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Found 24 results

  1. SmartCookie001

    Aria Blaze Fan Club

    Aria Blaze is one of the Dazzlings in Equestria Girls Rainbow Rocks. She's not very popular but still deserves some love too. The rules are: 1. No spamming. 2. No inappropriate photos. (Suggestive photos are fine.) 3. Do not post a photo of another pony here, unless Aria is included in the picture. 4. Don't hate on other fan clubs. 5. Follow all MLP Forums rules. Now, here are some photos of her I found. Enjoy them! Have fun!
  2. heavens-champion

    Were the Dazzlings just a plot device?

    Were the Dazzlings just a plot device? Is that why they haven't shown up again (not counting their appearance in a flashback in Shadow Play)?
  3. So the Dazzlings/Sirens have been stuck in the human world for over a thousand years. How have they not obtained enough power in that time to take over the human world yet?
  4. The Dazzlings are already at the top of list, so what will the other 2 orbs enchant?
  5. Ever since Rainbow Rocks, I've been hoping for the Dazzlings to make another appearance. I mean, we saw some of the Crystal Prep students again in "Dance Magic" so its not like Hasbro's above recurring EQ character cameos. I thought they were pretty awesome villains and I'd love to see them again (maybe even reformed, that's kind of always been a thing with FiM). Plus I have a huge crush on Adagio (yes, I'm one of those weird people with a crush on fictional characters, but I don't think that's unusual for these parts). Heh.
  6. We've seen Adagio, Aria and Sonata as ponies everywhere. Their Equestria form is siren! What in the hay is going on here?
  7. Skye

    Ask Adagio Dazzle!

    Hello, everyone. I'm sure many of my adoring fans have many questions for moi. Go ahead and leave a question down below and I might give you a moment of my time.
  8. Hallo! I made a remix of Welcome to the Show, and I am seeking critique and tips on what I could do to make better covers! Here's a link to the video! Any and all critique, helpful tips, or anything is wanted!
  9. Not sure if this is the right place. What if Countess Coluratura and the Dazzlings had a Battle Of The Bands? Who would win? Would we ever see that in the show?
  10. In one of the 2 minute clips of friendship games on Sci twis bill board you can see what appears to be the sirens projection circling a red light, in the top middle a taco Tuesday poster ( obviously hinted at sonata ) and finally a picture of a broken pendent So maybe a dazzlings comeback or Easter egg?
  11. I think two villain reformations is enough., in my opinion. xD I mean, I absolutely loved the Dazzlings in Rainbow Rocks and all, but they were some pretty bad girls. (On account of their history and present day agenda). Do you think Hasbro would be beating a dead horse if the Sonata, Aria and Adagio were to be reformed in the future, seeing as they were left empty handed?
  12. Dino-Mario

    Revenge of the Dazzlings

    Hypothetically speaking, if the Dazzlings were to make a comeback, what kind of revenge plan do you think they would try to carry out against Sunset Shimmer and the Humane ponies? It'd be pretty hard, given they lost all of their power and now are very weakened, but, knowing Adagio well, she's the most evil of the trio, and I bet she'd be totally willing to "teach a lesson" to Sunset and the girls who defeated her and her band. Plus, since Pony Twilight is back to Equestria one can't help but wonder how could this affect a revenge plan.
  13. In other words, when you go through the mirror, do you actually transport to another, physical world, or is the world perhaps entirely within the mirror itself? How do we define its existence (ontology)? I've thought that maybe it's the later, but then how do you animate the inhabitants of the EG world?
  14. Hi. It's my first time posting. So, I hope I'm doing this right. Got a siren's origin & post-Battle of the Bands fic called 'We Are What We Are' , and really I'm just trying to get more readers, more comments, more opinions. It's still in progress, really long, and novelesque which you can tell just by glancing at it, but the plus side of this is that there is a ton of world building, a ton of characters, many OCs who are very much fleshed out and detailed because I get bored with flat OCs too, and a ton of description of...well... everything. I try to make it really meaty. Generally, I've gotten good feedback, so hopefully I'm doing okay in that department? Dunno. In addition to this, I compose, and mix music, so the original songs that are written for the sirens in the fic also have an accompanying (mostly) instrumental soundtrack. Themes range from slice of life to dark (I don't think VERY dark, but perhaps I'm wrong), but I figure that since the sirens are who they are, it's par for the course. I hope you all get a chance to check it out. Here's the cover art I made for it:
  15. With the coming of the third Wednesday of April comes issue #3 of FIENDship is Magic. This issue we're covering the Sirens; also known as the Dazzlings from Rainbow Rocks. I'm actually highly anticipating this one as I expect it to be a welcome change of mood to the darkness of Sombra and Tirek. This one should be somewhat light-hearted; I think.
  16. Any big or small changes in MLP villains strategies that would've resulted in the villain getting what they wanted. Just two off the top of my head: For Sunset Shimmer, she should have just broken into/ joined a dog kennel, then released all of them through the mirror at once. The Crystal Empire becomes flooded with hundreds of dragons overnight, and, one moon cycle later, she strolls in to take over the now presumably charred and burning Equestria. For Nightmare Moon, she should've just refused to bring up the moon when it was time for the sun to come down. Everypony, including her sister, would've much more likely to sympathize with her (since it points more towards depression than aggression), and it would have also made them realize how destructive Celestia's Sun can be, since eternal day is just as bad as eternal night. Any more retoolings or significant errors you guys can think of? (If talking about Starlight Glimmer's plan, be sure to wrap it in spoilers!)
  17. Fricklefrackle

