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Found 4 results

  1. Welcome, my ponies. Three years it's been, and yet, here you post before me, as though it were only yesterday. We are all of us going through a turbulent time, these days. The current pandemic is of a scale not seen since the times of WWI, one hundred years ago, and it continues to sweep the planet. The stress it has brought all of humanity has acted as a catalyst for civil and political unrest across all spectrums and definitions, all of which we, simple pony-loving lasses and lads, are subjected to by the media ad nauseum. For most folks who at all keep up with social media on the regular, it can feel very inescapable at times, bringing about drama and stress in places they'd rather be free of such things. Get on with it, ya daft chimera! ~ @Dark Horse, probably It's been brought to the staff's attention that pockets of politics and alike topics have been cropping up in blogs, status updates and other locations around the forums as of late. Repetition of this has lead to complaints, even the unfortunate leave of members over a lack of interest in dealing with said politics and drama. And so, here we are. I'd like to make two points very clear. Though not toxic in all forms of discussion, topics like politics, religion, etc are well-known for their uncanny ability to spark drama, arguments and stress. Even more so, given the current global climate. It is understandable that some folks seek to alleviate their own stress over said topics by publicly venting about it on their local pony forum, but not doing so with tact will do more harm than good, because I'd wager an even larger amount of people are browsing a pony forum to get away from the trials and tribulations that come with everyday life. And so, I'd like to bring attention to the Debate Symposium. Long ago this unsightly little place was torn from the earth and molded into being for the express purpose of housing such topics. This is where these topics need to stay, for the sake of everyone's mental health. The human mind can only put up with so many existential crises per day. Ask someone who has an anxiety disorder, like yours truly. But Discord, reading is hard! Fret not, little peach. *ahem*. Please refrain from talking about politics, religion and other highly sensitive topics in blogs, status updates or topics that are not located inside the Debate Symposium. Doing so defeats the entire purpose of the subforum, and tends to needlessly agitate ponies all around the site. This will be added to the Global Rules henceforth, so that there shall be no confusion or overlooking, in the future. We are human beings. It is sometimes inevitable to bring some human drama with us wherever we go, even to such a pure thing as a pony site. But please, for everyone's sake, let's keep MLPF a friendly getaway for those who are here to unwind and relax. Keep Calm and Pony On, Everypony~
  2. Before I begin I want to clarify that this is not an attack against any particular users who use emoticons in Debate Symposium. In regards to the usage of emoticons in Debate Symposium, I suggest that it should be restricted at the least and outright banished at the most. Support for a restriction is as follows: 1) Emoticons are being overused and abused in Debate Symposium. 2) It normally comes across as condescending when emoticons are used in a post there. 3) Emoticons often infuriate your opponents and overemphasize your points. 4) Emoticons are not essential to a debate. Although they can be used to emphasize your point, other options are available to emphasize your point instead, such as putting your text in bold, italicizing it, or underlining it. Therefore to restrict it would not hurt anything. There are three ways I suggest to restrict emoticons: 1) You can create a Debate Symposium rule that prohibits the usage of emoticons in that forum. 2) You can change the code in the forums to where it is impossible to use emoticons (not sure if it's feasible though). 3) You can create a rule that prohibits a particular usage of emoticons, such as in a condescending or infuriating way, just like the "laugh" reaction. With that said, there is one other thing that I want to address. I highly suggest considering whether to ban certain emoticons or ban all of them. Some emoticons do not necessarily come across as condescending and can be used to emphasize a point. For example, let's say Joe Biden wins the election. I respond by saying, "I am greatly worried about what will happen to America now with Biden in office! " or by saying, "This is not what I want to happen! The election was rigged! ". In both cases, my usage of emoticons do not come across as condescending and they both emphasize my point. Therefore, perhaps outright restriction emoticons is not the answer, but rather restricting them being used in a particular way or particular context.
  3. After posting my topic about suggesting the removal of emoticons in Debate Symposium, I realized that a number of users would like for the Debate Symposium to be removed entirely. I was wondering how many on these forums would like for it to be removed, how many would dislike for it to be removed, and how many don't care about what happens to it. So, what is your opinion on the removal of Debate Symposium?
  4. I was wondering what others think about the debate symposium forum here at MLP Forums. Do you love debating there, avoid debating there, or do you even care about that forum section at all? Here's my opinion - I like debate symposium! Although I've had a few bad experiences there, I love the very deep discussions that take place there, and I enjoy participating in its controversial topics.