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Found 31 results

  1. Let me start off by saying that I have nothing wrong with Rainbow Dash and as a matter of fact I own socks and a shirt that have RD on it! I just have noticed that when I go shopping for pony merchandise, from mainstream stores, it seems like she dominates the adult clothing market. From shirts, to jackets, socks and jewelry, I have found it difficult to find any other mane six character in adult sizing. Now Etsy has a nice selection though, because they're handmade the prices are a bit high, but even then pickings are slim for other characters. Why do you think she seemingly dominates the adult market? Also have you found it as difficult as I have to find plus size, adult pony merch? Am I asking for the moon? Are you finding other mane six clothing and accessories somewhere that I haven't looked? Please share if so!
  2. My little pony should have a new main character: Rainbow Dash, the most awesome pony ever! Twilight Sparkle could still be a main character too, as the primary love interest of our beloved hero! The other ponies would be important friends and sidekicks, as she went on her adventures flying across equestria, and beyond. It could be a more 'cool', adventurous type show! Fast air chases, getting stranded, fighting off bad guys, ect! Vinyl scratch could be involved too. Secretly, she is desperately in love in rainbow dash, and tries to get noticed by playing cool music! Derring do could be like the de facto leader, guiding them to interesting places where help was needed What do you guys think? Isn't it a great idea?
  3. You want family drama? Comedy? Adventure? Romance? Slice of life? I got em all! With 12 stories and counting, I've got a boat load of comedy, I've got sadfics to give you mega feels. I'm not the best but I try.
  4. I am accepting feedback, how do you guys like it?
  5. I just finished this piece the other day and I know the clouds are sort of at a strange angle but my hand is sore so I'll fix it later. But what do you guys think about the picture in general? I'll take the cruelest criticism you can muster, as long as it's constructive and makes sense! I tried to make the sky a little more realistic, and I was trying out a new shading style on the ponies. It was originally slightly blurred, but I changed it to be plain cel shading because apparently it looked weird the other way? It's my dream to be a vendor at a convention in the future, and I'd like to know if this would make a good print. Thoughts?
  6. Or teen Dashie... however you want to see it...
  7. Tried playing with some more new methods. thoughts?
  8. Here's my (pretty mediocre/sort of bad) drawing of Rainbow Dash. Tell me what you think of it. Sorry some of the picture is cut off. That was the printer's fault when I was trying to scan the picture.
  9. @ A few weeks ago,you'll remember that I talked about our new overlord But there's another overlord...and is even more powerful... Praise him for your life...Save your life...And give him some wubs <3
  10. Well I made a oc whose named is: Silver Skies Age: 17 Talent: Cloud Crafting Cloud Craft: Shaping and crafting clouds to look like shapes and also used in light shows by unicorns but also help to make sure fog and other clouds are made to fit the weather. Parents: Father : Soarin Mother: Rainbow Dash Older Brother: Sky Dive: Caption of the Wonderbolts Silver Skies: Now my problem is picking the cutie mark:
  11. Okay so i searched the forum and i found no thread with My little dashie in it. And i really think this awesome fanfic deservs its own thread. Fanfic can be read here: Preview: So basicly this fanfic is about a closet brony who dosent really cares about life anymore. He talks about how he once wanted to change the world into a beautifull place but he gave up once his parent died. And one day he finds a carton box. And this box is just about to change his life. _____________________________________________________________________________________ If you have read this fanfic what do you think of it? How did you react on it? This is a fanfic for those who loves beautiful storys and are ready to cry me a river. ____________________________________________________________________________________ Basicly this story made me cry like never before. I still find it hard to belive that a simple text can make a 17 yearold cry like a 5 yearold. You might think that i over do it but i dont really care since this it was i think and belive :3 And also, dont hate me for making this. If there are a simulary thread i whould gladly remove this one.
