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Found 42 results

  1. Should Sunset have been Twilight's student instead of Starlight? It's a simple debate, should she have been and why? Let me argue for Sunset, see Sunset isn't actually that bad for a character, she made a mistake and it took her actual time to get others to trust her again not just the human mane 6 but twilight and the rest of Canterlot High as well, which can be relatable to many people and can actually teach a lesson to the target demographic like the shows "supposed to". for that reason, I would've like for sunset either pony form or her unseen human form to return or enter back into the portal and become pony twilight's student, shes smart, shes talented, and she has a lot to learn and twilight could easily have taught her and it would've been a lot more genuine than starlight, and maybe even have sunset do something grand and end up eventually making her own friends as the new mane six or even following in twilight's hooves and becoming an alicorn herself. Also having Sunset there for Starlight's capture of the mane 6 during the start of season 5 would have been extremely helpful because she could have easily figured out what was happening, she could have tricked Starlight into thinking she's betraying her teacher, and gotten starlight's true intentions and cutie mark discovered by the rest of the town, and it would've been way more believable then Fluttershy because Sunset herself was a villain at one point, and she's extremely crafty. Not to mention Sunset would end up driving Starlight away, Starlight would have to somehow manipulate the mane six into separating like in the season 5 finale, but without Starswirl's spell, and with them separated Sunset nor Twilight would completely notice because of how Sunset's teachings are really taking primary to Twilights and Sunset's attention, which would lead to a half season to a full season with Sunset learning friendship and making her own friends. This so when the next major threat does happen, (because we all know one will eventually), Sunset's group would have to step up and actually save the day, eventually leading to HER BECOMING STARLIGHT'S TEACHER and teaching her about friendship so that Starlight can redeem herself and become friends with Trixie like she is now. I also think Sunset would teach differently than Twilight, with her personality and all it would be a lot more challenging to both Starlight and Sunset. I also believe Sunset's teaching style would be very enjoyable to watch and to see her make mistakes while teaching Starlight about magic and friendship, which honestly could easily extend the series on to about 16 seasons before it got stale, adding new characters and groups to focus on, and etc.
  2. I know, this will PROBABLY be the wrong place to talk about this (the place of this topic), but I really am too tired to change it. Sorry! (sorry if this is rude, I'm just SO tired, and I have school in the morning)
  3. Here you shall post opinions on stuff anything you guys want. And we shall argue about it and then resolve it in a nonviolent friendly way gooooo NOW !!
  4. I mean really think about it for one second. does playing video games require any athletic ability or physical strength. What is your definition of athleticism?
  5. I hate the sun so much. It's too damn hot, even at 70+ and the rays are cancerous. They do damage to many things. The only good thing about the sun is it gives life and solar energy. The moon: -does not have cancerous rays -Is not freaking hot -is much safer to look at -is much more beautiful
  6. Just curious, have any of you ever done middle school or high school debate? I debated in middle school but not in high school. I remember I had a REALLY bad partner (she got the 138th speaker award out of 139), but she was generally a nice person. For the third tournament, she had to go to this church thing and so I got a much more fitting partner instead, and we got 4th place team. I also remember that our coach was also my math teacher and he was pretty strict, saying things like, "We're the best team, show them that" and constantly talking about how in the City Finals one of teams barely talked about Topicality and that was the reason the lost. If you DON'T do debate, I won't dig deep in my experiences, because you'd probably be lost. But I had lots of fun doing it and would love to hear about everyone else's experiences!
  7. I know the whole theme of poniverse is to have a brony version of EVERYTHING, but only a few people (including the staff themselves) have channels on the site running at a given time. Most other people just use, probably because of the wide range of options to watch content on (because it's literally streaming Google Chrome). What main things keep you guys coming back to
  8. So my personal opinion is that it is a rip off. Because all Mario that has is different is multiplayer and totally different characters. I prefer mortal combat over supermario mash brothers is all the gore and awesome fatalities. So I want to r your opinion is on this topic?
  9. Well, here it is! The revised version of my game. c; Have you ever seen a YouTube comments section full of debates? I'm sure you have. Well, this game is essentially like having a YouTube debate (except forum rules must apply, no name-calling >.>) but you're debating the person above you on why you think they're wrong...on a topic that is total nonsense and is not an issue in the real world. (See example.) Then, once you respond, you'll make a new statement and take a strong stance on it - and of course, this statement will also be total random nonsense. Example: "I think that seagulls have gone too far this time. Seriously, if Beachwood Hills needed a marble collection, its denizens could just make it on their own. It does not need the worthless assistance of the seagulls, thank you very much." Person below: "First off, I don't know where you get your information, but seagulls need to assist Beachwood with their marble collections because clearly they cannot pasta by themselves. Okay, so here's my thing: If hip-hop is so hip, why doesn't it hop? I mean, the Hopscotch Act of 1972 clearly states..." and so forth. Sound fun? Go get 'em! First poster will reply to me. c: And my topic is Billy's hair. Billy's hair is way too thick and his barber needs to go ahead and join everyone else in the 21st century. Seriously, I don't understand how anyone thinks that bird's nest hairdo is good. No, literally, his hair is a bird's nest. Ask Billy.
