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Found 1 result

  1. Part 2 (LAWYER APOCALYPSE) Some on this site may have noticed that DashForever has become a fan of Avatar: The Last Airbender this summer. Well, what happened was that I basically strongarmed him into watching it with me, it was fun, and I figured we could do the same sort of thing with a different show later. That show... is called Total Drama. I found it this summer, watched it, and then strongarmed DF into watching it too, commentating via private messages. And as of last count, the chat log compromised 102 pages of private messaging. Amongst these messages were many nuggets of comedic gold alongside boring scheduling and stuff. I have begun the task of extracting the best bits out of this mass, and even helpfully (Stella) marking (DashForever) who is talking by color. Each episode is in a separate folder, so you can read as you watch the series. It gets better further on, really. Enjoy Season 1... Total Drama Island, Episode 1-2 (Not So Happy Campers) Total Drama Island, Episode 3 (The Big Sleep) Total Drama Island, Episode 4 (Dodgebrawl) Total Drama Island, Episode 5 (Not Quite Famous) Total Drama Island, Episode 6 (The Sucky Outdoors) Total Drama Island, Episode 7 (Phobia Factor) Total Drama Island, Episode 8 (Up The Creek) Total Drama Island, Episode 9 (Paintball Deer Hunter) Total Drama Island, Episode 10 (If You Can't Take the Heat...) Total Drama Island, Episode 11 (Who Can You Trust?) Total Drama Island Episode 12 (Basic Straining) Total Drama Island Episode 13 (X-Treme Torture) Total Drama Island, Episode 14 (Brunch of Disgustingness) Total Drama Island, Episode 15 (No Pain, No Game) Total Drama Island, Episode 16 (Search and Do Not Destroy) Total Drama Island, Episode 17 (Hide and Be Sneaky) Total Drama Island, Episode 18 (That's Off The Chain!) Total Drama Island Episode 19 (Hook, Line, and Screamer) Total Drama Island, Episode 20 (Wawanakwa Gone Wild!) Total Drama Island, Episode 21 (Trial by Tri-Armed Triathlon) Total Drama Island, Episode 22 (Haute Camp-ture) Total Drama Island, Episode 23 (Camp Castaways) Total Drama Island, Episode 24 (Are We There Yeti?) Total Drama Island, Episode 25 (I Triple Dog Dare You!) Total Drama Island, Episode 26 (The Very Last Episode, Really!) Total Drama Island, Episode 27 (Total Drama, Drama, Drama, Drama Island)