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Found 3 results

  1. This is the Not-Skyrim Elder Scrolls Thread. Why? Because we already have a thread for that. So, discuss the games, or something. My thoughts below: Arena - fun game, kind of repetitve and shallow though Daggerfall - it's... so....HUGE! Morrowind - *gushes for ten hours straight* Oblivion - wish the open-world-ness was funner. Had great quests tho What do you think EH?
  2. DAGGERFALL REVIEW This. Game. Is. Awesome. I really just want to sit here and gush about it all day, but that wouldn't make a very good review. So, let's see how good this game is. Unlike later games in the series, Daggerfall was released only 2 years after the previous game and, given how much it improved, that's REALLY impressive. So, what did improve? -The graphics. This should seem sort of obvious, but I must congratulate them for having the long render distances they do, and the towns look nice and stuff. The 2d sprites didn't go as well with the 3d world as in Arena, though. -The quests. Arena had you doing random things for random people. In Daggerfall, however, there are many guilds to join with wildly varying quests. And, due to the structure of this game, doing quests just makes more things to do outside the next quest. In my treks deep in a dungeon to slay a werecreature, I found maps to 2 different dungeons, which I will be exploring later in my travels. -The dungeon crawling. Arena has a simplistic and addictive quality, but Daggerfall's is much more fun and feels just a bit more rewarding. I couldn't tell you how glad I was to find that Elven cuirass, and the dwarven battle axe in a messy store in Daggerfall City. Those are some positives. Now, for the complaints. RNNNNNGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG. With quests at least, it can kill you in this game. Needed to kill an enemy in this dungeon? Let's put a cage right behind the door you need to open to get into the damn place. Genius. This can be extremely frustrating. My first Fighters Guild quest saw me going into a house and killing some rats. Got the wrong house, and got arrested for breaking in. Managed to live, but the entire universe hates me now, and only my Fighters Guild work can keep me afloat. Also, the game's free on Bethesda's website. You have no excuses. Score: 84/100
  3. Well, since Skyrim, the fifth installment of The Elder Scrolls game came out today, it's only appropriate to make a thread on such. Feel free to talk about all things Elder Scrolls, not just Skyrim, but Oblivion and Morrowind as well!