  12. So yeah, x Dashie is OTP.... "Oh,I love you Dashie...." *she smiles at you* "I love you too,Risy..." *she kisses you,and then gives you a hug,just to fall over you after that* "I feel like in heaven,Dashie...I don't want this to end..." *she suddenly kisses your forehead,and smiles* "And me neither...I always felt that the goal of my life was to being the faster pegasus, made me think that maybe there's another goal on my life,Rising..." *and as the two lovebirds enjoyed those treasured moments on their lifes,their lifes were going to change drastically,due for the appearing of certain pony* "What the fuck?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?" Or...Maybe not? Because there was another pony there,who also loved Rising,and this pony was...! "Rising!!!Why is Dashie on our house!?!?!?!?" *Rising then got up,and buttslapped Base,just to scream at him again* "Don't you get it?!?I love Dashie,and I want to be with her!" *suddenly,Base blushed and buttslapped Rising back* "But...But what about our stuff?!?We were so happy!!!" *Rising then blushed,and whispered at Base something* "Base,that happened a long time ago...." "But I've been unable to forget you, seems that you didn't forgot me neither..." *Rising was touching Base's hoof* "Uhhh....." Aaaand this is the moment where the public chooses! Do you want Base x Rising to be the final pairing, you feel daring,and want to see the Rising x Dashie ending? Or...Do you feel even more daring,and wanna see a different ending? Open the spoiler whose ending was the one that you choose up! Base x Rising Rising x Dashie "Daring" Ending
  13. So Im back after a week off and there has been a change of plans. Instead of reviewing Frozen like I was supposed to last week I'll review Rainbow Factory instead, my current situation does not allow me to get the movie at this time. To make up for it Im going to make two reviews next week, one Frozen and the other can be a request. Enough of that, lets get into this. If you've been in this fandom for any length of time you probably heard of this one, if you haven't there is a problem. I consider it to be in the 'big three' fan fics that everyone knows, and its one of my personal favorites. The story's idea came from the Wooden Toaster song on YouTube about how rainbows are made. So our story begins with setting up the fact that no pony knows where the spectra to make rainbows comes from. As we find out this has been going on for 1000 years, because I guess its normal in Equestria for ponies not to question anything. Our actual story breaks in as we go to Scootaloo's perspective, she is now older and now has the ability to fly, thus destroying several of my fan fictions. She is nervous because apparently all the failures of the flight test she is about to take are never seen again because Cloudsdale is going USSR on us. Orion, Scootaloo's friend, is worried he wont pass his test while Scoots is confident she'll pass because she got tips from Rainbow Dash. Because its not like she flunked out of flight school or anything........right? After some more gloating on Scoots' part they praise Mother Russia, umm I mean the flock. The flight instructor comes in to give the rundown of the flight test, ending with the statement "Clear, Fly, Fall, Complete. Please remember that for me. One author OC insert later and Aurora Dawn nearly passes the test before her wing breaks and she is instantly failed. Orion handles the situation like any rational pony would and exiles himself from Cloudsdale just to help Aurora because no pony else would....seems legit. Scootaloo is obviously upset by losing a friend and as a result she fails too, good job. The three 'failures' as they are now referred as walk down to a carriage that will take them away. Shortly after being met by New Yorker stereotype ponies Scoots contemplates being banned from comment, and thinks that it wont be so bad. The stereotype ponies call them scum for a little bit until the carriage is handed off to ponies in black suits, Scoots notices one with rose colored eyes. Hmm, I wonder who it could be, I have no possible clue who this masked pony is, whatever, its not important. Not. At. All. At long last our protagonists arrive at titular Rainbow Factory where we meet Dr. Atmosphere, who would like to assure us that he's not a medical doctor but an engineer...hmm, he should get some coffee with Doctor Robotnik some time. As it would turn out the factory is kinda a crap hole, wires, pipes and other things are sticking out all over the place. Like most other things its not made clear why, typical. In the next room there is a large group of ponies that came from the other schools and in the center of this room is a large metal device because we all know that metal floats on clouds. Ponies in black suits enter on a catwalk and one begins going on about, "Beautiful, magical rainbows". Oh no, its finally happened. G3 DASH IS HERE TO KILL US ALL!!!! *ahem* anyway, the rose eyed pegasus which I still have no clue who it could be gives us exposition. Celestia at one time made rainbows but after Luna was banished she had no time to make them as a result the pegusi made a device because Im sure the ponies had the technology 1000 years ago to extract colors from ponies. A pony also says, "What did those horrible PEOPLE do." wait what, people? I believe the term is PONIES author, what are these people you speak of? Well the masked pony takes off her mask and *gasp* its Rainbow Dash! What I thought it would be Silver Spoon, really who did not see this coming. Ive seen M Night Shyamalan write better twists. So Scootaloo starts yelling at RD about how she betrayed her and Dash