  10. YouTube has just announced a new feature in an attempt to halt toxic comments and 'negative' videos on their site. A new programme designed to let the users report on other users and remove their videos and or comments. Despite all of the recent controversy regarding the broken flagging system, someone thought this was a great idea. Let me preface this post with this statement. I am well aware that, as a private company, YouTube is within their rights to make whatever rules they want. Within the realm of legality, nothing there are doing is censorship. However, that does not negate the real consequences this poses on YouTube as a platform for people to share with the world. Additionally, I have a very real fear that this broken system will be taken advantage of by some in an attempt to prevent people from voicing certain opinions on topics. It's no secret that YouTube's content ID system is incredibly broken. It's broken to the point where YouTube removed one of its own videos for objectionable content. It would appear that YouTube is trying to become more like an online television network. They fear that 'negative' content will be unappealing to advertisers. Despite the fact that advertisers gladly put ads on sexy music videos, late night adult shows, news channels with very violent news stories, etc. The YouTube Heroes initiative was just the next step. It's kind of ingenious when you stop to think about it. Why hire hundreds of workers to flag objectionable content if you can get the users to do it for free by offering them 'perks' that are really worth absolutely nothing. As I said, nothing YouTube is doing is censorship, but if they continue down this path it's likely another site will take its place. Then YouTube will by the next MySpace of the internet. Let me know what you think about this new initiative from YouTube. Am I sounding the panic alarm prematurely? Or is this actually cause for concern. I welcome your thoughtful discussion. Cheers.
  11. I've been feeling this issue getting worse and worse lately and I'm just sitting here wondering if I'm alone By no means do I have a problem with the rules in place, however I feel like the way they're enforced is problematic to say the least It's bordering on censorship lately, say anything that could be remotely construed as offensive and it gets removed. I saw a thread not long ago that almost inspired me to create this thread yet I held back since it was eventually removed, but I saw one user literally praise MLPforums staff for removing the unpopular opinions thread because apparently any disagreeable opinion shouldn't be voiced for the safety of the users here. I understand this is supposed to be a family friendly forum, but I feel it's bordering on a tumblr-level hugbox only ANY disagreeable opinion isn't just shunned, but also censored entirely and sometimes without comment. I'm afraid likely nothing will be done about this, but considering it's almost driven me to leaving today I feel like something needs to be said I posted this here rather than in the feedback thread since I intend for this to breed discussion and/or debate about the topic, but if the mods would like to move it I guess I can see why
  12. As Season 5 draws to a close, I have now no new content to post in place of my review section, that's where you guys come in, what do I want you to do simple. Give me ideas for topics to talk about, cannon law wise such as "how and when did Princess Cadence gain her horn?" or Co-lab with me (there is some work on that one needed but get on YouTube) or a combination of both doesn't bother me. if you have seen my vids on here YouTube or Equestria Daily and want in be my guest for a show or three, or want me to voice one of your opinions, we here a Vault-Tec are here for you.
  13. Hello and howdy! Before I kick the discussion off, allow me to introduce myself: I go by Kae, and I am a fairly new member in the poniverse! When it comes to fanfiction, I often type up one-shot fics on my spare time, but I have never had the confidence to post my work, for I am a terrible self-critic. Anyways, I've often wondered whether or not the brony community had a consensus concerning original and canon characters. In your opinion, is one more favorable to you than the other? Whether you have the perspective of the writer or the reader, I am sure you prefer one over the other. Personally, I am biased towards canonical fiction as a reader. When executed well, the characters are fleshed out beautifully in dynamic situations that the show cannot tackle. However, the introduction of original characters is not "bad," in fact, I find many OCs charming. But regarding one over the other? Canon characters in fanfiction win all the way!
  14. Hey all again here is this weeks question, it has been show on a few occasions on the show that Earth ponies posses some kind of magic. Otherwise what did Tarek steal? So what magic do they posses (if any) and what form is it used for and what form does it take shape? BELOW HERE IS UNRELATED (soft off) see my last question here: my video response here: on a side note those who have seen me around may have noticed the name and picture change I wanted both my OC's to be represented a pegasus (Emerald Bolt) and her younger sis an Unicorn (Sapphire) so that's what I did. see entries here: Bolt and the video for this segment will take a while as i'm on holiday next week and so no pc access but I will contribute as per normal. stay tuned for the VID if you're interested.
