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Found 1 result

  1. Yeah, so I watched Ted 2 on Wednesday and it was awesome. But here's the thing, there was a segment where SPOILER ALERT: Donny works for Hasbro, and he and the boss of Hasbro plot to kidnap Ted, there were Equestria Girls and MLP. Later in the film, during the Comic Con, someone uses a Pinkie Pie Statue in the fight scene. I loled, but was wondering, is the film Mocking Bronies? In the first film, there is a Daytona cabinet in the bowling alley, it can't be mocking Daytona fans, but it's good to see a Retro video game cabinet in a film, I wish Daytona was still popular. Sega say that they finally realize they suck, And they say they will realize franchises, I hope this means a new Daytona game. Or at least a new Crazy Taxi Reboot. I heard that a Virtua Cop and Crazy Taxi movie is in the work. Also, I thought the film was some Product Placement ploy for Hasbro, yet it gives Hasbro a bad image as well. Are Hasbro actually Licencing Ted to make them look bad? Like I said, I really would like to talk about this, has anyone else seen Ted 2 recently? Oh, and sorry if I didn't put Spoiler Alert in the title.