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Found 11 results

  1. Finished watching Aggretsuko I thought of a fun game to try here. You have to write a rant about the poster above you in the style of a death metal song. Follow the example. 1.) Only rant about the user above you, if you don't know them..find something to rant about (Their could even make something up.) 2.) All caps..bold it if you want for emphasis. 3.) No foul language or deep personal's just for fun. 4.) Have fun! Example: target: Gobo FACES, SO MANY FACES! WHY WON'T YOU STICK TO ONE AVATAR ALREADY!? YOU CHANGE YOUR AVATAR MORE THAN I CHANGE MY SOCKS! STOP ALREADY
  2. So i can't be the only one on here that listens to bands such as Morbid angel, Nile, Death and Decide can i? Of course not! So here is a thread for all who walk the left hand path to discuss brutal music. I'm Interested in what bands you are into and if you play in any bands then by all means, share your music!
  3. EDIT (Aug 21): The production of these covers is absolutely terrible. Don't listen to them. Instrumental solo-less Amon Amarth covers. I did a cover of Twilight of the Thunder God some amount of time ago and posted it. Here is a redone version: And some new ones. The Pursuit of Vikings (fun to headbang to*): Death In Fire: * Unless headbanging is dangerous... Edit: Death In Fire is uploaded now. One of my favorite songs because of the brutal guitar sound.
  4. guys gotta new metal track im working on for my side album
  5. The Cutie Mark Crusaders are the basis for this kick plot song! and now you can download it for free on SoundCloud!
  6. Links: * clicky (old version) Newest versions (a few edits, different mixing): * latest * latest - with the song's original vocals added I did an instrumental cover of Twilight of the Thunder God by Amon Amarth. I mainly did this for testing sounds and's nowhere near the studio quality of the original song, but I'll get there eventuallyy as I work on a lot more music stuff. I have done simpler metal covers of other music such as video game songs. The Twilight of the Thunder God song is difficult to do because of all the gigantic distorted guitar sounds in it... Also, this cover doesn't have the guitar solo. What can be improved (compared to the original song): * Guitars need to sound more massive. * Figure out how to make a (good-sounding) solo.
  7. I decided to show my guitar playing to the world and upload something to youtube.
  8. Hey every one this is my first time posting any thing on hear if you don't have a clue who i am. I am Natas blackmane from Screams From Equestria and this song is the first song from my up and coming E.P the holes in the sky i hope you all like.
  9. I have every album by Death, except Spiritual Healing. I'm trying to save up for it, hopefully I'll be able to buy it by this Friday. Death in my opinion is a million times more important than Cannibal Corpse. I like CC it just that, Death was so much more. Like how their later stuff became more technical and the lyrics were about society. Chuck is probably one of THE greatest musicians of the tweintith century. Not only that, I like how he wasn't some macho man douchebag. He said it himself in an interview, that he's a "lover of life", "animals" and "friendship". So I guess you can say he was like the Fluttershy of metal. He even rescued a dog and wore a t-shirt with kittens on it to an interview. So yea, Chuck was badass, one of the greatest metal musicians ever but, also a nice guy, animals lover and wanted everyone to get along. He's doesn't follow any of the steriotypes of being a metalhead. That's what I REALLY like about him. I love metal but, I f*cking hate macho manly-man douchebags. I don't want to be some testostorone injected looney who treats women like sh*t. Shame he had to die of a brain tumor at such a young age. Of all the horrible people in this world, he's the one who ends up dying.
  10. I bet NNL's gonna be the only one to understand this... Well from a show called Metalocalypse, they have a song called "Duncan Hills Coffee Jingle". In one video, the guitar player shows you how to play the solo. I covered the solo.
  11. So.. I made that. Trying to get that Death Metal tone. the vocals are not final. Still in the heavy editing progress. This is not the full song too. The vocals are also temporary. I'm planning on doing some screaming/growling/squeeling. Though not quite sure if it'll turn out good. I need your suggestions, guys!