yells back about Scoots being dead to her, all that good stuff. Rainbow decides to make a statement by using the device on Scoots' friend Orion and we get a moment from Star Wars 5 where the two characters say that they love each other. Unlike Han Solo however Orion isn't going to be back for the sequel. So he gets pulled up to the device and they break his ribs beforehand, why you may ask, because potatoes, that's why. Now with Orion dead the other children are next but don't worry, Scootaloo has a plan, guess what it is. Clear, fly, fall, complete. The exact same routine that all the children failed the first time is her plan of escape............logic, what's that? All the kids gang up on the guards and try to kick open the door, the whole time Rainbow is just busy killing children faster than Pinkanima on a sugar rush just to reach Scootaloo. The door finally gives but Aurora cant fly out because her wing is broken so Scoots is left to escape along as Dash tosses her into the Pegasus Device. So now that RD is in a hate fueled frenzy she chases Scootaloo through the halls of the factory, until she escapes down a vent where she cant follow, thus escaping the factory, the end. That's to happy isn't it, so instead the vent takes Scootaloo back into the room with the Pegasus Device, thus dooming her. Rainbow catches Scoots and chains her above the device, and in evil villain fashion she asks her if she has any last words. Scootaloo says "You have beautiful eyes" thus ending the story on a ambiguous note and letting the reader wonder what actually happened.......if you don't count the sequel of alternate endings. So that was the Rainbow Factory, one of my favorite fan fictions of all time, how does it hold up? Pretty well actually, like every story it has flaws but these don't spoil the whole experience. I would defiantly recommend it to anyone who hasn't yet read it. Leave a comment or request below, your support is appreciated, see you all next week with Frozen! Final Scores Plot 4/5 Writing 4/5 Characterization 3/5 Enjoyment 5/5 Final Score 16/20 Wanna read the story? Here it is- There is a feature length film being made about the fic! Support them on tumbler-
  14. I drew RD as a human, and I wanted others to see and all that I put in in three different pictures; a full body, head close up, and body close up. Sorry for the poor quality in advance, I had to take the pictures on my phone :/ Also, I realize that she actually has long hair, but I made it short, because it fits her better, I think. You can't see the stripes in her hair (for the different colors) because I guess I made them too light. Maybe I'll color it one day
  15. I drew and colored this entirely in the Art Academy: Sketchpad program for Wii U. There's... No "undo" button or fill tool, so... I've a few hours invested in this lol: Originally submitted to dA.
  16. Hey, guys! New instrumental acoustic track. I hope you enjoy it!
  17. Made this for my rearview mirror! Rainbow Dash sculpture by DragonSquared, on Flickr Made out of Sculpey, some acrylic paints for the rainbow hair, and Rustolium clear varnish. I haven't sculpted anything in ages, but there are so many talented pony sculptors I got inspired to dig out some of the old sculpting clays! : Another shot of her in action on my Twitter. :} Thanks for looking everypony!
  18. This is something I just recently noticed. I haven't seen Rainbow Dash swim in any of the episodes so far (As far as I can remember). What does this have to do with anything? Maybe this could serve as a potential plot device for an episode. Maybe Dashie's secretly afraid of water (Aquaphobia?) and maybe Pinkie Pie uses her random ways to teach her? I don't know, but it's a start.
  19. Here's a new series - Character specific! Let's start with good ole RD. Saphamia - Pegasi Expressions: Priceless. fra-92 - Free Sky Wow. Rainbow blending into the tail just makes this all the awesome-er. Polex-P - Rainbow on cloud I just want to wub her tummy. :3 Sokolas - Innocent Dash Very well drawn. 10/10 Would hug. Mattings - Wing Snack Totes adorbs. StrangeMoose - That Other Cutie! Blushing Dashie... Need I say more?
  20. I've never been one to be very indecisive about who my favorite ponies are. They all have a position in my list from favorite to least favorite, and it rarely alters. This is what my list has been for quite some time now. I don't 'dislike' any character, other than say, Diamond Tiara who's simply built to be an intolerable, manipulative bitch :3 I rank ponies by how much they interest me overall, and for a while, all throughout season one and two, this list of mine has remained for the most part stable. As we've traversed through season three however, I've come to a realization that is rather fascinating. I actually like Rarity more than Fluttershy. Now, a few points I need to make: Point one: I see Rarity gets a lot of crap for not living up to her element, or being stuck up. I don't suddenly endorse that she doesn't at least sometimes do or show that she does these things sometimes. She does. However, faults of a character are not something I use against them, like many people. Faults make characters believable. Faults make characters non-OP and not mary-sues' or gary-stus'. I love Dash beyond belief, and I love that she can come off as brash, arrogant and grumpy sometimes, because they're faults of hers (that she's been building upon with character development this season, I might add) that make her who she is (not to mention it makes her even more adorable than she already is). Likewise, the fact Rarity can seem selfish doesn't make her a bad character, just as Dash isn't a bad character for her