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Found 8 results

  1. I tried to stay neutral between all the characters, but what really sold Applejack as my favorite was in the episode "The Best Night Ever". When Rarity and Prince Blueblood when to her apple cart to buy some food but Blueblood refused to pay and Applejack said not too worry and gave Rarity the fritters for free even though it meant she would have lost money on sales. Making money for Sweet Apple Acres was why Applejack wanted to go to the gala but she gave that up to help a friend in need. To me it really showed just how generous and caring Applejack is So how did your favorite win you over? Was it through song, a funny joke, a touching moment or something entirely different? I'd love to know down below.
  2. Let me get straight to the point. For the past few months the pony that I use to represent myself on places like deviantart has had a cutie mark that’s vague and not really relevant to who I am or what I’m good at. The one I currently have is a pencil breaking on a shield. But my primary talent isn’t debate or defending and I don’t even think its writing. So I did a bit of “soul searching” for a cutie mark that I’d be permanently satisfied with. I don’t want to change my mind on it down the road and I don’t want it to be inappropriate to what kind of person I am. I had a few ideas on what exactly my talent was. I want to say that it’s thinking, not just thinking to myself but insight and critique. Some people say that I’m good at talking or having ideas but I really don’t think those are actually “talents”. Anyone can talk up a storm and anyone can have ideas (even people that don’t consider themselves creative will have a few good ones here and there), they aren’t skills that play an important part in the working world. Insight seems to be a bit more useful. Now, I know that I could just set my cutie mark to something simple like art or game design (the career path I’m interested in) or even creativity. However, I feel as if there are just way too many art cutie marks out there. I’d just be another art cutie make in a wave of ponies with cutie marks that are brushes or painting supplies. Besides I’m not sure it’s not my primary talent, it’s something that I like to do and even if I’m passionate about it I’m more passionate about making something. That’s why I like doing art related things I like to take something and turn it into something great that I made and I set the rules for. So I have a few ideas but I can’t decide on one or even know if there are better ideas out there. 1. A thought bubble 2. An interrobang 3. A light bulb (might be too generic though) 4. (something that indicates making stories or creativity but I can’t think of one) So what do you good people think? Should I use one of the ideas I listed or are they not very fitting. Or do you argue that I have a totally different talent. I’m open to anything, so please share your thoughts and criticisms.
  3. I'm want to draw more Mass Ponies, like Apple Wrex, and thought that I would like to do Grunt, but now I can't decide if to use Big Mac, or Applebloom, so I'm using this poll to decide. Here is a example of what it may look like.
  4. Hi so I have 2 fan game ideas but it seems for the time being I only have the budget (and attention span of the rest of my team) to make one. I will get the other done eventually but I would really like to know which of these I should make right now. 1. A guitar hero style rhythm game with where you play as Vinyl Scratch and you must save Equestria with your music by Guitar Hero style playing various songs from the show, as well as remixes of them. 2. a top-down rouge-like dungeon crawler game, In this one twilight effs up a spell and the Mane6 get teleported to a secret dungeon underneath the Canterlot castle, as they try to escape they find some deep and disturbing secrets about the princess. that's about all I'm going to spoil about the plots of either game, so please tell me which one I should start working on first. Thanks
  5. Ok, so far in my experience with this site I have not seen anybody make a post about this. Clearly, it needs to be done immediately. It is law. Everyone is itching to know what cutie marks the CMC will get, I know. That is why I am making this. What do you think their cutie marks will be? Applebloom, Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo all have talents shown in the show, such as riding a scooter, but what do you think their cutie marks will look like? A bridge? A castle? A diamond encrusted hammer with a spike made of emerald on the other side tipped with a blunt nerf bullet? Anything. I just want to here the internet's opinion on this. Hit me with your best shot, internet. Chugga Chigga Wugga Red text time! Because every good post needs red text. ಠ_ಠ Anyway, there is that nice little poll option next to my little text box, and I know it. You can us the little "Reply To This Topic" button up there to state your opinion on this, but who would use that? Lame. Please answer the questions up there with whatever thing you think will be closest to the CMC's cutie marks. If one of those choices isn't what you are thinking, then LEAVE. Gosh. LOL JK ROFL TOTES BFFL LAWL ROFLCOPTER Just use that lame "Reply To This Topic" button I mentioned earlier. Thank you for your obnoxious cooperation. -TGWATC
  6. Hi. LMMS (Linux Multimedia Studio) and Open Octave are both MIDI sequencers. LMMS is designed to be similar to FL Studio, while Open Octave, I think, is a branch(or something, idk) of MuSE(MIDI/Audio Sequencer). According to your thoughts(and experiences, if any), which do you think is better? The only downside to Open Octave is that it runs using a JACK server(for audio). And setting up the JACK server is incredibly hard. My brother had set it up(reason? I HAVE NO IDEA) and had to tweak several settings several times before he got it to work. Any suggestions on what to use? I actually want to use Open Octave, but I'll need help with setting up the JACK server.
  7. This is simple. You ask me a fight & I answer. I also wanna hear the opinions of the fights so feel free to comment on them as well.
  8. So, for everypony who HAS been reading up on the story i'm writing, i pose a question! What will happen? You decide.