  15. So every one what's better? Country or Rock? you tell me your thoughts.
  16. I Have always wondered about the inner mechanizations of the Equestrian political system. As we all know, the country is "led" by a royal family (Princess Celestia, Princess Luna, and Cadence). However, two people running a kingdom would seem problematic. So does the Kingdom of Equestria adopt the policy of Feudalism? Does the Royal Family appoint Lords to govern small fiefs? And if Celestia is a true monarch, is she in favour of Absolute Monarchy or Constitutional Monarchy? Maybe the royal trio is just a public figure and the true decisions are made by a different government, as is the case with the UK. And if that is the case, where on the political spectrum does it fall. Is it a Nationalist body governed by Fascism, or a United Soviet Socialist Republic? P.S This thread is not tethered by the restrictions of factual or cannon information.
  17. Do you enjoy or are active in forensics and debate? If you do this is the place for you. This is a thread we can geek out in and share not only NFL experiences but we can also converse about other cool things. In your first post please list a bit about you and you Debate or Forensics experiences. Nice to meet you all. *Twirls pen* _____________________ Temp. : Likes: Dislikes: Events: Favorite flowing pen: Experience: _________________________ Likes: NFL( National Forensics League) Video games, science, and cuddly ponies. Dislikes: Hedgemony cases, Long drives, and Mcdonalds. Events: Public Forum Debate, International Extemp, Lincoln Douglas Debate, and traditional debate. Favorite Flowing pen: Bic ball point pens in a variety of colors. Experience: NFL member 1 year, 2 first place medals at different schools across kansas, and training with a great coach. I was recently promoted from a novice to a varsity.
  18. Multiple moments throughout the show, the mane 6 do something that's completely against their own element. I'm not talking about when they were discorded, but in everyday life, which pony do you think least lives up to here element? Personally I'm going to have to go with Rarity on this one. She does SO many things that are the entire opposite of Generous. The entire Sisterhooves social episode is an example of one, also...
  19. So I've noticed that Alicorn OCs tend to get a lot of hate. I'm not saying there aren't bad ones out there but by how some people ban all of them, the good ones are ignored. Alicorns now have the stereotype of being Mary Sues. I personally don't think it's fair. I have a few Alicorn OCs myself, so I won't try and pretend I'm not biased. But I'll admit that only one of my Alicorn OCs I'm actually content with as a character. And even though she's red and black, magic-less (sorta), and abused, I'm fully happy with where she's gone and I do not think she would qualify as a Mary Sue at all. On the other hand I have a few that I will openly admit are Mary Sues and I'm trying to fix them. So what are all your opinions on Alicorn OCs? On a side note, what do you all think of OCs with chaos magic/are related to Discord? Do you think they're over powered? I've got one with Discord's powers but he basically doesn't think about anything, so.... Yeah... Your thoughts?
  20. This is perhaps the most heated debate that has ever existed. It's kept me up for many nights, but I believe I have finally found the answer to the age old question. Toilet paper. Should we set it over or under? I have come to realize that the superior solution to this problem lies in the virtue of efficiency. It takes literally less burned calories to extend your hand and grab toilet paper that is set over, than it does to grab toilet paper that is set under. This is simply because toilet paper set over, is slightly closer to your hand than under. Do you dare disagree?
  21. when I was first started going on the net for nerd stuff I spent most of it on twitter. where I would hang out with my otaku friends. I met most of my friends there and it's even where I first heard about bronies and MLP. this is a story about a time I met a anti brony. the day started as any other, suddenly I saw a tweet about bronies from someone I had just started talking with recently, I was like "whats wrong with bronies? lol" she didn't realize that I was a brony because my twitter is mostly anime x3 well she went off on to this rant about how horrible we are, showing video's which I'm pretty sure were meant to be satirical consider the guy in it seemed to be cosplaying as a Hitler dinosaur. it was like we were doing some project for a debate club. I was for and she was against. finally before it got too awkward I revealed myself to be a brony. she all like xD lololololol the debate continued... we were pretty much friends at the point the debate started so she didn't start hating on me. she did however aim what she was saying at me. it was like she was a bible thumper and mlp was a demon cult she was saving me from. HAHAAHAHA it was only when I started to compare the hate on mlp to the hate the otaku community, that I made some progress. Do all otaku love hentai? no. do all bronies love clop? no. how would you feel if someone said that all otaku were hentai freaks, and had no life? offended? I thought so. now look at what you're dong. by the end of the debate she didn't hate bronies anymore..... but she still vowed never to watch the show xD lol oh well. too be honest, this is the only time I've ever won in an argument against an anti brony. but I haven't really tried it more than once or twice.
  22. The constant arguments over which pony is "best pony" is really making some people crack up their sides out! What do you think of the "best pony" debate?
  23. i've seen people complaining about how Babs and Rarity weren't punished in One Bad Apple and Sweet and Elite respectively. The problem with this is that the purpose of a punishment is to teach someone a lesson, when they already have, it becomes very redundant.
  24. The Cutie Mark Crusaders are cute and very determined to figure out what they are meant to do with their lives. They have one more spot open in the club though! Who would you add? + A Filly in the show + An older pony, but transform them to be a Filly again so they can be part of the CMC's + Your OC + Anything you can think of!