    Dazzlings vs. Rainbooms

    The Dazzlings vs. The Rainbooms! Hello everybody! I'm curious which band you're actually for. Are you Pro-Dazzlings or Pro-Rainbooms? Let me know why! i'm very sorry if there already is one i'm very sorry if this is put in the wrong topic i was really confused Let the battle begin!
  18. Were hey? I recently saw a YouTube video (The Brony Notion, I think) about how Queen Chrysalis maybe wasn't as evil as we think. The main reason she wanted Equestria was to feed her subjects, not to simply take over like Discord, Nightmare, ect. So, although she was still evil, it wasn't because she wanted power. Anyway, that got me thinking. What about the Dazzlings? At the beginning Aria mentions, "I'm tired of fast food. I need a meal." Does this imply that Sirens needed powerful magic, or they could eventually starve? Now, we know that real food is a source ("It's Taco Tuesday!") of energy for them, but could they still survive if their negative energy source was cut off? If not, then I think the Dazzling's aren't completely evil. What do you think? ~Amber Out~
  19. IrishBrony716

    Equestria Girls 3?

    As you all may know. Hasbro has been very unpredictable... allot. But one can only wonder if there is gunna be a 3rd Equestria Girls. If so what do you think the theme is gunna be? I bet the Dazzlings will be reformed just like Sunset Shimmer was. They are already quite famous in popularity now. I LOVE SONATA just had to throw that out there . But what does everyone think? I for one would like to see Sunset Shimmer become twilights student as she was to Celestia stupid me. My auto correct miss spelled Equestria Girls*
  20. Valentina

    Rainbow Rocks

    Hello I already tried posting this question in the wrong forum, I believe this is the correct one and hope you can help me. I am trying to find the dolls from Rainbow Rocks for my 5 year old. She wants the Rainbow Booms and Dazzling dolls with their instruments. Any help you can provide would be appreciated.
  21. Princess Oceangem

    Siren Ponies 2

    " Okay, the Elements and their wielders have gotten used to fighting raw magic" Adagio began to explain "so they WON'T be used to other kinds. Having to learn a new kind of magic will certainly weaken them." "So all we gotta do is find a magic we're good at and they aren't!" Sonata exclaimed. The girls tried many other magics, plant, weather, animal and crystal. Then Aria said " wait, why are we looking at other magic when we already have our own? We already have our Siren Song!"
  22. I must admit myself a bit confused... First off, yes there are spoilers here...if you haven't seen the movie, go watch it. It's awesome! They're obvious spoilers, but spoilers none the less... Ok, so... What are the Dazzlings exactly? The ponyville scene & ending scene show the dazzling's "once true forms"... But are they really??? The reason I say this... is if this is their true form... Then what in the name of Celestia was this? Like,'s been bugging me... One's a big ol' sea monster, and one's a butterfly winged equine. BUT. I possibly have a least, in my headcanon... What if perhaps, it was the necklaces/pendants that held the true power of siren form? What if the dazzlings started out as ponies, or...translucent winged, whatever-that-thing-on-the-Adagio-boxart is... and after discovering the pendants/necklaces, they went full on siren? And then once they took on the siren form, Starswirl banished them...perhaps he didn't know the pendant's strength... I mean, as cool as Starswirl is, he had his faults...(as we saw in Magical Mystery Cure) So, what do you think? Is there more to the Dazzlings than what met the eye in the movie? These three have easily become my favourite show villains, and I feel like they deserve a proper explanation for this.
  23. So I got this idea of a concert flyer for the Dazzlings. I had planned on putting it on a t shirt or something, but I'd like some feedback and suggestions of what else I could do to it. I'll post multiple concepts I've had so far. Tell me which you think is best. And please, suggestions would be great! I'd really like to possibly get this on a t-shirt soon. I was also planning to add words like a location or something. As well as something about "Hit Songs" somewhere near LIVE. For example: INCLUDING HIT SONGS Under Our Spell & Welcome To The Show The final version! Disclaimer: This art is owned by me, takai or as I'm also known as infamoustakai. Please do not illegally upload this anywhere without asking for permission and/or not crediting me.
  24. I'm going to split this off from my other thread, and let's see if I'm crazy and just imagining things. Listen real close to "Closer" by Nine Inch Nails. (Warning: Naughty Lyrics!) now listen real close to "Battle of the Bands" and the stylistic choices Danny Ingram went with Please tell me I'm imagining things