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Found 1 result

  1. I noticed we have a League of Legends thread, how about one for its rival game Dota 2? What I like about Dota 2 is how it's one of the few truly 100% free to play games out there. You literally cannot gain an advantage over others by paying any amount of money, every single item that costs real money is purely cosmetic. I also love how everyone starts out with everything unlocked, which means that the only decisive factor is skill, not how long you grinded to get stronger. Try to avoid turning this into a LoL vs Dota flamewar. I'll try to kick off a discussion by asking what everyone's favorite heroes are. Venomancer has many great DoT abilities that can make laning with him hell as your health is slowly whittled away. His slows are also great for gank, he can easily ambush anyone and even if they get away, the poison damage will often kill them. Ogre Magi is a lot of fun too. He is 100% skill based and has zero luck influence on him. His Fireblast is a great skill. Don't think of it as a spell that only has a small chance of doing its full effect, think of it as a powerful nuke and stun that has a chance to become even stronger. When it comes to playing carry, Luna is one of my favorites. Her Lucent Beam has good damage and range, which allows her to catch fleeing enemies, but the coolest thing about her is how her Moon Glaives bounce around. You can clear a creep wave in three seconds! When you get Manta Style, there are a dozen of them flying around at the same time, wrecking everything in sight and looking badass. Centaur Warrunner is another one of my favorites. It can be hard to get enough gold for a Blink Dagger, but once you do get it, no one is safe. Blink in, stomp, then use your ultimate to let everyone rush in and massacre the enemies.