faults. Imo, people should stop trying to find counter-arguments for why their character is mostly perfect or at least more perfect than other people think, and instead explain why their faults are believable, and why their faults should be embraced as a part of their character. Really, the Mane Six all have faults and strengths that match perfectly when you think about it. Point two: Over the past year I've learned that knowing when to separate canon from fanon (Cupcakes, Rainbow Factory, etc, anyone?) isn't the only thing people should be mindful to separate. Separating the attitudes of fans of a character from the character themselves is important. Frankly, all of the ponies have tons of fans who can be exceedingly obnoxious, narrow-minded or stubborn in their views (except Twilight fans...maybe I'm just crazy but there aren't as many annoying Twilight fans as there are of other ponies). I've been lurking the ponynet outside of just here enough by now to realize this is very true. Therefore, what is the point in pinning on an inevitable reality to something like the actual character? Ignore the fans who piss you off, and enjoy the character for what they themselves have to bring to the table. To be brutally honest, I've disliked 40% of Rarity fans I've encountered, and that includes here. I find many of them to be incredibly opinionated, even stubborn in their views. Traits that I don't find as overwhelming in the fans of some of the other characters (for the most part). However, I'm not going to let that fact deter me from enjoying the character herself, who I've found in this season particularly to have plenty of entertaining moments, despite how she's gotten no episodes and little screen time overall. And those moments can even be, no, are often the little things. This post of mine is a prime example. By the way, that's a terrific thread. I love that thread. Go post in it if you haven't already. Hmmm, so, yeah. Basically, Rarity's personality is intriguing and she has many entertaining moments. She's amusing as the diva of the six, has plenty of faults just like Rainbow Dash that make her interesting to see grow as a character, and her and Sweetie are third best sisters. Fluttershy on the other hand I've found just...really, really does not interest me. A huge part of her personality is circling around the classic vulnerability/cuteness idea, which I personally find cliche and borderline boring (topic relevant). Many writers portray her differently in her episodes, she goes from primarily shy to primarily easy-going and not really shy, to more confident, then going back to being shy. Not even a primary role with Discord moved her up in my list from this inevitable fate. I could go on, but this blog is not to try and bash on Fluttershy. She's not a bad pony :3 She simply doesn't catch my interest. So, huzzah, I suppose. My list will look something like the following for the foreseeable future. Though I will say in advance, AJ is dangerously close to switching places with Twi and has been all season. Dunno if that will or won't happen at some point. Dashie > AJ > Twi > Pinkie > Rarity > Fluttershy This is Draconequus Swag 387, signing off.
  21. So I was just flipping through all of my pony pictures, and I was revisiting the good old days when I used all these different and cool avatars. Some of these I had completely forgotten about. I thought I'd share them with all of you in case anyone cared or wanted to see some cool pictures . Most of them are the complete wrong dimensions, because I am a tech noob and you should never let me near anything electronic that's important to you. Big thanks to ~Chaotic Discord~, if any of these are the correct dimensions it's probably because of him. He deserves a lot of credit for putting these together and for being patient with me . Bari also did a few of these. Hey CD, I know you just finished the last avatar a few hours ago but I found this really cool Shadowbolt Dashie picture and... XD So here they are. You can vote on which one you like best if you'd like 1: My first avatar. I was listening to a lot of The Clash at the time 2: This one is just flat out cool. 3: Scootalove is adorable (With thanks to CD) 4: Attractive Crystal Dashie (Thanks Bari!) 5: My favorite ship (Thanks Bari!) 6: Cutest Filly/Trolling Stellafera ( With more thanks to CD) 7: Classy Dashie (With even more thanks to CD) 8: Rainbow Dad (Thanks to the Connoisseur of Pony Navels) 9: Alicorn Dashie (With thanks to my new and mostly benevolent boss) 10: In honor of AJ becoming my third favorite and as a tribute to a friend of mine. There are more, this is just the most it would let me upload
  22. Hi guys, another art piece here, agian my scanner kinda sucks so it looks a bit less polished then I would like. Hope you Enjoy it
  23. Just did a drawing of Rainbow for valentines day, though it seems a little late. I think the Wink makes up for it So what do you guys think? I tried to scan in highest quality, but gotta a cheaper one. Thanks for viewing.
  24. I just saw this video that reveals a little more about this weeks new episode! and guess what I noticed? A purple pegasus stallion with; you guessed it a rainbow mane! Anyway; dont take my word for it the video says it all.
  25. ok guys, after much thought and some great critiquing from you guys, i took a second shot at my signature. im getting better with cs6 but still need to practice, im also taking the advice on trying my hand at doing a few friends signatures. so give it to me straight fillies and gentelcolts, love it, hate it, blaaaaa and critique like the wind!!!! *slinks of into a dark corner glancing back and forth all shifty like*