken- Sounds cute, and since I'm married (although I am the otaku) I am sure I can relate and henceforth get some good laughs.... Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Bladeworks- Ufotable this time around...I expect god-tier with the likes of Fate/Zero the second half of Mushishi S2- love Mushishi... Psycho-Pass S2, -Haven't seen the first season but really want to watch the entire series....maybe I'll do a mega marathon. But I am excited for this because it's gotta be good... Selector Spread WIXOSS- Not sure why I even watched this series, but I actually got invested in the characters, and want to see more...Tama is so cute :3 ...not sure why I can't bold that one just won't let me
  22. Here it is! It's finally here!! The long-awaited DVD release of Season 1! And it's $25! That's really really cheap for a DVD set, especially when most season sets are $60 or more. It's even set to have audio commentaries! I know it's not a Bluray, but seriously, could it get any better than this!? This is a gift to the bronies, people! It'll be out in December. They're testing the waters with this. If people buy this, we're sure to get an HD release! Everypony please buy this! Amazon pre-order page.
  23. We'll i like watching "Jeff Dunham's Spark of insainty" and "Jeff Dunham's aruging with my shelf". I am woundering if anybody likes watching these.
  24. I have finally got my hands (or hooves) on these DVDs! They are not season sets, but they will have to do.