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Found 6 results

  1. Has anyone here ever thought about living off the network grid? "Off the network grid" means with little to no dependency on modern means of communication. No social media, no web service accounts. If you wanted to go the whole nine yards you could even remove your email and just send by post... or learn how to keep homing pigeons. I recently decided enough was enough after watching some videos on hackers and the Snowden incident, and deleted my Twitter account. Honestly if possible I want to erase any content here by deleting my MLPForums account also. All that should be left is my email tbh. And maybe delete my FIMFiction - those stories will be hard to delete though... I love 'em... Bottom line is the less info about you is on the net, the better. Especially for me as a Muslim in this day and age I am an easy easy EASY target. Think for a minute - how easy is it for an Islamophobe to make up a fake story about me if he can't find my FB or twitter or forum profile and the data on it?
  2. You can find a good amount of accurate information on yourself if you enter your birthday on the following website: So, what do your birthday say about you? My information:
  3. Hi there! I'd like to do some research on if there is a correlation between things as age and gender, and who you think best pony is. Also I'm curious who the most people think is best pony in general... I haven't really seen any threads here that give me these answers, so I'll just do it. Please answer to these questions in a reply below: 1: How old are you? 2: What gender are you? 3: Who is Best Pony? (Mane 6 only!) I'll put all answers in an Excel sheet, and I'll work with percentages to get some averages so that I'll have some cold hard DATA!! So, please contribute. Ohke! Here are the first results! Graphs: I hope this makes sense to you guys... Oh well. I hope more people would vote though...
  4. Hello! I need as many people as possible to think of a good 4-numbered code, so that I can crunch some numbers and get results! (I have got too much time, I know. ) I want to know what people think is a safe code. Once I have some data I'll put up a link to a document containing all the data and the results, which I'll try to update frequently. So please, gimme some numbers to work with! Yeah, I'm a data-freak. Yeah. EDIT: The results are now online here.
  5. I got bored and wanted to try vectoring. I didn't wan't to do Pinkie so I made it my OC. (Data) I really like it, it's not done yet but so far it looks great. Here it is: Criticism is welcome. I am still working on his hair. Next: Clarity's OC.... Edit: I have fixed the eye problem.
  6. So I'm getting my first smart phone (yay finally!) and I'm picking a plan I got a social plan (unlimited talk/text/social media) but I'd also like to browse the internet too (namely the forums) while I'm bored at work. I can get a data add-on, but I don't know how much data I'll need. The data add-ons come in: 200MB 500MB 1GB 3GB 6GB 10GB Which would you suggest? And how much do you use? Thanks for the help! ~